Our friends at Haymes have released a re-edit of their beautiful spring colour forecast, the ‘Colour Conscience Re-Edit.’ If you’re building a new home, or thinking about a little interior refresh to your colour palette, this is the perfect time to inject some pretty, pastel colours into your interiors! The team at Haymes gave us some great tips on how to incorporate soft pastels throughout the home using their ‘Cohabitate’ palette, which is full of fresh, light pastel shades.

Energetic Peach, Coral, and Pink


                                                    Haymes Chateau

With airy tones that are best suited to creating casual spaces where family and friends can come together, peach and pink can be utilised in meal spaces indoors and outdoors in alfresco zones to create a relaxed and casual vibe that flows seamlessly from space to space. In the warmer months these tones blend in perfectly with the late afternoon sunshine, and pretty summer sunset skies. With coral being announced as the Colour of the Year for 2019 by Pantone, it’s the perfect shade to embrace in your home for a little pop of soft colour in bedrooms and communal family zones.

Calming Blue


           Haymes Light Admiralty Grey, Haymes Ultimate Flooring in Chateau and Haymes Simply Woodcare Aqualac Satin

Light blue tones inside the home create an atmosphere of serene tranquility, making it the perfect colour for spaces where your family likes to relax. Bedrooms and lounge spaces are ideal areas in your home to include calming shades of blue to enhance a feeling of calm and quiet, while still making the spaces inviting. Shades of blue have the benefit of seeming almost monochromatic in appearance while still infusing a space with subtle colour, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Happy Yellow

Yellow doesn’t have to be heavy handed and overly bright in the home. Selecting a softer yellow shade that hints at golden hues means your rooms will have a feeling of welcoming warmth throughout the year. Whether it’s the master bedroom, a kids’ room, or a lounge area, pastel yellow shades will work well with other monochrome colours like grey, black, white as well as other lighter colours like blue and pink.


                                   Haymes Ultimate Seamless Flooring in Storm

Haymes recommends pairing their light, whimsical sorbet shades with their Ultimate Seamless Flooring system, which is a protective floor coating available in a ‘terrazzo inspired’ finish to provide a fresh interpretation of how colour and design can come together to create an innovative, inspiring solution for the home, customised to fit with your unique lifestyle.

Using pastel shades in the home means you’ll be creating spaces that encourage connection through the art of micro-zoning, and using soft colour to divide spaces without putting up physical walls. By carefully considering how colour impacts on mood and well-being, the use of pastel tones in the home will create an atmosphere that’s ambient, calm, and inviting year-round. For more interior décor and home design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Many new home designs focus on open-plan living to suit family lifestyles, but all homes still need to include storage to keep everyday living organised and easy. The inclusion of a butler’s pantry in your home will give you a much needed second utility and storage space next to the kitchen area that also provides an efficient prep area and keeps day-to-day clutter hidden. We have a few tips on how you can design the perfect butler’s pantry for your new home!

Shelving and Storage

The biggest benefit to a butler’s pantry is being able to make the most of the space to store all your kitchen items in an organised and functional way. By incorporating under bench storage as well as overhead shelving into the space, you’ll be able to work with your builder to design a space that suits larger appliances you only use occasionally, as well as smaller everyday items like crockery and serving ware. You can also include a mix of open and closed shelving options made from complementary materials to your main kitchen. This gives you the opportunity to style the space, making it seem less like a storage room and more like an additional lifestyle space that blends in with your home’s overall interior design theme.

Food Prep

If your kitchen food prep area is on the modest side, or you prefer to keep it out of sight while entertaining friends, a butler’s pantry is perfect for creating a space that’s hidden from guests. The pantry provides an efficient place to prepare food and drinks away from everyone, with the added bonus of being able to close the door to the pantry to conceal any mess as you entertain. You won’t have to spend time cleaning up immediately and can maximise your time with friends and family. If the space allows, including a small sink is an added convenience that will come in handy as you meal prep. You might also like to include a wet bar area and a small wine fridge in the pantry and kit it out with a range of cocktail supplies to really wow your guests when you entertain!


Designing a butler’s pantry that includes a window will give the space a beautiful burst of natural light during the day, creating the illusion of space. If your pantry isn’t positioned in a way that allows a window, ensure you have lighting that will sufficiently illuminate every space. Design overhead lighting that includes a statement pendant light to brighten the space and add personality, and complement it with under cabinet lighting to create a soft glow in otherwise darkened corners throughout the space.

