Caroma have all the latest news in bathroom tap ware. 

The tiniest finishes in your home can have an enormous impact on the look and feel of it. From the shade of white you pick for your walls right down to the colour of your taps, every piece pulls together to help create a unique space to call your own.

We spoke to Caroma Industrial Designer Leonie Brickwood about how something as simple as a basin mixer can help create a bathroom you will love. Read ahead on how to personalise your bathroom space with faucet finishes.


Creating your own bathroom space can take time and money. With a variety of style and finish options available, changing your basin mixer is an easy and inexpensive way to update and personalise your bathroom space without refurnishing the entire room.

“Make a statement through colour and texture by choosing a matte black mixer or something with a pop of colour like the Dorf Industrie,” Leonie suggests.

Alternatively, opting for something sleek like chrome will work well in creating a minimalist style bathroom.

When selecting your finishes, be sure your other fixtures and accessories are purchased in a matching or complementary colour. Every piece needs to blend together cohesively to make it work!

Caroma tap ware



At the moment there is a lot of interest in alternative finishes for bathroom fixtures. With so many choices, the possibilities for your bathroom are endless.

“Matte black tap ware is still going strong, but we’re also seeing increased interest in finishes such as stainless steel, tumbled bronze, copper, gold and rose gold,” Leonie says.

“These colours and finishes complement natural timbers and stone so it’s easy to see why they are gaining popularity in the bathroom space.”

When it comes to tap ware design there is also a focus on refined design and attention to detail.

“With a move towards more refined design I would say heavier square styles have had their day,” Leonie says.

“Tap ware designers have more freedom and flexibility these days. It is no longer about designing a tap around bulky standard internal components.”

Just like the Dorf Myriad Cross Wall Basin below:

Caroma tap ware



The finish you choose for your tap ware is both a style and practical decision so it’s hard to name one that will suit everyone.

Polished brass gives off a vintage look, cooper offers a rich feel and white porcelain is classical. You also have the modern look of matt black and durable brushed nickel.

For a timeless look, Leonie recommends chrome.

“If your main priority is practicality and durability chrome or stainless steel is the way to go,” she says.

Remember, the overall theme of your bathroom is important too. The traditional white bathroom is clean, neat and glamorous, so make sure your fixtures reflect this. If you love the darker, modern look in a bathroom, try using lighter bathroom taps to break up the darkness.

For more information on bathroom fixtures that will match your home, visit the Caroma website here or Facebook page here.

Having a luxurious bathroom is like having your own sanctuary. There is nothing quite as tranquil as the clean lines and decor of a beautifully designed bathroom, so follow these simple tips to create the elegance you have always wanted in one of the most essential areas of your home.


Designing your bathroom with lots of open space is important. A glass door for the shower and at least one window instantly increases the airy feeling of a bathroom and helps avoid mould. Having plenty of lighting and a large mirror will also contribute to the overall spacious feel.

Fixtures also play an important role in design. Having a “his” and “hers” vanities and large shower-heads will add a touch of luxury. If you want to indulge, a freestanding bath not only looks incredible, but the space around the edges tricks you into believing it takes up less of your bathroom space than an inbuilt unit does. The colour of your fixtures can also significantly alter the feel of the bathroom.

Tiles set the entire bathroom interior into motion. Darker tiles add a touch of elegance while lighter tiles will make the room shine. ‘Grainy’ tiles will hide the dust and dirt between cleans. Even the colour of the grout can make an enormous difference to the style you achieve, so think carefully before selecting your tiles.


De-cluttering your bathroom is one of the simplest ways to increase its appeal. Having plenty of cupboards to store all your bathroom items points the focus to the beautiful fixtures and colours of the room. Don’t have enough space to hide all the mess? Consider floating shelves.

While storing most of your bottles or make-up out of sight is ideal, practicality is also important when creating your dream bathroom. There are plenty of other creative ways to store some of the more common bathroom items in an attractive manner:


The traditional white bathroom is clean, neat and glamorous, but don’t be afraid to add some colour. A darker theme can give the room a modern-edge, or for a really dramatic look, have some of your fixtures in bright, bold colours. If you don’t want to go all out, coordinate your towels and décor in sunshine yellow or bright red, and when you get sick of the colours, change them to instantly update the look.


The perfect bathroom requires appropriate décor. Plants create an instant fresh look and add a bit of colour. Candles create a warm, relaxing ambience. Vases are an excellent way to add a bit of glamour, and don’t be afraid to hang some artwork if it works well with the design and colours of your bathroom.  This is your chance to really make the bathroom your own, so try a few different ideas to see what works best for you!

For more information on designing the perfect bathroom, contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

Choosing the fixtures and finishes for your new home can be a lengthy process.

When making these decisions, be sure to consider the character and design of the home.