Hotondo Homes builders understand that land comes in many shapes and sizes, and that often land can have quite a slope on it, making it more challenging to build on. Rather than seeing a sloping block as a negative feature of the land, our builders aim to make the most out of your land by taking advantage of its orientation to maximise as much as they can when building your dream home.

Enjoy the View

Sloping block
Whether your block slopes from front to back, side to side, or is simply an awkward shape, our builders work with the orientation of the block to maximise sunlight and take advantage of sweeping views. Finding a home design that not only suits the land to emphasise the views as well as having a floor plan that suits your family’s lifestyle is something our builders specialise in to ensure you can enjoy your home for years to come.

Maximising Space

Sloping block
Our builders see sloping blocks as a welcome challenge to create a home you truly love as well as an opportunity to maximise the space in your home. They will work closely with you to build a home that incorporates your individual needs, while highlighting the block’s view and aspect. They can include clever design features such as additional storage, a second living area, teenager’s retreat or a perfectly placed car port that utilises the slope.

Solid Foundations

Our builders will ensure the structural integrity and longevity of your home by offering a number of different foundation options, including split level concrete and stump options to accommodate varying degrees of upslope and downslope blocks. They will also inspect your block to ensure they are making the best use of the shape and the fall of the land, as well as assessing whether there are any problems that need addressing. This enables them to provide you with a solution that is within your budget so that you get the best out of your land. Our builders will also facilitate the entire building process, from site inspection to obtaining the appropriate council plans and permits.

Home Design Solutions

Sloping Block
As well as assisting you with finding a suitable home design, our builders can modify the design to suit the sloping land. Our builders will work to design a home that maximises the space available on both the flat and sloping aspects of the land. Building a home with a reverse living floorplan to create the central living areas on one level to enhance the views of the landscape, while positioning the bedrooms and main bathroom on the ground floor, along with an additional living area or rumpus room is one solution for sloping blocks. Alternatively, you may choose a split level design, which has the kitchen and open-plan areas situated on a different level to the bedrooms, master suite and living areas, which also works well with land that slopes.

Building your new home on a sloping block is a welcome challenge our builders are ready to assist you with by finding a cost-effective solution that works with your budget and suits your lifestyle. With experience in finding a sloping block’s potential, our team of builders have a range of flexible floorplans to suit even the most challenging block of land for you to choose from to build your dream home. For sloping block home design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Reverse living is a way of designing a home with the kitchen, living, and dining areas upstairs, and the bedrooms downstairs. Essentially, the ground floor of a traditional home design is swapped with the upstairs so the layout is reversed. This trend originated in Scandinavia, but more Australians are embracing the trend as it’s perfectly suited to many aspects of Aussie family lifestyles and environments.

Environment and Surrounds

Reverse Living
The biggest benefit of reverse living is having a home that takes full advantage of the surrounding views and environment. Suited to many different locations, such as coastal living, open country spaces, and even bushland, having your main living space upstairs means your family gets beautiful views throughout the day, seeing the landscape from the best possible vantage point.

Natural Light and Sustainability

Reverse Living
Reverse living allows for your kitchen, living, and dining spaces to be bathed in as much natural light as possible. With unobstructed first floor windows, your home will be filled with natural light during the daytime when your family is most likely to be in these spaces for longer amounts of time, reducing the need for lights and reducing electricity consumption. You can also incorporate floor to ceiling slider doors and larger windows that let the breeze in when they’re open. This will provide welcome respite in the warmer months, and reduce the need for air conditioners to be used all day long.

Kids’ Retreat

Reverse Living
Many reverse living designs position children’s bedrooms downstairs with a main bathroom, while the master suite is upstairs off the living area. For families with older children this will provide a bit of a buffer between noisy teens and their parents, giving each person a little more space to relax in! Locating the bedrooms downstairs will also keep them shaded and cooler in the Summer months, again reducing the need to air condition each space all day long. Many people also opt to include an additional rumpus room or media room downstairs so the kids have another area to chill out in, particularly as they get older.

Holiday Home Solution

Reverse Living
Reverse living is a great solution for families wanting to build their own holiday home. Coastal or county getaways are perfect for a reverse living home as they maximise the panoramic views and serenity of quieter locations, creating the perfect escape. You may also want to include a small kitchenette downstairs near the bedrooms to make your guests feel right at home and create an additional level of privacy by giving them their own space to retreat to.

If you’re looking for a home design solution that helps you take advantage of a beautiful location, incorporates sustainability into its design, and provides a family home to suit a range of lifestyles, reverse living is well worth considering. Head over to the Hotondo Homes website to see a range of design options, like our stunning Catalina 282 which is perfect reverse living inspiration!