As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the interior design trends that featured heavily throughout the year, and what we can expect to see in décor next year. There were a couple of trends in 2018 that people really loved, and some new trends that we can’t wait to see incorporated into new homes in 2019!


Boho Chic

Interior Design
Known for blending a variety of elements from different cultures and styles, boho chic can be incorporated into your interior design theme by bringing in lots of different colours and textures. Think rattan furniture and wall hangings, lots of fringing and woven materials, a dash of real greenery here and there throughout your rooms, and touches of velvet! Boho chic has an overall relaxed vibe to it, making your home feel welcoming and comfortable as soon as people walk through the front door.

Hamptons Style/

Interior Design
This iconic style calls to mind soft white sand, stretches of coastline, and of course, beautifully calm, neutral colour palette inside the home. Using light, white tones with splashes of colour scattered through the house (think sage green, pale blue, and a touch of blush), and oversized furniture that invites to settle in was a favourite amongst many stylists this past year, with the trend set to continue in the future as well.


Luxe Atmosphere

Interior Design
People are loving luxe items including brushed golds, matte metals, ceramics, bone inlay, white marble and velvets, which are still featuring heavily in magazines and retail homeware stores, and this is set to carry through to new homes as people add elements that invoke chic sophistication. Metallic tapware, beautiful tiled backsplashes, and velvet accessories will all trend heavily in 2019

Statement Tiles

Interior Design
Two trends set to leave their mark are herringbone tile and bold, black and white tiling. Herringbone is perfect to use to create a feature wall or backsplash, as well as making a beautifully elegant floor in your common areas. By using subtle, neutral colours like white or grey, you’ll elevate your home’s style instantly when you incorporate this into your décor. Bold black and white tile are set to make a comeback for those who want to make a true statement in their kitchen or bathroom. Encaustic tiles, which are tiles with a pattern on the surface of the tile, will feature in 2019, as people embrace the trend and truly liven up their interiors.

Timber Panelling

Interior Design
Timber panelling of different widths, lengths and sizes that run horizontally and vertically on walls and ceilings, both externally and internally, are tipped to feature in homes next year. The move towards including natural materials leans in to this trend as people become inspired to build homes that blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment.

With so many beautiful homes to use as inspiration for interior design, there’s a wealth of design tips and tricks over on the Hotondo Homes website, so head over there to have a look today!

Sunshine, warmer days, and longer nights always evoke feelings of fun, happiness, and excitement as we shake off the doom and gloom of the winter months! There’s no better way to embrace spring than to add touches of springtime style throughout your home to brighten up your interior spaces and create a feeling of vibrancy and warmth in every room. We’ve got a quick list of ways you can easily bring that springtime feel inside to brighten up the atmosphere in your home!

A Touch of Greenery

Take inspiration from the blooming buds of spring by adding touches of greenery wherever you can. A floating shelf dedicated to beautiful, overflowing plants that drape themselves over each other and hang down will instantly add colour and texture to a blank wall. Alternatively, you can purchase a large planter pot and add a tall indoor plant or tree to the corner of a few different rooms, bringing life to each space. If you want to add some lush foliage to one of your rooms year-round, add wallpaper with a leafy design to create an eye-catching statement!

Pops of Colour

Not too keen on touches of green? Try pops of colour! Accent cushions, a jewel-toned armchair in a rich plum or teal, or even a brightly coloured couch will instantly brighten up your interiors. Add a large piece of artwork with bright abstract hues to a white wall for a shot of colour in an otherwise neutral space. A statement piece of furniture in a bright colour will make the room seem instantly brighter and warmer, so look for lush pink velvets, indigo blues, or pastel colours when you’re furniture shopping. You could also reupholster an existing chair or couch with a bright pattern to inject some colour into your living area.

