When you’re building your new home, so much thought goes into the interiors: room layout and size, kitchen design, storage options, and décor decisions. But what about the exterior of your home? It’s the first thing people see when they come to visit you, and even passing traffic will notice the best-looking house on the street. It’s worth taking the time to consider your home’s street appeal when you’re building your dream home.

Building Materials

Street appeal
No matter what style of façade you choose, including elements that blend in with the surrounding environment makes your new home feel at one with nature. Modern home façades with clean lines and sharp angles can benefit from adding sections of timber cladding to soften their appearance. Adding ledge stone cladding to pillars and framework will add a unique colour and texture to areas like front porches, entryways and exterior feature walls, and can complement the natural environment of your home’s location.

Focal Point

Street appeal
Having a focal point on the façade of your home will draw the eye to a particular point. Perhaps it’s a dark and striking paint colour set against a lighter trim, or a brightly coloured front door that contrasts the neutral paint colour or render of the exterior walls. Maybe you could create an inviting entryway porch that will add a welcoming element to an otherwise plain entry. Incorporating a statement focal point will make your home instantly memorable and eye-catching to anyone who visits.

Bringing Interior Style Outside

Street appeal
Mirroring the interior style of your home in the façade will create a cohesive feel that flows seamlessly from outside to inside in your new home. If you’ve decided to design your interiors in a Hamptons style, make sure your exterior includes features that match. Gabled roof angles, white weatherboards with a dark grey or black trim, and window shutters all tie in to a Hamptons style effortlessly, creating a harmonious flow inside and out.

The Garden Path

Street appeal
A pathway up to your front door doesn’t have to be a feature that’s purely functional and unmemorable. Creating a path that is attractive by using materials such as slate or bluestone tiles interspersed with gravel for a contemporary look will look effortlessly chic. A timber decking path up to the front door creates a more earthy or coastal feel, adding an attractive design element where visitors least expect it.

In Symmetry

Street appeal
If you’re building a duplex, or your block of land is wider and allows for a home that has width rather than depth on the block, creating symmetry in the façade and landscaping will instantly increase your home’s street appeal. Planting the same style of trees and shrubs under the front windows in a particular order, or adding matching planter pots with statement shrubs on either side of the front door will create a pleasingly symmetrical view for you and your visitors. If your new home will have a front porch, consider adding a balustrade to each side of the front door that mirrors itself to create a lasting impression. Double storey homes can include dormer windows on each side of the home to give the roof a symmetrical appearance.

For more façade inspiration to help increase your home’s street appeal, head over to the Hotondo Homes website.

In the busy and time-precious world we currently live in, our homes have truly become our sanctuaries.

Being able to choose appliances, colours and the interior design of your home is a fun and exciting way to help achieve this and make the home really yours.

From style tips to modern conveniences, we asked several industry experts what 2017 home trends we can expect to see in the upcoming year.


2017 home trends

2017 Home Trends: FACADE

Although brick veneer or rendered brick veneer is still a popular façade choice, the future lies in designs that incorporate different materials, colours and textures.

“Homeowners are looking for a contemporary style with that architecturally-designed look rather than a manufactured one,” James Hardie Marketing Manager, Christian Hansen says. “We are seeing this mixed materials trend increasing in popularity.”

James Hardie Scyon Walls are a great way to achieve this modern look. Designed to stylishly brace timber frames, Scyon Walls open up a world of design possibilities by allowing individual personality and style to shine through with clever use of styles and colour.

“By mixing and matching Scyon Walls, a wide variety of styles and moods can be created,” says Christian. “Think outside the bland brick box of the past and embrace the design freedom of the future.”



2017 home trends

2017 Home Trends: FLOORING

Measuring in at up to a gargantuan 1000×3000, slab tiles are about to make an enormous splash in the home-design market, and is one trend that is guaranteed to stick around.

The elegance of stone slabs lie within the simplicity of their almost seamless laying style which minimises grout lines, leaving you to marvel in the natural movement of the stone.

“With today’s technology able to perfectly emulate the look and feel of natural stone, stone-look slabs are a durable, beautiful and practical alternative to an otherwise expensive design choice,” Beaumont Tiles Communications and Design Specialist, Christie Wood says.

“The added luxury stone walls provide is never questioned and with stone-look slabs the home can be transformed to a calming sanctuary.”

From external facades to bathroom walls, the slab look is an ever transformative addition to a home that is both minimalistic, modern and classically designed.



2017 home trends

2017 Home Trends: KITCHEN

Clean, uninterrupted lines and a sleek finish are the go-to trend for kitchens right now. With these smooth cabinetry finishes, rangehoods have taken a new and exciting direction.

Undermount or undercupboard rangehoods have shot to prominence as an alternative to the otherwise bulky canopy style hood. These rangehoods are concealed in the cabinet base, and don’t intrude on the cooktop or users headspace.

“An undermount rangehood is perfect for those who love to cook but don’t like ducking and bobbing to avoid protruding canopy styles,” Omega Senior Product Manager Michael Sultana says.

There has also been a big shift towards Black Glass finish products rather than stainless steel, in particular for ovens and gas tops. Offering plenty of modern appeal, you will be seeing more of these products over the next year.



