Spring is known as the season to start fresh, bring out the colours and say goodbye to the cold weather. As we head into the warmer months of the year, Spring provides the best time to clean and refresh your home. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of cleaning tips to help you get your home in tip-top shape for the new season…

As the kitchen is one of the main areas of the home, think about:


As one of your most used appliances, the oven will always be something that needs a good cleaning. But giving your oven a super scrub between seasons is a great way to keep it in top condition and even extend its life!


The cupboard can often be forgotten when cleaning the kitchen. It’s not until you start digging deep that you find the outdated canned food, packets or open boxes that have been living on your shelves. There couldn’t be anything worse than having a snack and ending up sick because the due date was 2015! So, be sure to clean your cupboards every six months to check the dates, that way you can utilise the food before it’s outdated.

A busy traffic area, the living rooms are another space that will need a bit of attention. Areas to think about include…


Dust, food and small objects can get lost between the cushions or under the couch. Take this opportunity to get into those difficult little spots. Give your home a fung shui and clean under and in-between everything. You’d be amazed at some of the things you could find so grab the vacuum and start cleaning – just be sure you’re not vacuuming anything valuable.

Your bedroom tends to be one of the less messy areas of the home – unless you’re a teenager or a child! But it also provides the biggest opportunity to clean.



With warmer weather comes cooler clothing. It’s time to pull out all your clothes and reorganise based on the season. With winter behind us, pack away those heavy jackets or pants and pull out your shorts and dresses. But remember, like any season there are colder days so keep some key essentials like your favourite jeans and jumpers available.

 The hallway and general living spaces have spots that are often overlooked. Think about…

Skirting boards & walls

Skirting boards and walls don’t take very long to become dusty or dirty. Even though you may vacuum once a week and do regular cleaning, these small areas are often forgotten. Pull out the duster, a cloth or even the vacuum and give these areas a clean every six months – you’ll notice a difference.

Steam the floors

Floors get dirty, it’s a simple fact, especially during winter when it’s muddy or raining outside. Even if you take your shoes off outside or at the front door, dirt can still get into the house. Vacuuming the home can help clean this, but getting a steam clean once or twice a year can really make your carpet look brand new!

Don’t forget, just as your interior needs cleaning, so does your exterior. Think about…


Power Wash

Grab the hose and get washing! Due to the weather and outdoor environment, walls and windows of your home get quite dirty throughout the year. Spend some of your day with the hose outside and a bucket and give everything a wash. Weather can stain bricks and make them look completely different to when you first moved in, by giving them a power wash it will get rid of the grime – leaving them looking nice and clean!

Alfresco furniture

If you’re going to truly take advantage of the warmer season, there’s no doubt that you’ll be using your alfresco area. Pull out all your furniture and clean them down, they will most likely be covered in webs or dirt from the outdoor environment. Cleaning your furniture will make guests feel more comfortable seating outside – without the worry of critters biting!

It might even be worth adding a fresh coat of varnish to make the deck look new!


Have your own spring cleaning secrets? Let us know in the comments!

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Flooring types, which is right for you?

There are so many wonderful flooring options you can choose for your home. Some people love the class floorboards provide, some like the cleanliness of tiles, while others appreciate the warmth a good carpet can bring to the room.
All of the flooring types have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. We have made a case for the three main options – carpet, tiles and floorboards – to help you with the big decision! (more…)

There are plenty of reasons to upsize or downsize your home. As you move through life you will find your requirements in a home will greatly change depending on your family, financial situation and your own personal preferences.
Changing homes, locations and getting a new mortgage is a big decision that should be carefully thought out.


Empty Nest: Your children have all moved out, and the once noisy halls of your home are suddenly silent. With so many rooms now empty, it may be time to capitalise on your home and downsize to a smaller model.

Money: Finances may be tight and a smaller home will generally equal a smaller mortgage.  This is also true of the suburb or part of town you choose to live in. Energy bills will also become cheaper in a house that is smaller.

Travel: If you travel a lot, especially for work, you may find maintaining a larger home you are never around to enjoy pointless. Downsize your home now, save on your mortgage, and then when the time comes to settle down you can look for a larger home once more.

Maintenance: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting a large home can be a tedious chore that many people dislike. If you don’t need the space and hate cleaning, why not downsize to a more suitable home? On top of this you have actual maintenance costs such as the yard or mechanical aspects like heating or cooling which will be significantly more in a larger home.

Reasons to upsize or downsize your home


Family: A growing family will need more living space as children get older, which offers the perfect opportunity to upsize your home. The same goes for any grandparents who may be moving back into the family home.

The ‘Dream Home’: Your dream home will probably have some luxurious features that are often found in larger designs. If you come into some money or finally receive that job promotion, having a beautiful home may rate very highly on your list!

Investment: Purchasing a larger home could bring you a greater return for your money.

Reasons to upsize or downsize your home

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Moving into your new home is an exciting time, however we know it can be expensive. If your budget is tight, take a look at our break down of the home essentials you couldn’t live without.
These items are considered necessary to live comfortably and may not instantly be thought of when the time comes to move. We have included both furniture and household items, and this list can be altered according to your lifestyle.


Plates, cutlery and glass tumblers are all essential. You should invest in at least one decent frying pan or a pot that will get you through some basic meals. Stock up on food staples like salt and pepper, tomato sauce, pasta, coffee and tea, and don’t forget dishwashing liquid and a drying rack for your dishes. In terms of big appliances and furniture, first and foremost purchase a fridge, table and chairs.

WHAT CAN WAIT: As much as we love them, a dishwasher is not essential when the budget is tight.

ON THE CUSP: A microwave can be a great shortcut if you are still moving in and budgeting hard. But while it may make cooking easier, is it a luxury?


Purchase the best bed you can afford. Comfort is more important to your health than you may know. If you need space for your clothes, bedside tables look good and can be useful, however…

WHAT CAN WAIT: …if you have a decent wardrobe, bedside tables and dressers can wait!


Don’t forget to bring toilet cleaner, a toilet brush and toilet paper to your new home. You are going to need towels, and one item that is often overlooked, a bathmat. Ensure you have your toothbrush and toothpaste!

WHAT CAN WAIT: Most bathroom items are essential, however you can hold off on any decorative features you may be considering.


Whichever way you do your laundry, within your home or out, you are going to need laundry detergent, some form of clothes line and a hamper for your dirty clothes.

WHAT CAN WAIT: Dryers are expensive to run, so consider getting your old clothes horse out to use inside during the colder months.

ON THE CUSP: A washing machine is the one of the only appliances that can be outsourced until your budget allows for a purchase. How easily you can transport your clothes and accessibility to a laundromat will of course come into play, but, ultimately, do you really need one right now?



We always recommend buying a quality and durable couch.

WHAT CAN WAIT: Coffee tables and table accents are not a priority here.

ON THE CUSP: Up for fierce debate is the necessity of a TV. Some would argue yes, some would argue no, we leave this up to you.


Finally you should always have a good stock of cleaning products, including:


What do you think are the necessities in a new home? Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments below.


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