When you design your new home, consider choosing a design that includes a butler’s pantry. It’s a luxurious yet functional addition to any new home, and will become a well-used but concealed space perfect for hiding the everyday items essential to family life. For more home inspiration and design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the interior design trends that featured heavily throughout the year, and what we can expect to see in décor next year. There were a couple of trends in 2018 that people really loved, and some new trends that we can’t wait to see incorporated into new homes in 2019!


Boho Chic

Interior Design
Known for blending a variety of elements from different cultures and styles, boho chic can be incorporated into your interior design theme by bringing in lots of different colours and textures. Think rattan furniture and wall hangings, lots of fringing and woven materials, a dash of real greenery here and there throughout your rooms, and touches of velvet! Boho chic has an overall relaxed vibe to it, making your home feel welcoming and comfortable as soon as people walk through the front door.

Hamptons Style/

Interior Design
This iconic style calls to mind soft white sand, stretches of coastline, and of course, beautifully calm, neutral colour palette inside the home. Using light, white tones with splashes of colour scattered through the house (think sage green, pale blue, and a touch of blush), and oversized furniture that invites to settle in was a favourite amongst many stylists this past year, with the trend set to continue in the future as well.


Luxe Atmosphere

Interior Design
People are loving luxe items including brushed golds, matte metals, ceramics, bone inlay, white marble and velvets, which are still featuring heavily in magazines and retail homeware stores, and this is set to carry through to new homes as people add elements that invoke chic sophistication. Metallic tapware, beautiful tiled backsplashes, and velvet accessories will all trend heavily in 2019

Statement Tiles

Interior Design
Two trends set to leave their mark are herringbone tile and bold, black and white tiling. Herringbone is perfect to use to create a feature wall or backsplash, as well as making a beautifully elegant floor in your common areas. By using subtle, neutral colours like white or grey, you’ll elevate your home’s style instantly when you incorporate this into your décor. Bold black and white tile are set to make a comeback for those who want to make a true statement in their kitchen or bathroom. Encaustic tiles, which are tiles with a pattern on the surface of the tile, will feature in 2019, as people embrace the trend and truly liven up their interiors.

Timber Panelling

Interior Design
Timber panelling of different widths, lengths and sizes that run horizontally and vertically on walls and ceilings, both externally and internally, are tipped to feature in homes next year. The move towards including natural materials leans in to this trend as people become inspired to build homes that blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment.

With so many beautiful homes to use as inspiration for interior design, there’s a wealth of design tips and tricks over on the Hotondo Homes website, so head over there to have a look today!

Many new home designs include a separate living room or rumpus room, providing that little bit of additional, flexible space for your family to spread out and relax in. While some people choose to keep this space as a formal lounge or sitting area, many people are embracing the trend of an in-home media room with all the bells and whistles of a movie theatre. We have some design tips to help you create a media room that your family will utilise and enjoy for years to come!

Room Function

The first thing you need to figure out is how you want this room to function. Is it going to strictly be a media room for watching movies and TV, or gaming? Or will it also be a space where you can settle in on the couch with your laptop to get some work done? Perhaps you’d also like to entertain guests in there from time to time as well. Defining the space will help you plan what to install and where. If the room is purely a media room, your focus might lean more towards the quality of the AV equipment rather than the furniture and whether there’s space for entertaining.


While it’s great to have top of the line media equipment like flat screen TVs and an awesome surround sound system, you do need to consider everything else that goes in the room too! If you plan on spending a bit of time in your media room as a family, or if your teenagers will have a few friends over every now and then, you’ll need to invest in a comfy, modular couch to accommodate everyone. A media room is also going to need storage – any movie buff or music fan knows they need a great shelving system to properly store all their DVDs and CDs. Even though we’re in the digital age, some of us can’t part with our favourite DVDs just yet! Considering all these additional items will impact on what you can afford to spend on the AV equipment itself, so before you go TV shopping, sit down and work out what else you’ll need and settle on an overall budget for the room.