Textures and Embellishments

Every season’s style dictates that texture is key to creating a style aesthetic, and spring is no different. Add in light throw blankets made from cotton, linen, and bamboo to create texture and depth to beds and couches. Look for cushions in velvets and other soft fabrics, as well as ones that are adorned with pom-poms, tassels or ruching for that extra layer of texture. Add wall hangings made from macramé to evoke that boho, summery feel, and find accessories with touches of gold that will glisten when the sun touches them to enhance that feeling of warmth inside.

Embrace Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you have an alfresco area that’s been neglected during winter, now’s the time to brighten it up for spring! Buy brightly coloured cushions for your seating area to make the space pop, and look for an outdoor rug with a colourful geometric pattern on it. Update your outdoor servingware to include happy, sunny colours – you could even embrace a tropical theme for your table with a few fun accessories like salad bowls, water jugs, and platters. The key is to create a space that feels relaxed and fun as the warm weather approaches.

By incorporating some pops of colour, touches of greenery, and some beautiful textures inside your home, you’ll be able to create a springtime style aesthetic that truly evokes a feeling of warmth when your rooms are bathed in sunshine. For more home inspiration and interior design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Houses will always reflect our personal taste first, but there’s no denying current design trends influence the choices we make when designing and decorating the space we call home, whether we realise it or not. While it’s easy to embrace a trend wholeheartedly, it’s always good to remember to choose styles that will remain somewhat timeless so your home doesn’t feel dated in a few short years once trends change. With that in mind, 2018 ushers in a number of new and exciting design trends for the home, in both building design and interior styling.


Design trends Dorf
Over the last few years, copper has been king. However, industry experts are indicating that brass is quickly becoming a firm favourite, classic silver is returning, and black metal is increasingly being chosen as an eye-catching feature. If you’re building or renovating, consider your bathroom and kitchen fittings – silver will add a touch of metallic without being too showy, whereas brass is a bolder choice. Or make a spectacular statement with black metal – this Dorf bathroom ticks all the boxes with statement black metal taps and shower head, brass accessories, and a touch of greenery to soften the aesthetic.

Organic Materials

Organic materials Design Trends
Sustainability is always at the forefront of home design these days, and that’s now flowing through into interior spaces as well. Trends are showing a return to organic, rustic materials such as exposed brick, stone, and concrete, as well as natural timbers. Incorporating these into your home helps reconnect the space back to the environment and lends itself to a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Try taking inspiration from environmental spaces like the outback or the bush by using earthy greens, burnt orange, or dusty blue to imitate the great outdoor.


Marble bench design trends

Marble bench design trends
Additionally, terrazzo marble is earmarked for a big comeback this year, replacing the popular geometric tiles and bone tile inlays from the last few years, adding to the throwback to nature in homes. Using marble in your kitchen or bathroom creates an effortlessly chic look that needs no embellishment – the style speaks for itself and will hold up under the everyday use of high traffic areas. The Laminex Glamour range offers a beautiful selection of marble options that are understated and elegant, allowing you to add statement accessories that will pull the style together seamlessly.

Back to Black

Black kitchen design trends
White kitchens will always be appealing to the eye, but they’re being sidelined for the complete opposite. Black kitchens are a trend on the up and up this year, as people choose dark charcoal or true black to create a memorable and chic kitchen area. Cabinets and breakfast bars can be black to create a bold effect, with contrasting benchtops in neutral tones to offset the colour. Add in brightly coloured toasters, vases, and other benchtop items to make the space really pop!

Monochrome Spaces

Neutral lounge design trends
Tone on tone continues to be a popular design trend when it comes to interior styling. It’s not only timeless, it also creates a very serene, relaxed atmosphere that won’t date. Consider neutral paint colours and accessories to give your home an energy that flows gently and calmly from room to room, and add a little bit of colour with a statement couch or armchairs in the lounge room, or bright bed linen to break up the spaces and create areas that subtly draw the eye in.

When incorporating design trends into your home, the most important thing to remember is to use what works for you and your family, with a focus on trends that will remain timeless. While it’s tempting to inject new life into every corner of your home, focus on smaller areas and accent pieces that can be updated with a minimum of expense, rather than redecorating entire rooms from scratch.

