A kitchen is the heart of the home.

If the kitchen truly is the heart of the home, and it is filled to the brim with pots, pans and general mayhem, you can bet it will affect the rest of the house too.

Keeping a pantry neat and organised can be a never-ending battle between you and the family. These days, most new homes feature a walk-in option or even a butler’s pantry to help combat the inevitable mess. We have put together a list of our top tips to help create or maintain stylish pantries! (more…)

Having plenty of storage space is extremely important when building your new home.
Your builder will advise you, however the amount of space required for all of your possessions can be overlooked very easily.
It is difficult to visualise how much room you have from a floor plan, so if you find yourself lacking in space, check out a few of these sneaky storage solutions to help keep your home a mess-free environment!


Floating shelves look great, particularly in corners. Take advantage of your empty walls and use them productively without wasting precious floor space.


The backs of doors are also a great space to utilise. You can peg clothes or hang baskets or bins from them to store a whole range of items, just be careful of the weight!


It may seem obvious, but a well thought-out wardrobe can save you space. When every item has a place, you may find there is more room than what you thought!



Consider purchasing a coffee table that has shelving units. Placing storage cubes or drawers under your bed is also a great way to store more without ruining the aesthetic appeal of your room.


Take advantage of the space under your stairs. Add some shelving, and voila, you have a second linen or storage cupboard instantly.


Need more extensive storage? High shelving units are out of the way and provide plenty of room for anything you need put away.


Contact your local Hotondo Homes builder today for more sneaky storage solutions!


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