Lighting and Soundproofing

There’s nothing better than a media room that feels just like a darkened movie theatre as the opening credits roll, and it’s so important to think about how you light the room. Having your overhead lighting on a dimmer switch to create a softly lit atmosphere as well as having the ability to increase the lighting up to full capacity is going to enhance the feeling of an in-home theatre. You may also like to include black-out blinds or curtains on the windows to darken the room during the day – this can be a lot of fun for a kids’ birthday party or playdate, because watching a movie with some popcorn and sweet treats in a darkened room really feels like they’re at the movies! You should also ensure this room is carpeted as this will help muffle sound and stop the acoustics from bouncing around the room.

Placement of Equipment and Furniture


Media rooms don’t have to be enormous spaces to function well. The key is to positioning your furniture and equipment in optimal locations in the room to ensure you have a great audio and visual experience. Always place your couch against the wall rather than in the middle of the room; the further you are from your TV or projector screen the better. Surround sound should be positioned in front of the couch and to the sides to create a totally immersive audio experience. Hide cabling behind the wall or in the roof to avoid eyesores below the TV and audio equipment, and conceal projectors under shelving out of sight. These may be things you do as your home is being built to avoid having to drill through walls later on.

Having a media room is going to give your new home another element of fun and luxury, and will be a space your family will utilise for a long time. Think about how you want to use the space, and take the time to work out the best positioning of your equipment and furniture and you’ll have a media room that echoes the feel of a movie theatre in your own home! For more design tips and tricks, head over to the Hotondo Homes website today.

Reverse living is a way of designing a home with the kitchen, living, and dining areas upstairs, and the bedrooms downstairs. Essentially, the ground floor of a traditional home design is swapped with the upstairs so the layout is reversed. This trend originated in Scandinavia, but more Australians are embracing the trend as it’s perfectly suited to many aspects of Aussie family lifestyles and environments.

Environment and Surrounds

Reverse Living
The biggest benefit of reverse living is having a home that takes full advantage of the surrounding views and environment. Suited to many different locations, such as coastal living, open country spaces, and even bushland, having your main living space upstairs means your family gets beautiful views throughout the day, seeing the landscape from the best possible vantage point.

Natural Light and Sustainability

Reverse Living
Reverse living allows for your kitchen, living, and dining spaces to be bathed in as much natural light as possible. With unobstructed first floor windows, your home will be filled with natural light during the daytime when your family is most likely to be in these spaces for longer amounts of time, reducing the need for lights and reducing electricity consumption. You can also incorporate floor to ceiling slider doors and larger windows that let the breeze in when they’re open. This will provide welcome respite in the warmer months, and reduce the need for air conditioners to be used all day long.

Kids’ Retreat

Reverse Living
Many reverse living designs position children’s bedrooms downstairs with a main bathroom, while the master suite is upstairs off the living area. For families with older children this will provide a bit of a buffer between noisy teens and their parents, giving each person a little more space to relax in! Locating the bedrooms downstairs will also keep them shaded and cooler in the Summer months, again reducing the need to air condition each space all day long. Many people also opt to include an additional rumpus room or media room downstairs so the kids have another area to chill out in, particularly as they get older.

Holiday Home Solution

Reverse Living
Reverse living is a great solution for families wanting to build their own holiday home. Coastal or county getaways are perfect for a reverse living home as they maximise the panoramic views and serenity of quieter locations, creating the perfect escape. You may also want to include a small kitchenette downstairs near the bedrooms to make your guests feel right at home and create an additional level of privacy by giving them their own space to retreat to.

If you’re looking for a home design solution that helps you take advantage of a beautiful location, incorporates sustainability into its design, and provides a family home to suit a range of lifestyles, reverse living is well worth considering. Head over to the Hotondo Homes website to see a range of design options, like our stunning Catalina 282 which is perfect reverse living inspiration!

Houses will always reflect our personal taste first, but there’s no denying current design trends influence the choices we make when designing and decorating the space we call home, whether we realise it or not. While it’s easy to embrace a trend wholeheartedly, it’s always good to remember to choose styles that will remain somewhat timeless so your home doesn’t feel dated in a few short years once trends change. With that in mind, 2018 ushers in a number of new and exciting design trends for the home, in both building design and interior styling.


