If you’re located in Victoria, or you’re thinking about moving down south, we have a number of franchisees based all across the state ready to make your dream home into a reality. This week we’re putting the spotlight on a few of our builders throughout Victoria so you can get to know some of the franchisees in our Hotondo Homes family!

Hotondo Homes Ballarat

With over twenty-five years of experience, Adrian Willingham and Brenton Simpson are local builders you can trust. Awarded the Hotondo Homes Builder of the Year in 2018, the pair have established themselves as the builders of choice in Ballarat and the surrounding areas. The Ballarat team use local tradesmen, have a range of flexible floorplans available to help you find your dream home, and offer professional and personalised services with great attention to detail to make sure you get the home you’ve always wanted! Amira Willingham is the resident colour guru, and will work with you selecting all the items to make your house a home, and Lisa Simpson is the Finance Manager who works to ensure building permits are in order for you. Both your local builders at Ballarat are active members of the community, and as a family-owned business they remain committed to a number of groups and activities in the local and surrounding areas. Visit their modern Marcoola 269 display home in Lucas and see their superb work in person!

Hotondo Homes Warragul

Jeff and Fiona Kittelty are your local builders in the wider Warragul area, who love creating homes that are tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Jeff has been part of the building industry as a qualified builder for over thirty years and works with his clients to ensure every part of the build process is as smooth and stress-free as possible, from the first appointment, right through to the handover of a new home! Jeff’s wife, Fiona, is the finance manager and Colour Consultant, and is always up to date with interior trends and styles. She will work with you during your colour selection appointment and help you put together your final palette, fixtures, and fittings, ensuring your new home has an interior and exterior aesthetic that is cohesive and stylish. Acreage homes and difficult sites are no problem for the team at Warragul, who have experience with narrow lots, sloping land, and unusually shaped blocks. Jeff and Fiona, and their entire team pride themselves on their professional service, and their stunning Lansdowne 257 display home is currently open for you to visit to see the quality craftmanship you’ll get when you build with Hotondo Homes Warragul.

Hotondo Homes in Ocean Grove

Aaron Anstis, Nick Barker and their team know how to create your dream home. Whether you’re looking for a sea change or you’re a first home buyer, they can tailor any Hotondo Homes design to suit your budget and lifestyle! Nick and Aaron specialise in coastal and split level home designs so that you get the most out of your local environment. With personalised customer service and attention to detail on both the complexities of the build and the aesthetics of your home’s design, you’ll receive a quality home build when you work with local builders who can give you peace of mind throughout the entire build journey. Visit their new Tarkine 238 display home in Ocean Grove, or their Erskine 240 display in Mount Duneed today!

Hotondo Homes has a number of builders located throughout Victoria to help you with your vision. With flexible designs for all types of land, and plenty of house and land packages available to suit your budget and lifestyle, you’re sure to find a local builder in your area to create a beautifully constructed home for you and your family! Visit the Hotondo Homes website and find a builder local to you today.

Client Home: When it comes time to decide on a builder, new home buyers typically spend hours researching the best fit for them and their family.

However, for Peter and Maxine Story there was no discussion, question or debate on who would build their new dream home.

“Twenty years ago we built our first house with Hotondo Homes Horsham. While the builder was different back then, they left such a good impression there was no hesitation in building with them a second time,” Peter said.

“We chose them because they were a national builder with a good reputation and local knowledge. We wanted value.”

Peter and Maxine’s stunning home is a blend of two Hotondo Homes designs. Based on the beautiful three-bedroom Claremont 163 with a few extra touches, the couple were adamant they wanted to make the home their own.

client home2 Wirth St, Horsham.

“I have lived in a lot of homes previously, so I had a good idea of what I wanted,” Peter explains.

“Anthony (our sales person) had ideas too, and we worked together to bring them to life. Hotondo are very good at making adjustments to their floor plans, and were very accepting of the changes we wanted.”

The resulting home is the epitome of open-style living. Three spacious living areas are interconnected with the dining room and kitchen, creating an airy and open feel for the home. This was achieved by removing a wall from the front living room.

Other additions to the design included extending the second bedroom to include a walk-in-robe, a gas log fire, an extensive walk-in-pantry for the kitchen, extra storage space in the garage and even the inclusion of an entire storeroom to utilise all available space on the block.