For more inspiration and design trends, have a look at our wide range of stylish display homes in each state via our website.

Spring is known as the season to start fresh, bring out the colours and say goodbye to the cold weather. As we head into the warmer months of the year, Spring provides the best time to clean and refresh your home. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of cleaning tips to help you get your home in tip-top shape for the new season…

As the kitchen is one of the main areas of the home, think about:


As one of your most used appliances, the oven will always be something that needs a good cleaning. But giving your oven a super scrub between seasons is a great way to keep it in top condition and even extend its life!


The cupboard can often be forgotten when cleaning the kitchen. It’s not until you start digging deep that you find the outdated canned food, packets or open boxes that have been living on your shelves. There couldn’t be anything worse than having a snack and ending up sick because the due date was 2015! So, be sure to clean your cupboards every six months to check the dates, that way you can utilise the food before it’s outdated.

A busy traffic area, the living rooms are another space that will need a bit of attention. Areas to think about include…


Dust, food and small objects can get lost between the cushions or under the couch. Take this opportunity to get into those difficult little spots. Give your home a fung shui and clean under and in-between everything. You’d be amazed at some of the things you could find so grab the vacuum and start cleaning – just be sure you’re not vacuuming anything valuable.

Your bedroom tends to be one of the less messy areas of the home – unless you’re a teenager or a child! But it also provides the biggest opportunity to clean.



With warmer weather comes cooler clothing. It’s time to pull out all your clothes and reorganise based on the season. With winter behind us, pack away those heavy jackets or pants and pull out your shorts and dresses. But remember, like any season there are colder days so keep some key essentials like your favourite jeans and jumpers available.

 The hallway and general living spaces have spots that are often overlooked. Think about…

Skirting boards & walls

Skirting boards and walls don’t take very long to become dusty or dirty. Even though you may vacuum once a week and do regular cleaning, these small areas are often forgotten. Pull out the duster, a cloth or even the vacuum and give these areas a clean every six months – you’ll notice a difference.

Steam the floors

Floors get dirty, it’s a simple fact, especially during winter when it’s muddy or raining outside. Even if you take your shoes off outside or at the front door, dirt can still get into the house. Vacuuming the home can help clean this, but getting a steam clean once or twice a year can really make your carpet look brand new!

Don’t forget, just as your interior needs cleaning, so does your exterior. Think about…


Power Wash

Grab the hose and get washing! Due to the weather and outdoor environment, walls and windows of your home get quite dirty throughout the year. Spend some of your day with the hose outside and a bucket and give everything a wash. Weather can stain bricks and make them look completely different to when you first moved in, by giving them a power wash it will get rid of the grime – leaving them looking nice and clean!

Alfresco furniture

If you’re going to truly take advantage of the warmer season, there’s no doubt that you’ll be using your alfresco area. Pull out all your furniture and clean them down, they will most likely be covered in webs or dirt from the outdoor environment. Cleaning your furniture will make guests feel more comfortable seating outside – without the worry of critters biting!

It might even be worth adding a fresh coat of varnish to make the deck look new!


Have your own spring cleaning secrets? Let us know in the comments!

For more advice and tips, see our other blogs here: www.hotondo.com.au/blog

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to say goodbye to that pesky cold weather and hello to beautiful sunny days. Spring can be a great time to liven up your home with some bright colours and playful decorations. We’ve compiled some cost-effective ideas to help you design stunning décor for Spring…

Cushions & Throws

The warmer seasons make us feel more vibrant. Put away your dark or heavy décors like velvet cushions and thick woollen throws and replace them with lighter fabrics. Bright cotton cushions and throws are perfect to give your living area or bedroom that extra POP of colour!

If you don’t want to discard your darker coloured décor, try incorporating subtle elements of colour. Instead of multiple bright cushions or throws, just add one or two to really make them stand out.


Furniture Layout

Spring is the perfect time to Feng Shui your living areas to give your home a new feel. Look at your current room layout and design something that incorporates all the new décor features you’ll be using for the warmer seasons. This is a great way to give your home a fresh look and make it feel brand new again.