Design trends Dorf
Over the last few years, copper has been king. However, industry experts are indicating that brass is quickly becoming a firm favourite, classic silver is returning, and black metal is increasingly being chosen as an eye-catching feature. If you’re building or renovating, consider your bathroom and kitchen fittings – silver will add a touch of metallic without being too showy, whereas brass is a bolder choice. Or make a spectacular statement with black metal – this Dorf bathroom ticks all the boxes with statement black metal taps and shower head, brass accessories, and a touch of greenery to soften the aesthetic.

Organic Materials

Organic materials Design Trends
Sustainability is always at the forefront of home design these days, and that’s now flowing through into interior spaces as well. Trends are showing a return to organic, rustic materials such as exposed brick, stone, and concrete, as well as natural timbers. Incorporating these into your home helps reconnect the space back to the environment and lends itself to a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Try taking inspiration from environmental spaces like the outback or the bush by using earthy greens, burnt orange, or dusty blue to imitate the great outdoor.


Marble bench design trends

Marble bench design trends
Additionally, terrazzo marble is earmarked for a big comeback this year, replacing the popular geometric tiles and bone tile inlays from the last few years, adding to the throwback to nature in homes. Using marble in your kitchen or bathroom creates an effortlessly chic look that needs no embellishment – the style speaks for itself and will hold up under the everyday use of high traffic areas. The Laminex Glamour range offers a beautiful selection of marble options that are understated and elegant, allowing you to add statement accessories that will pull the style together seamlessly.

Back to Black

Black kitchen design trends
White kitchens will always be appealing to the eye, but they’re being sidelined for the complete opposite. Black kitchens are a trend on the up and up this year, as people choose dark charcoal or true black to create a memorable and chic kitchen area. Cabinets and breakfast bars can be black to create a bold effect, with contrasting benchtops in neutral tones to offset the colour. Add in brightly coloured toasters, vases, and other benchtop items to make the space really pop!

Monochrome Spaces

Neutral lounge design trends
Tone on tone continues to be a popular design trend when it comes to interior styling. It’s not only timeless, it also creates a very serene, relaxed atmosphere that won’t date. Consider neutral paint colours and accessories to give your home an energy that flows gently and calmly from room to room, and add a little bit of colour with a statement couch or armchairs in the lounge room, or bright bed linen to break up the spaces and create areas that subtly draw the eye in.

When incorporating design trends into your home, the most important thing to remember is to use what works for you and your family, with a focus on trends that will remain timeless. While it’s tempting to inject new life into every corner of your home, focus on smaller areas and accent pieces that can be updated with a minimum of expense, rather than redecorating entire rooms from scratch.

For more inspiration and design trends, have a look at our wide range of stylish display homes in each state via our website.

Deciding on the best lighting for your home is important in creating the right ambiance for each room. Whether its creating a warm-toned vibe within the lounge room, or having plenty of down-lights in the kitchen whilst you’re cooking for the family, lighting is integral to setting the tone. To give you some ideas we’ve compiled a number of tips for you when deciding on the best lighting…

best lighting

Entry to the Home

This is the first area you walk into after a long day’s work, so it sets the tone for the other rooms of the home. A great idea for this area is to have warm-toned lighting including pendant lights or down-lights. Down-lights are great if you have a tiled entrance and create a luxurious style to the entry, they’re also very energy efficient. On the other hand, if you like to accentuate painting or photos on the walls of your opening area accent lighting would suit best. This draws the eyes to the area that is lit. In order for this type of lighting to work best, its recommended that the accent lighting is three times as bright as the general lighting in the room.


Living Area

The living area lighting can depend on what the home owners spend their time doing most in the area. Perhaps you are a movie buff and use the living area for relaxing after a long day. Therefore, in this room you might have a drop-down light as the lighting isn’t too important when doing simple tasks like changing the channel!




The kitchen however is different to the living spaces in that it’s a central area of the home where people gather. That means it’s important to have decent task lighting in here while you cook. Down-lights or under-cabinet lights are a great option here. Another thing to consider is whether you have children that might spend time studying at the breakfast bar, meaning that it would be a great idea to have lighting over that area so that these tasks can be performed. Incorporating pendant lights help to create an aesthetic appeal to this kitchen when placed over island benches.


best lighting


What do you spend your time doing most in the bedroom? Sleeping, so heaps of lighting may not be important. You might simply read a book or look over documents on your tech devices while in your bedroom, therefore, the best lighting in the room would be lamps.

best lighting


Bathrooms are a place where you go get glammed up for work, or have a relaxing bubble bath after putting the kids to bed. Accent lighting would be perfect in this space over the mirrors as it creates a great amount of lighting for getting ready especially when applying makeup. Other than accent lighting, ambient lighting is great to create enough brightness while doing simple tasks and would also be great for the laundry.