“We chose them because they were a national builder with a good reputation and local knowledge. We wanted value.” – Peter Story

The home features gorgeous New South Wales spotted gum flooring combined with a light, natural colour scheme to ensure it retains a good resell value, and it is finished off with modern timber furniture.

“My favourite part of the home is the outdoor alfresco space,” Peter said.

“The second living area overlooks the alfresco, and with three stacker doors you can create an even larger entertainment space. We had awning blinds installed to prevent wind and dust getting in, meaning we have an all-year round outdoor living area.”

“The other great part of the home is the dining table – the way the home is designed you can sit at this beautiful table and see every single part of the home. It is amazing.”

client home

Peter and Maxine chose to build the largest home they could on the smallest block of land they could find, in an effort to reduce garden maintenance. As Peter put it, even those who live the busiest of lives could “live in this home comfortably”.

Although their children Sam, 29, and Caitlin, 26, have both moved out, Peter and Maxine still share their expansive home with West Highland White Terriers Angus and Barney. The couple now have more than enough room for family gatherings and the occasional party, with Peter’s dartboard still having a place of pride in their alfresco.


Client Story: A helping hand for first home buyers

Client Story: A dream home 12 years in the making

Leaving such an outstanding impression that a couple chose to build with the same builder 20 years after their first build is a testament to the dedication and commitment the team at Hotondo Homes Horsham have.

Peter and Maxine’s dream home is a masterpiece built through the teamwork and collaboration of themselves and Hotondo Homes. Their input into the design and the ability to watch their ideas and dreams come to life make it all the more sweeter for them to enjoy their beautiful new home.

For more information on Hotondo Homes range of designs, visit hotondo.com.au

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home.

We often say this, however it doesn’t make it any less genuine. It is true both metaphorically – family members spend a lot of time in the kitchen with many memories made here – and literally – a kitchen is more often than not located at the centre of a home’s design.

So what does it take to build a dream kitchen? Our 7 simple steps can help you determine your favourite style, the ideal layout and the key components you need to consider when it comes to kitchen design.

What is your style?

Choosing a style or theme for your kitchen is the first step towards creating your dream kitchen. A cohesive look is important not just for the kitchen, but for the rest of the home too, especially if you have an open-plan design. Whether it be modern, elegant, country or something a little bit different, make sure you have a style in mind or you could end up with a chaotic mess. Check out some kitchen inspiration here.

dream home


Build your foundation

The anchor of the kitchen lies in the cabinetry which takes up a good portion. You’ll want to consider just how much storage space you will need, and whether you intend to hide away appliances like your toaster (clutter is a killer for good interior design!). Natural wood, a painted finish, gloss or matte, cabinet choices are endless. Think carefully about the style choice you select and how the cabinets will complement it.

Work in the benchtops

Benchtops are the next big ticket item in the kitchen. Highly visible, there is a huge range of choice available these days from natural stone to laminate for a cheaper – yet just as lovely – option. The question you need to consider when choosing a colour is whether you want your eyes drawn to the cabinetry or the benchtop first. Choose a similar colour for a seamless look or something different for a bolder and more eye-catching approach. Ensure you have plenty of bench space to cook and prepare your meals too!

The feature splashback

After the benchtop it is time to choose your splashback. Contemporary homes tend to use a glass splashback. Paint is applied to the back of the glass, leaving the colour well protected and the surface smooth, shiny and easy to clean. You could also consider a window to enhance natural lighting. For a more traditional style, tiles remain popular. No longer are you stuck with plain square tiles either, with more and more shapes available every day. Tiles can be made to imitate natural materials like wood, concrete and marble, meaning it is easier than ever to create a look you love. Read more about splashback options here.

dream home


Prominence for your must-have items

Make a list of the most important items or appliances for your dream kitchen, and prioritise them. Whether it is a dishwasher, an extra space for a large fridge or a butler’s pantry with a sink, now is your chance to include them all!

Consider the kitchen work triangle

Closely related to your must-have items is the kitchen work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to create the ideal functional layout for your dream kitchen. The main tasks completed in the kitchen are using your stove, sink and fridge, creating a kitchen ‘triangle’. Having these three features close (but not too close) to one another creates the ideal cooking environment. Think carefully about how you use your kitchen and what the ideal layout could be to maximise time and space.