Putting some vibrant artwork up can add a fantastic touch to your home. Try incorporating some pictures of flowers, beautiful scenery or even photos of your family vacations around. By placing artwork around you’re adding another layer of personality to your home.


Indoor Plants

No matter the season, plants are always a fantastic addition to the home. It’s psychologically proven that having plants in your home can provide health benefits including reduced stress and improved concentration. Without greenery it can feel unwelcoming, adding a potted plant in some areas of the home gives it more of a natural feel.

If you think real plants are hard to maintain, you can try buying either low maintenance or fake plants. You’d be amazed how realistic some fake plants can look!

Outdoor Plants

Giving your garden arrangements a revamp with flowers is the perfect way to make your exterior more appealing. Choose flowers that are in season and will complement the style and colour scheme of your home. If gardening isn’t your forte, look for plants that are low maintenance and thrive in any weather. Talk to your local nursery about possible ideas and take a picture of the outdoor area you’re looking to style. They will be able to help you find a range of beautiful flowers to suit.

For more information on Hotondo Homes, visit our website at hotondo.com.au


Have some more ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Deciding on the best lighting for your home is important in creating the right ambiance for each room. Whether its creating a warm-toned vibe within the lounge room, or having plenty of down-lights in the kitchen whilst you’re cooking for the family, lighting is integral to setting the tone. To give you some ideas we’ve compiled a number of tips for you when deciding on the best lighting…

best lighting

Entry to the Home

This is the first area you walk into after a long day’s work, so it sets the tone for the other rooms of the home. A great idea for this area is to have warm-toned lighting including pendant lights or down-lights. Down-lights are great if you have a tiled entrance and create a luxurious style to the entry, they’re also very energy efficient. On the other hand, if you like to accentuate painting or photos on the walls of your opening area accent lighting would suit best. This draws the eyes to the area that is lit. In order for this type of lighting to work best, its recommended that the accent lighting is three times as bright as the general lighting in the room.


Living Area

The living area lighting can depend on what the home owners spend their time doing most in the area. Perhaps you are a movie buff and use the living area for relaxing after a long day. Therefore, in this room you might have a drop-down light as the lighting isn’t too important when doing simple tasks like changing the channel!




The kitchen however is different to the living spaces in that it’s a central area of the home where people gather. That means it’s important to have decent task lighting in here while you cook. Down-lights or under-cabinet lights are a great option here. Another thing to consider is whether you have children that might spend time studying at the breakfast bar, meaning that it would be a great idea to have lighting over that area so that these tasks can be performed. Incorporating pendant lights help to create an aesthetic appeal to this kitchen when placed over island benches.


best lighting


What do you spend your time doing most in the bedroom? Sleeping, so heaps of lighting may not be important. You might simply read a book or look over documents on your tech devices while in your bedroom, therefore, the best lighting in the room would be lamps.

best lighting


Bathrooms are a place where you go get glammed up for work, or have a relaxing bubble bath after putting the kids to bed. Accent lighting would be perfect in this space over the mirrors as it creates a great amount of lighting for getting ready especially when applying makeup. Other than accent lighting, ambient lighting is great to create enough brightness while doing simple tasks and would also be great for the laundry.

In the end the lighting depends on your personal preference. However, you don’t want your house looking like a Christmas tree from the outside from bright lighting in every room! Whatever your choice it should be suited to the needs of your family and what you do in each room. This way you will create the best lighting. Just remember, you can always add more lighting to a room through standing lamps or table lamps, but it’s harder to lower the lighting. Unless you have light dimmers… then there’s no need to worry!

Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

For more information on the display home images used head to our website below to find out more:

Makeover your living room without breaking the bank with these top tips.

With open-plan living at the height of popularity, the living room – along with the kitchen and dining space – can often become the focal point of the home. Changing just a few small aspects of this space can help breathe new life into a home.