In the end the lighting depends on your personal preference. However, you don’t want your house looking like a Christmas tree from the outside from bright lighting in every room! Whatever your choice it should be suited to the needs of your family and what you do in each room. This way you will create the best lighting. Just remember, you can always add more lighting to a room through standing lamps or table lamps, but it’s harder to lower the lighting. Unless you have light dimmers… then there’s no need to worry!

Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

For more information on the display home images used head to our website below to find out more:

Hotondo Homes latest display home encompasses everything a lover of a coastal region could ask for.

From the stunning polished concrete floors to the beautiful blue, white and wooden accents, it’s the perfect beach home that is truly reminiscent of the sea.

Starting in the kitchen, the beautiful lightwood benchtop teamed with white cabinetry instantly promotes an airiness, while still retaining a cosy charm. With plenty of bench space and a walk-in-pantry, the kitchen would be a hit for any budding master chef.

coastalcoastal coastal


The living space incorporates the wooden look loved by all beach homes on another level. The stunning coffee table acts as a centrepiece, and the patterned armchairs add layer and depth to the space. Topped off with some greenery and ocean-inspired artwork, you’ll feel like you are right on the shoreline of the beach!




Nothing screams coastal more than light blue tiles! Following the style of the kitchen, the ensuite utilises more white and wooden textures. The stand-out feature is the double waterfall shower for a touch of luxury!




To do a coastal home right, you need to include an incredible alfresco to complete the indoor/outdoor experience. With large stacker doors, you’ll feel as though you are inside and outside simultaneously. Nautical stripes and a plunge pool complete the feel.




We couldn’t choose a favourite bedroom, so we included them all! Each one encapsulates the beachy-style we love, and utilises the best colours and styles for the look. The master bedroom opens directly to the backyard, another example of a beautiful combination of indoor and outdoor living.


coastal coastal coastal coastal


The Hume 244 coastal home is on display in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. You can check the home out using our 3D Explore tool.

To view Hotondo Homes full range of designs, visit our website at hotondo.com.au

Bathrooms are the sanctuary of the home. A place to relax and be at peace. Check out our top 13 favourite bathrooms right now!



The Feature Tile

If you like to stand out from the crowd, this is the bathroom for you! The beautiful feature tile offers just enough uniqueness to make a statement without overdoing it.



The Cool White

With grey undertones and the use of two complementary tiles, this classy design will defy the ages. The window shutters complete the look!



The Sleek Contemporary

Handle-less cabinetry, minimal colour and plenty of light, this bathroom is for the modern family.



The Clean Lines

For the no-nonsense family, we have a bathroom with defined lines separating each area. The matching tiles above the vanity and in the shower alcove adds a little extra something!



The Overall Tile

Nothing screams modern like floor-to-ceiling tiles! Bathrooms that feature this remain stylish, and water causing damage to your paint job becomes a thing of the past!



The ‘Au Naturel’

Natural stones and timber continue to reign supreme in bathrooms. Combine the two for an effortless modern, yet rustic, appeal.



The Luxurious Shower

A full-length, in-built shelf, waterfall showerhead and tiles that seamlessly flow from the bathroom through the shower – need we say more?



The Dark Bathroom

A darker tile choice will mean less cleaning is required to keep your bathroom looking special. Team it with some greenery to add colour, and make sure your fixtures are white to ensure some contrast.



The Double Vanity

A luxurious touch is the double vanity, which acts as the centerpiece of the rooms. The shower is hidden from view behind it.


The Light Up Feature

After something a bit different? Add some lighting under the vanity for a contemporary feel!


The All White

Bathrooms with white on white create a clean, sophisticated look. The pendant lighting over the mirrors adds a touch of class too!



The Spacious Design

Lighter colours will create a more open feel, as will incorporating the same tile throughout the bathroom. Using just a single glass panel for the shower creates the illusion you are looking at one giant space!



The Spa Treatment

Free-standing baths are the must-have trend at the moment. Team it with a stylish feature tile, and you’ll have you very own home-spa!