Proportion and scale

Open-plan living is a beautiful thing, however it also means the line becomes blurred between kitchen, living and dining spaces. Properly scaled furniture creates more defined spaces and helps a room ‘feel right’. Ensure your benchtop is at an appropriate height, and your bar chairs need to fit comfortably under it. Your dining chairs need to sit approximately 25-30cm lower than the table. The table itself should be large enough to seat your family, but still have enough space around it to pull each chair all the way out.

What do you think of our list? Is there something we missed when creating a dream kitchen? Let us know in the comments!


Just 200 metres down the road from their old home, Frank and Debra Cartledge’s prized piece of land sat waiting for them.

For over 12 years it remained vacant, awaiting a time for the Invermay couple to proceed building their dream home.

For a home years in the making, there was every chance it would never live up to their expectations, but the impressive façade, amazing floor plan and beautiful finishes resulted in a stunning home with all the right touches.

“The best part of the whole experience was the flexibility, we could change whatever we wanted and nothing was a problem for Hotondo Homes,” Debra said.

“We spoke to another builder and they were not flexible at all. We wanted to make the home ours, there were a few specific things we really wanted because it was an acreage block, and Hotondo Homes accommodated them all.”


dream home


The stunning Stockton 322 is an incredible acreage home featuring four bedrooms, three living areas, two bathrooms and a powder room. With a few adjustments including larger windows to take in the beautiful views, bigger bedrooms and even the installation of a wood heater, the couple are delighted to call this place home.

“We got along really well with the team at Hotondo Homes Ballarat, who were even able to take us down to a display home to show us something tangible,” Frank said.

“Our block also had a few overlay and sloping issues, and the team were able to walk us through how they would address them.”

A mix of beautiful, neutral colours is seen throughout the home. The white walls and light coloured tiles and kitchenware creates a spacious and open feel, which works in harmony with the striking floorboards and custom wood heater that help add a warmth to the area.

Topped off with beautiful pieces of wooden furniture and high quality finishes, the charming home emits a modern yet country charm.

“The best part of the whole experience was the flexibility, we could change whatever we wanted and nothing was a problem for Hotondo Homes.” – Debra Cartledge

For Frank and Debra, the large walk-in pantry, big ensuite and the entry located to the side of the home were all must-haves.

“Luckily for us, this design ticked a lot of boxes with just the standard inclusions, and we then added few of our own,” Frank said.

The expansive alfresco space, large double garage, powder room for guests and plenty of storage room were other favourite features for the Invermay couple.

“Both of our girls moved out of home during the building process, meaning we have even more room now for friends, family and other guests to come around,” Debra laughs.

“Another great part is that one of the extra bedrooms has its own walk-in-robe, which is really good for our guests. There is so much room, we have even started calling one end of the house the ‘west wing’!”


dream home


The Ballarat team were awarded the 2015 Hotondo Homes Builder of the Year award, which is reflected in the quality build of Frank and Debra’s home. Living just down the road for the majority of the construction period meant the couple were able to enjoy watching their home go up from start to finish.

“Each stage that finished was another burst of excitement, it was great to watch it all come together,” Frank said.

“Brett was really fantastic to deal with, anything we wanted, he would accommodate. He adjusted the price as we added things, and they were always quick to get back to us.”

While Frank and Debra had completed several renovations and extensions previously, this was their first newly built home. Their children may have moved out before they had a chance to enjoy it, but the couple are loving their new home shared with their cat, dog, cows and even alpacas.

From a fleeting thought 12 years ago to the beautifully constructed design Frank and Debra now have before them, Hotondo Homes Ballarat have delivered a dream home that does not disappoint.


dream home


To start your own journey towards your dream home, contact Hotondo Homes today.

There are plenty of reasons to upsize or downsize your home. As you move through life you will find your requirements in a home will greatly change depending on your family, financial situation and your own personal preferences.
Changing homes, locations and getting a new mortgage is a big decision that should be carefully thought out.