We have listed seven simple ways to makeover your living room easily:

HIGHLIGHT your lighting

Lighting has the ability to make a HUGE impact on your interior design. It can set the mood, make a space appear larger or smaller and it has an enormous effect on your colour scheme. For this reason alone, updating your fixtures should be priority number one! Whether you are simply swapping out bulbs for LED energy-saving alternatives, adding a floor lamp to a dark corner or trading in lampshades, take the time to give a little love to the often-neglected lighting.

Work on the bones of the room

If your living room structure is spot-on, there are still a few things you can do to instantly update the look.

Reupholster an armchair – if your armchair is still in good nick, reupholstering it is an easy and relatively cheap way to makeover your living room. If you don’t have an armchair, check out a few flea markets – as long as the chair’s structure is good, there is no need to worry about worn or ratty upholstery. Choose a new, bold print to stand out and make it a feature of your home!

makeover your living room


Rearrange a bookshelf – baskets and containers are the easiest way to hide clutter but keep items in an accessible space. Try clearing your bookshelf of junk, and keep just a few key items and some books on display!

makeover your living room


Reorganise the furniture – already love everything in your home but are still looking for an update? Rearrange the furniture! Sometimes simply moving one item to another location can make all the difference.

Interested in the concept of Feng Shui? Read about it here: FENG SHUI YOUR HOME 

Living plants for your living room

Including greenery in your home instantly creates an atmosphere bursting with health and well-being. Plants make a boring corner look instantly chic, and small succulents can be used as coffee table or side table décor. Just be sure to choose plants which will thrive indoors!

Check out our favourite indoor plants here: INDOOR PLANTS FOR YOUR HOME (THAT YOU WILL NOT IMMEDIANTLY KILL)

makeover your living room

Small updates for the ‘modern’ look

Like to stay in touch with the current trends? Ensure your larger pieces of furniture like couches and TV cabinets are neutral colours that will go with anything, and instead purchase new cushions, throws, candles and other knick-knacks to achieve the ‘on-trend’ look without a costly financial commitment.

There is always time to DIY

DIY is a unique way to create something nobody else may have. It is your chance to let your true style shine through. Check out Pinterest or other blogs for some amazing inspiration, and get creating!

makeover your living room


Have you ever had to makeover your living room? Let us know your tips in the comments!

Create a stunning Christmas home this festive season with a few of our top tips. You don’t need to do a lot to create an amazing atmosphere!


Oh Christmas tree!

There are many alternatives to the traditional tree to help you create the perfect look for your Christmas home. We love this tiny Bonsai tree below. If you are looking for seeking something more traditional, try and stick to only one or two coloured decorations to create a theme for your tree. Don’t be afraid to step away from red or green either – pink, lime green and purple are just a few colours that have popped up over the years! Remember, different styled and shaped decorations help add some character to your tree and makes it look less ‘uniform’ and a lot more jolly!
Christmas homeChristmas home


Deck the halls or table!

A centrepiece need not be expensive! A few beautiful candles tied together with a Christmas ribbon can add an instant touch of the festive season to your table. Pinecones are another popular addition. Spray paint them gold, or use them along with your candles to create a larger piece!
Your dining set need not be extensive either. A red tablecloth with matching napkins combined with your regular, neutral dining set, tied in with the centrepiece can make more than enough of an impact in your Christmas home!
Christmas homeChristmas home Christmas home

All I want for Christmas is a beautiful Christmas wreath!

We have two methods to hang your Christmas wreath this season without creating holes from nails in your door.

Command hooks

Command hooks allow you to hang a hook on your door without the risk or ruining the paint job. Simply stick it on the door, and remove once Christmas is over!

Ribbon or string

Thread your ribbon – or light coloured string if you are trying to hide it – through your Christmas wreath and bring it up and over the door, right through to the other side. Adhere in place with tack, and voila, you have a wreath without banging a hole into your front door!

Christmas home


Carols by Christmas Lights!

Finish off your home with some stunning Christmas lights! You don’t need to go as full out as this home, trying lighting the pathway to your door or lining your eaves only with a few lights. First impressions count!

