Creating your own interior design is often the most enjoyable part of building a new home.

However, with so many decor styles on offer, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the colours and style for your home.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a style and theme that complements your personality. The interior design process starts at your colours and selections meeting, and will continue after handover as you move your furniture in.


Defined by open space and ‘sophisticated’ neutral colours like white, beige, taupe and black, contemporary décor is all about clean, neat lines. The furniture often has a clear, defined shape to provide a smooth profile, and not many accessories are required. If you want to add something a little extra, large pieces of art or a defined feature wall is the way to go.

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French provincial

French provincial is a warm and inviting style that emanates from the French countryside. Marble, stone and timber are all used in beautiful whites and creams, with curved legs and other decorative details the standout feature on the furniture. If it is elegance you are after, French provincial is the way to go.

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Modern industrial

Modern industrial décor combines simplicity and authenticity. Think heavy features with eclectic elements, large graphic patterns mixed with recycled wood and neutral finishes with splashes of bold colour. Modern industrial décor has character and charm to it. It also represents a modern take on old trends.

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Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, coastal-themed interior décor should reflect the beauty and luxury of living by the sea. It should have a relaxed ease about it and feel open and airy. White finishes with touches of light coloured wood and sea-themed accents in lights blues are perfect for a coastal home.

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White on white

White décor has been a popular trend for some time. It’s a harmonious and pleasant shade to use in the home because it represents luxury, yet also has a relaxed vibe about it. White décor provides a good base for the home to then implement splashes of colour through cushions and wall hangings.

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Which of the decor styles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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Finally having the chance to decorate your own home is always an exciting experience.

As much as we try though, we can’t all be the next Martha Stewart. It is more than likely at one point or another we will fall victim to some common home decorating mistakes.

To help protect you and your home from the worst of it, we have listed the eight most common home decorating mistakes we can think of, and the best ways to avoid them. Read on to keep you, your home, and the world of interior design happy.


That zebra print pillow on your couch? Fine. That same zebra print on your pillows, on your couch, on the rug, the lampshades, the chairs… it may be a little too much.

Keep intense colours and patterns to a minimum so you don’t overpower the room. You are far better off having a single item that stands out rather than smothering the space in matching decor. The same goes for more neutral pieces. You will want to add something with a different texture or colour to help break things up, otherwise you will end up with a bland landscape.

Mixing things up a bit will help draw the eye and keep your room looking exciting.

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People will often choose a rug too small for their living room which is barely big enough for their coffee table. This can actually make the space look smaller and your furniture disproportionate. Instead, choose a rug that is large enough for all of your furniture to be touching it – even if it is just the front legs. This helps unify the space and creates a sense of balance


Possibly the most common home decorating mistake, pushing all your furniture up against the wall will NOT create more space. It actually creates distance between people in spaces which should be more intimate, and can make a room appear empty.

Give your furniture some breathing room, and keep them off the walls. In particular, your couches should be kept adjacent to one another to establish a feeling of inclusion.


Curtains, shutters, blinds… the possibilities are endless. Window coverings can help add character and personality to a room and really complete a look, so don’t neglect them, embrace them!

If you aren’t sure what you are after, try light, neutral coloured curtains. Shutters are also a very popular choice these days and can create a French provincial look or a more updated modern impression.

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We all know that a white couch can turn an average lounge into an incredible one. We also know the dangers of owning a spill-prone and dirt-attracting piece of furniture.

For a full rundown of the pros and cons of a white couch, read our blog post on ‘Should you buy a white couch?


At the end of the day, practicality in your home should win every time. If you cannot relax/sit/or even use the item, chances are you will end up hating it. So let go of the beauty, and find an item that you can love AND use.


Lighting is a key part of creating the ambience of your room. There should always be a mixture of lighting in every room to help provide light for every occasion.

Mix overhead lights with table or floor lamps to create pools of light that can create intimacy and increase the functionality of the room.

Our Jagera 250 utilises down lights, a lamp and fireplace for a cosy look.

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A cohesive flow from room to room is important in interior design, especially these days while open-plan living is popular. Bringing in too many different styles can appear confusing and cluttered.

Try choosing a fairly neutral palette, and changing a few small pieces from room to room for something a bit different.


What home decorating mistakes can you think of? Let us know in the comments!

Now comes the fun part of decorating your new home.

Whether it’s a boy’s room, a girl’s room or even a nursery, you now have the opportunity to get really creative in your new home. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold and imaginative as you want. And your kids will love you for it too.

Think functional furniture alongside bright colours, bold wallpaper patterns and quirky décor.



Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to play around with colour in your home and paint is often the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to do this. A fun paint colour can easily add character to a room as well as setting the mood and the theme of the room.

The traditional colours of pink or blue are no longer the norm and no longer gender specific. Consider using colours like yellow, grey, navy blue, cream, orange, gold or silver. Also try to choose a colour that your child won’t grow out of too quickly.

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Using wallpaper is a really easy way to add character to a bedroom. You can go with themed wallpaper, patterned wallpaper or simply coloured wallpaper.

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There are many creative ways to add life and excitement to the walls in your children’s bedrooms. For example, you can frame your child’s artwork or school projects to showcase their work and add colour to their room.

Another idea is to paint one wall in chalkboard paint. This will give your child the opportunity to decorate the wall as often as they like. It’s also fun and interactive.

Stencils or removable wall decals can be another fun way to add colour and texture to the room.

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Try to choose furniture that will grow with your child like a good quality side table, dresser and storage unit.


You can get really creative with your child’s bedding. It’s also another way to add colour and pattern to their bedroom.

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