Springtime is always enthusiastically welcomed after months of cold weather, and the mild weather and bright sunshine make it the perfect time to inject some warmth and light into your home to create an atmosphere that’s uplifting and welcoming. We’ve got some great tips to get you started!

Entryway Style

Dress up your entryway to welcome spring with some rustic blossom tree branches or an indoor potted plant, as well as some coloured glass vases or accent bowls. Upon arriving home or inviting guests inside the feel of spring will be alive and well as soon as people set foot inside your home, and soften a space that can otherwise feel minimalist and lacking in personality.

Floral Décor

As nature blooms with vivacious colour outside during spring, take inspiration from your garden and surrounding environment to bring some floral features inside your home. Fresh vases of flowers scattered throughout will add bursts of colour to each space, and for a more budget-friendly option you can use artificial flowers that will last the duration of spring. Add in some floral décor in the form of cushions, blankets, and artwork featuring flowers and you’ll lift the mood of each room when you introduce some lovely, subtle colours.

Wall Colour

Feel like giving your walls a fresh coat of paint? Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the darker, moodier tones that suit winter and include light, bright colours that usher in a joyful vibe. To keep things neutral, opt for soft greys in either warm or cool tones that will serve as the perfect base colour to decorate your room around. The natural light will enhance the colour tones and make the space feel bigger. If you’d like to add more colour, choosing a beautiful pastel for your walls such as minty greens, fresh lemon, duck egg blue, or even a flash of coral or pink will liven up the space.

A Touch of Greenery

Adding a some indoor plants to your interior décor is one of the easiest ways to add life to a room and bring the lushness of outdoors into your home. In larger rooms, a tall plant in a beautiful pot that blends in with your colour aesthetic will make an instant statement. If you want to add greenery to compact spaces, consider hanging pots or installing wall-mounted planter pots that don’t take up floor space, and also draw the eye upwards. These types of planters allow for flowing style that creates a freeform cascade, mimicking nature’s boundless greenery indoors.

There are so many ways to refresh your home for the change of season to welcome spring by taking inspiration from nature and injecting some bright, cheerful hues to each room. For more interior décor and decorating ideas, head to the Hotondo Homes website today.

Deck the halls (and your home) in Christmas trimmings this year.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about everything from Christmas lights, how to cook the perfect turkey, buying your loved ones meaningful gifts and feeling festive.

Christmas time is about family, friends, yummy food and giving gifts. It’s also about decorating your home!

While there are many different ways to decorate your home this Christmas, we give you some stress-free, inexpensive ways to enjoy your home this Christmas.

Christmas tree


Your Christmas tree is often the centrepiece of your home during the month of December. Therefore it’s important to decorate it with meaningful decorations.

If you can, position your tree in your front window. This will allow people from the outside to see your tree lit up at night time as they walk or drive past.

When decorating your tree be sure to hang your lights first, that way you do not have to do it in and around hanging decorations.

If you’re not going to have a real tree this year, consider some of these reasonably priced trees here.

Wrapping the presents under your tree in a creative way is also an easy way to add a Christmas touch to your home.

Homemade decorations


Adorning your tree with homemade decorations is a sentimental and often inexpensive way of decorating your tree. You can use things like felt, sequins, cardboard and even pasta pieces to create special DIY ornaments. Check out some creative ideas here.

Your homemade decorations don’t just have to hang on your tree. You can use them as small gifts to friends and family, wrapping adornments for other presents or store them as keepsakes for years to come.

Be sure to get the kids involved too!

Outdoor ideas


The outside of your home can easily reflect your Christmas cheer just as easily as the inside of your home can during the month of December. Consider using an outdoor wreath for your front door, outdoor Christmas lights or even a small display in your garden or on your front porch.



There are many different ways you can include some Christmas décor throughout your home.

This could include a garland hanging from your staircase or mantelpiece, small ornaments on your dining table, Christmas holly in your vases or themed pillows on your lounge suite or bed.

Check out some home décor decorations here.


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