Empty Nest: Your children have all moved out, and the once noisy halls of your home are suddenly silent. With so many rooms now empty, it may be time to capitalise on your home and downsize to a smaller model.

Money: Finances may be tight and a smaller home will generally equal a smaller mortgage.  This is also true of the suburb or part of town you choose to live in. Energy bills will also become cheaper in a house that is smaller.

Travel: If you travel a lot, especially for work, you may find maintaining a larger home you are never around to enjoy pointless. Downsize your home now, save on your mortgage, and then when the time comes to settle down you can look for a larger home once more.

Maintenance: Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and dusting a large home can be a tedious chore that many people dislike. If you don’t need the space and hate cleaning, why not downsize to a more suitable home? On top of this you have actual maintenance costs such as the yard or mechanical aspects like heating or cooling which will be significantly more in a larger home.

Reasons to upsize or downsize your home


Family: A growing family will need more living space as children get older, which offers the perfect opportunity to upsize your home. The same goes for any grandparents who may be moving back into the family home.

The ‘Dream Home’: Your dream home will probably have some luxurious features that are often found in larger designs. If you come into some money or finally receive that job promotion, having a beautiful home may rate very highly on your list!

Investment: Purchasing a larger home could bring you a greater return for your money.

Reasons to upsize or downsize your home

For more information on whether to upsize or downsize your home, contact Hotondo Homes here.

With a long standing reputation for quality, Hotondo Homes’ builders are recognised for their professionalism, exceptional workmanship, and their use of reputable, local suppliers and trades.  Hotondo Homes’ range of modest, family and quality homes give clients a plethora of design options which allows them to choose the perfect home to suit their budget and lifestyle.  What sets aside Hotondo Homes from other home builders is their service, open communication and most importantly, their quality affordable homes.

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Exceptional Customer Service

What makes Hotondo Homes’ builders different from their competition is that they provide a complete home building service from start to finish.

Our Builders:

We work with our clients to ensure their home is not only their dream home, but is also a sound investment.

“Hotondo Homes’ staff were friendly, informative and supportive.  I wish all builders were as professional and knowledgeable as they were.”
“The service we have received has been fantastic and the team have been more than willing to help us out.  The team have gone beyond what we would expect of a builder, so thank you Hotondo Homes!”
Fixed Price Contracts

Unlike the vast majority of volume builders throughout Australia, our clients aren’t just a number.  Once you sign a fixed price contract with Hotondo Homes, you know exactly how much your home will cost, so you are saved the anxiety of nasty hidden extras along the way.  Our builders don’t abandon clients after the contract has been signed, but rather work with them to bring their dream home vision to life.


Local builder, Local Service

The Hotondo Homes building network have over 85 builders throughout Australia, from regional towns to metro areas.  Most of our builders live and work in the local area they service.  They understand the demographics of the area, the average price of a family home, the nature of the blocks and the area’s streetscape.

“Our house is being built so quickly!  Everyone has been surprised at how efficient the Hotondo Homes’ team have been.  My Dad is a builder and he can’t fault their work at all!  I would highly recommend them.”
Reputable Suppliers & Trades

Our builders are a part of a national building network, so they benefit from the buying power of a large volume builder.  This results in significant savings for our builders which are then passed onto the client.  This also allows our builders to provide a local and independent service.

“Great team!  They were all very helpful!”
Open Communication

When working with your local Hotondo Homes builder, you can decide how involved you want to be.  We provide clients with weekly updates, and regular visits to the sites can be arranged so you can watch and participate in the progress of your home.

“We are very impressed with the speed and quality of the build so far.  Communication is great – we love the weekly updates!”
Keep In-Touch

Hotondo Homes’ builders don’t disappear after you move in your new home; we consider the aftercare we provide as important as construction.  We go above and beyond to ensure your happiness and to protect your investment.

If you choose to build with Hotondo Homes you will experience a quality affordable builder who listens to your needs and delivers your ideal home on time and on budget.  Hotondo Homes is not your average home builder.  From right across the country Hotondo Homes are a service oriented, hands-on team that is ready to make your homebuilding experience as smooth and enjoyable is possible.

Choose the right builder, choose Hotondo Homes.

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*The above quotes are from customers who have built with Hotondo Homes and completed our Customer Satisfaction Survey.