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!



Equity is an untouched asset many home owners do not fully utilise.

In simple terms, equity is the difference between what your home is worth, and how much you owe on it. For example, if your home is worth $400,000 and you still owe $250,000, your equity is $150,000.

Within five to ten years of owning a home, you will have built a sizable amount of equity. If you are looking at purchasing another property, banks will generally lend you up to 80% of a home’s value without having to use Lenders Mortgage Insurance, and you may be able to access a portion of your equity to use for the remaining deposit.

For a closer look at using equity, check out RateCity’s guide to using home equity to buy an investment property.




House and land packages are a great way to reinvest your equity and make a return by using it as a rental property.

Packages offer convenience and the homes are specifically matched to suit the land. Building a house and land package will also result in paying less stamp duty. This is because you only have to pay stamp duty on the value of the land as the home hasn’t been built yet.

Potential investors should also consider the benefits of higher quality materials and construction techniques that new homes offer, resulting in little to no maintenance costs, energy efficient technologies and warranties on the home, its fittings and appliances.

Check out all the latest house and land packages by Hotondo Homes here.

When looking to use your equity, the bank will take into account your age, income, family, cost of living and any additional debt you may have incurred. It is also wise not to use every last cent of your equity so you can give yourself a safety buffer in case of emergencies. Before you start building your property portfolio, it is best you speak to your banker or broker.

*Hotondo Homes is not an authorised financial adviser so please seek professional advice for your banking enquiries.

Makeover your living room without breaking the bank with these top tips.

With open-plan living at the height of popularity, the living room – along with the kitchen and dining space – can often become the focal point of the home. Changing just a few small aspects of this space can help breathe new life into a home.

We have listed seven simple ways to makeover your living room easily:

HIGHLIGHT your lighting

Lighting has the ability to make a HUGE impact on your interior design. It can set the mood, make a space appear larger or smaller and it has an enormous effect on your colour scheme. For this reason alone, updating your fixtures should be priority number one! Whether you are simply swapping out bulbs for LED energy-saving alternatives, adding a floor lamp to a dark corner or trading in lampshades, take the time to give a little love to the often-neglected lighting.

Work on the bones of the room

If your living room structure is spot-on, there are still a few things you can do to instantly update the look.

Reupholster an armchair – if your armchair is still in good nick, reupholstering it is an easy and relatively cheap way to makeover your living room. If you don’t have an armchair, check out a few flea markets – as long as the chair’s structure is good, there is no need to worry about worn or ratty upholstery. Choose a new, bold print to stand out and make it a feature of your home!

makeover your living room


Rearrange a bookshelf – baskets and containers are the easiest way to hide clutter but keep items in an accessible space. Try clearing your bookshelf of junk, and keep just a few key items and some books on display!

makeover your living room


Reorganise the furniture – already love everything in your home but are still looking for an update? Rearrange the furniture! Sometimes simply moving one item to another location can make all the difference.

Interested in the concept of Feng Shui? Read about it here: FENG SHUI YOUR HOME 

Living plants for your living room

Including greenery in your home instantly creates an atmosphere bursting with health and well-being. Plants make a boring corner look instantly chic, and small succulents can be used as coffee table or side table décor. Just be sure to choose plants which will thrive indoors!

Check out our favourite indoor plants here: INDOOR PLANTS FOR YOUR HOME (THAT YOU WILL NOT IMMEDIANTLY KILL)

makeover your living room

Small updates for the ‘modern’ look

Like to stay in touch with the current trends? Ensure your larger pieces of furniture like couches and TV cabinets are neutral colours that will go with anything, and instead purchase new cushions, throws, candles and other knick-knacks to achieve the ‘on-trend’ look without a costly financial commitment.

There is always time to DIY

DIY is a unique way to create something nobody else may have. It is your chance to let your true style shine through. Check out Pinterest or other blogs for some amazing inspiration, and get creating!

makeover your living room


Have you ever had to makeover your living room? Let us know your tips in the comments!

Creating your own interior design is often the most enjoyable part of building a new home.

However, with so many decor styles on offer, it can be confusing when it comes to choosing the colours and style for your home.

The most important thing to remember is to choose a style and theme that complements your personality. The interior design process starts at your colours and selections meeting, and will continue after handover as you move your furniture in.