2017 home trends

2017 Home Trends: BATHROOM

Tapware design is continuing to be refined with even thinner edges and lines become more prevalent.

While the trend has been predominantly applied to tapware, new casting techniques and materials have allowed other products to adopt the thin edge trend as well. This is reflected in vitreous china basins, baths and toilet seats.

“This theme is explored in both product and spatial design, with furniture and cabinetry construction adopting it as well,” Caroma Design Team Manager, David Giorgio says.

“We are seeing it everywhere, including items like thin stone benchtops.”

“The second major trend relates to texture. Timber laminates, both natural and synthetic are featuring coarsely textured grains. Machined marble tiles are appearing as feature walls, vertical surfaces and splash-backs, while brushed and satin metallic surfaces in a myriad of colours are being applied to tapware, giving surfaces that were once polished and glassy a new tactility.”



What do you think of our 2017 home trends and forecasts?

First impressions do matter, so choosing the right façade for your home is important.

An attractive façade can not only increase the value of a house, but it also sets the tone for the entire home. Before looking at some of our façade inspiration, be sure to consider the following points:


A bold mix of render and brick will help create a modern and stylish façade.

Blocky designs with flat roofs are still popular for double storeys, and unique shaped render looks great on single designs.

Como 449 Diamant

facade inspiration

facade inspiration

facade inspiration


Make a statement with a colourful eye-catching façade like these ones below.

For the not-so-brave, try changing your door colour for something a little less substantial.

facade inspiration




Traditional brick is still a popular choice when it comes to façades.

Add just a touch of render for a more updated look, and enjoy!

facade inspiration

facade inspiration


Fully rendered homes offer clean lines and a sleek finish.

From dark colours to light, render can be painted in many different shades, and there is the option to include more than a single colour.

facade inspiration

facade inspiration


Stand out from the crowd with a façade that includes something just a little bit different.

The concrete render and wood façade below offers a modern-industrial look.

facade inspiration

facade inspiration



The weatherboard look is back! Utilising this material as a key feature in your façade can add a rustic yet modern charm to your home.

Combine it with brick and wood for a multi-layered masterpiece.

facade inspiration




Perfect for a home by the beach, these coastal-inspired facades will make you feel as though you are on holiday, everyday!

facade inspiration

facade inspiration


For more facade inspiration, visit hotondo.com.au or view all of our display homes here.

Skip these home improvement projects if you are after a return on your investment!

Before selling, it is important to take the time to give your home a make-over to increase its value to potential buyers.

Updating the kitchen, appliances and landscaping are all great ways to increase the appeal of a home, however there are things a homeowner may appreciate and invest in that may not pay off. While the current homeowner may love these kind of home improvement projects, a potential buyer may not be impressed and even unwilling to factor these upgrades into the purchase price.

We have put together a list of five items that generally do not add value to your home. Keep them in mind when buying or selling! (more…)

Always consider the resell value of your home when building.

In the excitement that comes from building a new home, home buyers often forget to consider aspects that will increase its resell value.
Although selling a brand new home is often far from the mind of the home owner, it is more convenient and cost effective to make valuable structural changes during the building stage than after it.
There are a few aspects of your home you should consider upgrading during the build process.


The façade provides a first impression of the home and can significantly increase its value. People gain confidence in the property when it is well-maintained, so the front yard is also important. The roof is another vital element. Roofing that is going to last longer and require less maintenance is something to seriously consider. Colorbond roofing is a good alternative to the standard tiles and offers a few advantages. It requires less maintenance than regular tiling, it retains its colour for longer and it is a popular look for a modern home.

Increase the value of your home2. FLOORING

Flooring may not be the first thing you consider when upgrading your home, however it does have a strong effect on the overall look of your home. Generally the more durable your flooring is, the higher the return on your investment. Wood, stone or tiles are all great options to add value to your home for an updated, modern look.


Although it may seem insignificant, the height of your ceiling can make an enormous difference to the overall feel of your home. Increasing your ceiling height will help make your home feel bigger and it paves the way for more storage and features like ceiling fans or pendant lighting. Consider raising the roof in the main living areas of your home to create a feeling of openness, and leave the bedrooms as they are for a more cosy space.

Increase the value of your home


The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it only goes to follow it is one of the most important rooms you can update to increase the value of a home. Energy efficient appliances and quality cabinetry should be at the top of your list. You should also consider upgrading your counter tops in both the kitchen and bathrooms. Counter tops can make or break a room, and if they look cheap and flimsy this will reflect through the entire space.

Increase the value of your home


The price between two, three and four bedroom homes can increase significantly. Always consider what the market is looking for in a home, and try to tailor for this as much as you can without compromising on your own wants or needs. Follow this advice, and you may find your resell value increases.


Making your home more energy efficient can be as simple as having plenty of windows to provide natural light to more intricate methods like harnessing solar power. Quality insulation ensures the thermal comfort of the home. It acts as a barrier against heat entering the home in summer and warmth escaping the home in winter.
Choosing energy efficient appliances in your new home is another great way to save on your energy bills, especially with large appliances like your fridge, washing machine, dryer and dishwasher. Many new appliances have energy rating labels on them to help you make this decision. This will not only save you money on your bills, but will also increase the worth of the home.

For more information on how to increase the value of your home, contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

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