Christmas home

Be inspired and create your own ideal kitchen with these amazing ideas.

Whether you are a master chef or a budding beginner, the kitchen will always remain the heart of the home.

Make it stand out with some of these amazing interior kitchen designs.


Colour schemes, furniture, fixtures, flooring, paint and artwork – all are important when pulling together your interior design. Do it successfully, and your home will look stunning. Do just one of these elements wrong, and you may find it ruins the entire space.
Avoid home decor disaster with a list of our DOS and DON’TS.


DO: Splurge on some quality items. An amazing couch or table can become the highlight of a room. Not only will you get more mileage out of a more durable product, but it can also lift the entire feel of the room. Keep in mind you do not need to spend on EVERY piece of furniture to get the look you want.

DO: Test your paint colours in the room it will be used in. The colour in the shop is NEVER going to look the same as in your home. Haymes Paint recommends painting a 1m x 1m square in the colour you want and viewing it in different lighting to check it works in your chosen room.

DO: Play with different colours. Even if you are after a black and white look, different shades of grey can help the room appear less stark.


DO: Group you knickknacks together. Nothing looks worse than random bits and bobs floating around your home. Put them all together and you will instead have a feature!

DO: Hang your artwork at eye level. No one should have to crane their neck to see it. Further to this consider one larger piece in place of several smaller pieces, it will draw the eye and make the room appear bigger.


DON’T: Ignore scale. Furniture may look great in a store where there is plenty of room, but when you bring it home you find it doesn’t quite have enough space around it. Although your instinct may be to purchase smaller furniture for smaller rooms, it can make it look cluttered. A few larger pieces will look simpler and more modern. Scale is important!

DON’T: Use too much of a good thing. A colourful pattern on a couple of cushions may look fine, but start using that pattern on the lamp shades, throws and floor and suddenly it can look overdone and tacky. Use accent pieces wisely.


DON’T: Overdo it with the pillows. Pillows are a great accessory, however too many can overwhelm the couch and become impractical.


DON’T: Be too symmetrical. If your room and furniture are aligned in a perfect square it can appear clinical, so don’t be afraid to place things just a little haphazardly.

For more information on interior design contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

Creating a beautiful white interior for your home adds an instant elegance. The white on white look will take some effort to perfect, but the clean, neat and stylish result is well worth it.
Here are a few tips on how to create a white on white interior.

Choose the right white

In a previous post we spoke with Haymes Paint on how to achieve the perfect shade of white for your walls. The same principles apply here. Whites can be either warm or cool, depending on the undertones.

Warm whites have brown, yellow or red undertones and will do as the name suggests and ‘warm’ a room.

Cool whites have grey, blue or green undertones and offer a crisp, modern look. Decide which effect you would like and start searching for your interior furniture in the appropriate shades.

Pair your white with appropriate furnishings

For the smooth and crisp effect of a cool white, pair it with sleek metals, plenty of mirrors and metallic décor. The danger around cool whites is they can appear dull, lifeless and sterile, so use your décor to counter this.

Use plenty of texture for a warm white room. Lace, wool or marble look amazing and romantic, and old furnishings can be distressed with white paint for a vintage theme. If your room is lacking warmth, layering is an effective solution. Ensure your window treatments, pillows, bedding, throws and any other décor work together harmoniously to create a multi-textured room.

Creating some contrast in your room is important to ensure the room does not look washed-out. Along with your furnishings, you will need to consider the natural textures of your wooden floors, carpets, stone benches and even appliances. These features can look rich and break up the starkness of a white room, so make sure you choose a white that will effortlessly match.


Let your artwork stand out

The advantage of a white on white interior is that you can showcase your personal taste without having to go all-out on a room. Consider displaying your favourite piece of art on a white wall, and all eyes will be drawn instantly to it. Just a splash of colour that reflects your personality will look fantastic without ruining the clean whites of your home.

Make it a worthwhile and attractive feature though, it will be noticed!