Defined by open space and ‘sophisticated’ neutral colours like white, beige, taupe and black, contemporary décor is all about clean, neat lines. The furniture often has a clear, defined shape to provide a smooth profile, and not many accessories are required. If you want to add something a little extra, large pieces of art or a defined feature wall is the way to go.

decor styles


French provincial

French provincial is a warm and inviting style that emanates from the French countryside. Marble, stone and timber are all used in beautiful whites and creams, with curved legs and other decorative details the standout feature on the furniture. If it is elegance you are after, French provincial is the way to go.

decor styles


Modern industrial

Modern industrial décor combines simplicity and authenticity. Think heavy features with eclectic elements, large graphic patterns mixed with recycled wood and neutral finishes with splashes of bold colour. Modern industrial décor has character and charm to it. It also represents a modern take on old trends.

decor styles



Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, coastal-themed interior décor should reflect the beauty and luxury of living by the sea. It should have a relaxed ease about it and feel open and airy. White finishes with touches of light coloured wood and sea-themed accents in lights blues are perfect for a coastal home.

decor styles


White on white

White décor has been a popular trend for some time. It’s a harmonious and pleasant shade to use in the home because it represents luxury, yet also has a relaxed vibe about it. White décor provides a good base for the home to then implement splashes of colour through cushions and wall hangings.

decor styles


Which of the decor styles is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Contact your local Hotondo Homes builder today to find out more!

Trying to improve your finances is not an overnight task.

Working towards a deposit for your home takes time and patience. The best way to approach it is to start with small changes in your life. This doesn’t mean giving up absolutely everything, but rather cutting back on the non-essentials in life. Every little bit counts, and each small contribution can result in big progress.

We have rounded up a list of nine things you can start doing today to help you improve finances and get on track to purchasing a new home in 2017!

1. Cancel subscriptions/memberships

Topping almost all financial guides is cancelling subscriptions to magazines or gym memberships you do not use. Another perhaps unnecessary purchase is cable TV. With so many cheaper, alternative streaming options available, it may be worthwhile checking out.

2. Renegotiate your bills

Shop around for your energy, gas, credit card and insurance needs. If you like the company you are with, a simple phone call asking for a reduction will often get you a cheaper price – they want to keep you as a customer! It may be painstaking, but renegotiating your bills could save you some big cash. If you already have a mortgage, it is worth speaking to your bank about an interest rate reduction too!

3. Pay your debts

If you have a high-interest credit card, the first thing you should do is pay it off as fast as possible. Interest-related costs is basically dead money, so working to get rid of the debt should be your priority. Consider transferring the balance to a credit account with a lower or even zero-interest rate to further help your cause and improve finances in the new year!

4. Find your unclaimed money

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission  can help you search for unclaimed money from various banks, building societies, credit union, life companies, friendly societies and registered Australian companies. Check out this link to see if you have any unclaimed funds!

improve finances

5. Automate your savings

Set your bank account to withdraw a portion of your earnings every time you are paid. By doing this straight away, you can never miss the money you never had! If you can transfer it to an online account you cannot touch, or does not have an attached card, even better. Be sure to figure out exactly how much you can afford to save per pay by creating a budget for the week, fortnight or month.

6. Reconsider your phone plan

Just like renegotiating your bills, it is worth checking out your phone plan for cheaper alternative options. These days there are so many options including ‘bring your own phone plans’. These plans require you to purchase a phone outright, but the ongoing monthly cost of the phone plan is significantly cheaper than an all-inclusive one, which could work out cheaper in the long run. Carefully consider all your options and work out what is best for you and your lifestyle.

7. Take a grocery list shopping

Plan out your meals for the week, write a shopping list and STICK TO IT. How many times have you gone to the supermarket and come home with items you never intended to purchase?

8. Cook dinner at home

Not only can this be cheaper and healthier than eating out, but you can also cook extra to have for lunch or even dinner the next day, saving you even more cash.

9. Don’t be TOO strict!

Saving for a new home will require some discipline and cutbacks, but you still want to live and enjoy life while you do it. Don’t feel guilty for indulging every now and then and treating yourself. If you work hard to stick to improve finances for 2017, there is no reason to not go out, enjoy a nice dinner or hit the shops on occasion. Do not let your finances consume you!


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