The living room – or ‘lounge room’ – needs to be a beautiful space in your home.

It is the place where you can entertain your guests. The place where you go to relax. The place where a family can spend time with one another, or enjoy a TV show or movie.

Our list of living room must-haves can help you create the perfect space for your family. Add your own touches to create a true sanctuary that reflects your personality!

Plant life

Adding a touch of green to your home is one of the most important living room must-haves. Plants look clean and crisp, and most importantly add ‘life’ to your room. Most plants will suit any décor or style, just be wary to choose one that can thrive in an indoor environment.

living room must-haves




A comfy rug

A soft, luxurious rug that feels good underfoot can add an instant warmth and comfort to your living room. If you have floorboards, it can soften the look and make your space appear less harsh. When it comes to choosing a colour, keep in mind the amount of traffic you expect it to handle.

living room must-haves


Plenty of lighting

Many people do not appreciate the difference a well-lit room can make. Try adding some floor lamps, or invest in some side-tables and have lights next to your lounge suite. Growing in popularity are exposed bulbs, which can also provide more light for your room.

living room must-haves


Something meaningful

Something personal is another very important item for our living room must-haves. To make it feel homely and welcoming, you will need something uniquely you. Family photos are a great example, or even a piece of homemade art. Gather a bunch of your little knickknacks and put them on display all together – the possibilities are endless!

living room must-haves


Plenty of storage

Do you have a lot of DVDs? How about consoles for your TV? Make sure you choose a piece of furniture that can hide away some of the mess, to keep your living room looking clean and neat.

living room must-haves


A coffee table

Although a relatively minor piece, a coffee table can bring your entire room together. Its central location to the couches makes it a focal point, and it can be used for extra storage when chosen wisely.

living room must-haves


Window coverings

Window coverings can help make your living room feel complete. With a wide range of choices, you can almost instantly change the entire look and feel of your room, with just a few curtains, shutters or blinds.

living room must-haves




Comfy pillows and a throw

Nothing says comfort like a beautiful throw and big, plump cushions. Your family and guests will thank you for the cosy and luxurious space you have created for them, with just a couple of pillows and a blanket.

living room must-haves

Colour schemes, furniture, fixtures, flooring, paint and artwork – all are important when pulling together your interior design. Do it successfully, and your home will look stunning. Do just one of these elements wrong, and you may find it ruins the entire space.
Avoid home decor disaster with a list of our DOS and DON’TS.


DO: Splurge on some quality items. An amazing couch or table can become the highlight of a room. Not only will you get more mileage out of a more durable product, but it can also lift the entire feel of the room. Keep in mind you do not need to spend on EVERY piece of furniture to get the look you want.

DO: Test your paint colours in the room it will be used in. The colour in the shop is NEVER going to look the same as in your home. Haymes Paint recommends painting a 1m x 1m square in the colour you want and viewing it in different lighting to check it works in your chosen room.

DO: Play with different colours. Even if you are after a black and white look, different shades of grey can help the room appear less stark.


DO: Group you knickknacks together. Nothing looks worse than random bits and bobs floating around your home. Put them all together and you will instead have a feature!

DO: Hang your artwork at eye level. No one should have to crane their neck to see it. Further to this consider one larger piece in place of several smaller pieces, it will draw the eye and make the room appear bigger.


DON’T: Ignore scale. Furniture may look great in a store where there is plenty of room, but when you bring it home you find it doesn’t quite have enough space around it. Although your instinct may be to purchase smaller furniture for smaller rooms, it can make it look cluttered. A few larger pieces will look simpler and more modern. Scale is important!

DON’T: Use too much of a good thing. A colourful pattern on a couple of cushions may look fine, but start using that pattern on the lamp shades, throws and floor and suddenly it can look overdone and tacky. Use accent pieces wisely.


DON’T: Overdo it with the pillows. Pillows are a great accessory, however too many can overwhelm the couch and become impractical.


DON’T: Be too symmetrical. If your room and furniture are aligned in a perfect square it can appear clinical, so don’t be afraid to place things just a little haphazardly.

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