For more tips on interior decorating, contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

Unfortunately it almost always happens – the baby blue or pale pink walls you painstakingly chose for your child will one day become their own personal nightmare. It does not matter how much care or thought you put into that jungle-themed nursery or brightly coloured kids room, it will inevitably become a source of embarrassment for your growing teenager.
Converting a children’s bedroom for a teenager may seem like a long process, but with a little bit of forward-thinking you can reuse, repaint and refurnish the entire room, saving you time and money in the long-run.


Painting the walls a beautiful white, creamy ivory, soft beige or light grey will suit both children and teenagers. If you can’t resist adding a bit of colour, consider a single feature wall which can be changed as the child grows. It is less expensive to repaint one wall, and allows for a little more creativity without costing you a fortune.walls


Hardwood floors are perfect for children and teenagers alike. It is easy and inexpensive to warm up the room with a lovely rug, which can be purchased in bright, bold colours for kids and then changed to a neutral colour for teenagers.


If you choose carefully, children’s furniture can be used or altered for a teenager. Look for furniture that is sturdy, durable and simple. Bedside tables only require a coat of paint or new handles for an instant update. A cosy mother’s chair will look fresh with new upholstery to create a new reading nook, and lampshades can be switched to more sophisticated colours or shapes.

Replacing the bed however is almost unavoidable. When the time comes, purchase a large, simple frame or even a box spring bed that will remain timeless and can be used by a teenager well into their adult years.


Linen has a shelf-life, so it is the perfect outlet to let your son or daughter have some input into their bedroom without the fear of it being permanent. Colourful bed-spreads and plenty of cushions add character to a room, as does the colour and texture of your curtains which can be picked up fairly cheaply.

Black and white framed photographs which can be changed as the children grow are another fantastic way to decorate the room for the long-term. Frames can also be replaced with posters or framed memorabilia without adding new holes to your wall.


For more information on building a home for a growing family, speak to your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

Having a luxurious bathroom is like having your own sanctuary. There is nothing quite as tranquil as the clean lines and decor of a beautifully designed bathroom, so follow these simple tips to create the elegance you have always wanted in one of the most essential areas of your home.


Designing your bathroom with lots of open space is important. A glass door for the shower and at least one window instantly increases the airy feeling of a bathroom and helps avoid mould. Having plenty of lighting and a large mirror will also contribute to the overall spacious feel.

Fixtures also play an important role in design. Having a “his” and “hers” vanities and large shower-heads will add a touch of luxury. If you want to indulge, a freestanding bath not only looks incredible, but the space around the edges tricks you into believing it takes up less of your bathroom space than an inbuilt unit does. The colour of your fixtures can also significantly alter the feel of the bathroom.

Tiles set the entire bathroom interior into motion. Darker tiles add a touch of elegance while lighter tiles will make the room shine. ‘Grainy’ tiles will hide the dust and dirt between cleans. Even the colour of the grout can make an enormous difference to the style you achieve, so think carefully before selecting your tiles.


De-cluttering your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to increase its appeal. Having plenty of cupboards to store all your bathroom items points the focus to the beautiful fixtures and colours of the room. Don’t have enough space to hide all the mess? Consider floating shelves.

While storing most of your bottles or make-up out of sight is ideal, practicality is also important when creating your dream bathroom. There are plenty of other creative ways to store some of the more common bathroom items in an attractive manner:


The traditional white bathroom is clean, neat and glamorous, but don’t be afraid to add some colour. A darker theme can give the room a modern-edge, or for a really dramatic look, have some of your fixtures in bright, bold colours. If you don’t want to go all out, coordinate your towels and décor in sunshine yellow or bright red, and when you get sick of the colours, change them to instantly update the look.


The perfect bathroom requires appropriate décor. Plants create an instant fresh look and add a bit of colour. Candles create a warm, relaxing ambience. Vases are an excellent way to add a bit of glamour, and don’t be afraid to hang some artwork if it works well with the design and colours of your bathroom.  This is your chance to really make the bathroom your own, so try a few different ideas to see what works best for you!

For more information on designing the perfect bathroom, contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.