Spring time is often the time of year when homeowners become inspired and invigorated to start sprucing up their home for the warmer months. Whether your home is big or small, there’s nothing like a little bit of sunshine and blue skies to help you feel energised to start those projects around the home! We’ve put together a list with some great tips to help get your home ready for spring!

Home Interior

There’s nothing like cleaning up all the clutter around the house and freshening things up after winter! This is a great time to methodically go room by room and clear out any unwanted or unused items like toys, books, and even furniture. It’s the perfect opportunity to donate these items and make a little more space in your home, as well as helping your rooms feel tidier. Go one step further and organise all those important documents and bills you’ve been putting in a pile by creating a household filing system to keep everything in one place and prevent paperwork from building up again. It’s also a great time to go through your pantry and freezer and get rid of any food items that are out of date and reorganise those spaces to make room for Summer entertaining and all the indulgences that come along with the festive season!

Wardrobe Clear Out

It’s so easy to let our wardrobes overflow with clothes in the colder months. Spend an hour or so going through all the wardrobes in the house and remove anything that’s no longer worn or that children have grown out of. Donate anything in good condition and you’ll instantly have more space in your wardrobe. This is also a great time to rearrange everyone’s clothing, moving winter clothes out of the way and bringing your spring and summer clothing to the front for easy access as the weather heats up.

Home Exterior

After all the wet and cold weather, the outside of your home will be in need of a good clean! Now’s the perfect time to get the power washer out to clean your weatherboards, bricks or render to get rid of the dirt and grime that’s built up, and grab a bucket and some sponges to make your windows sparkle. Safely clear out any leaves and dirt from the gutters before the spring time rain hits, and get rid of the cobwebs that may have built up over winter to make your home look as fresh as the day it was built!

Alfresco Area

This is the perfect time to give your alfresco area a good clean to prepare for long, lazy summer barbecues with family and friends. Hose down and scrub any furniture you have to make it look good as new, and even pop the outdoor couch cushion covers in the washing machine to clean them up in preparation for lazy afternoons outside. If you have paving, give it a good hose down and mop to get rid of the dust and dirt, and if you have a deck this is the best time to spend a weekend re-oiling it before summer.

The warmer days bring about so much excitement for spring and summer, so taking the time to organise and clean up your home inside and out before the weather gets too hot. This ensures you’ll be able to enjoy spring and summer without a long list of housework and tasks to complete. For more home inspiration and ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

It was an era of social and political change, revolutionary fashion and stylish interior design. The late 1950s and early 60s paved the way for simple styling and the popular American drama, Mad Men spurred on a new take of the era, reinvigorating the retro/vintage trend in a big way.

Hotondo Homes’ Byron display home has been decked out in a sleek retro style with a contemporary interpretation.  The home’s interior is reminiscent of the trendy Manhattan offices of the ‘Mad Men’ advertising executives.

Core display_lounge

The bedroom’s feature wall is dark and textured, which is in contrast to the splashes of lime used to dress the bed and featured in the retro armchairs.  The modern light fittings add to the overall sumptuous mood of the room.


The kitchen exudes elegant charm.  Practical and easy to maintain, the Byron’s kitchen makes food preparation a breeze.

Byron_Kitchen_72The Byron display home is located at 22 Allan Watt Crescent, Spring Bank Rise Estate, Casey ACT.  View more photos or contact the Hotondo Homes’ builder, Bruce Core on (02) 6292 6491.  See more home designs and display homes.

So winter is now well and truly upon us and to compensate we are all doing our best to avoid the cold air.  We have reacquainted ourselves with our long lost coats and have temporarily adjusted the temperature on our heaters.  But alas with the depression in temperature comes the significant price hike of running the heater during winter.  Here’s a few handy hints to help you keep your home warm this winter.


Plan to winter proof your home

During the design and planning stages of building your new home, there are a number of ways to ensure it retains the heat during the dreaded winter months.  The position of the home, how well it’s insulated and installing double glazed windows can make a considerable difference to its energy efficiency.  Its orientation is also critical in order to maximise northerly sunlight, whilst double glazed windows can help reduce the loss of heating by up to 40 per cent.  By making simple design considerations, you can significantly improve your home’s ability to retain heat.

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Fill your home with elements to create a sanctuary

The feel and layout of your home has a lot to do with how you fill the space.  Some clever furniture and colour decisions, paying attention to materials and texture, can make a dramatic difference in how your home retains warmth.

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Add throws and cushions

Not only do they adhere to the comfort factor, cushions and throws can lift a room with a splash of colour and really add that luxe feel.  Enjoy a tranquil night in, cuddled up on the couch in front of a good movie.

STYLE TIP:  Arrange your cushions with a keen eye and colour coordinate harmoniously.  You can revitalise a room by matching some detailed, textured or patterned cushions with a neutral throw.  Less is more when it comes to cushions and throws.  There is nothing worse than going overboard.  Instead creating a sumptuous place to relax, you won’t be able to find a place to sit amongst a sea of cushions.  Less is definitely more!


Add soft lighting

Candles and soft ambient lighting can provide your home with the right amount of atmosphere.  Candles not only give off heat, but they create a romantic, relaxing space that will make you feel as though you’re in a calming oasis.


Add curtains or blinds

To stop the cold air from escaping through the windows, covering them with curtains or cellular blinds will create an insulating effect.  The thicker the curtains, the greater their capacity to retain warmth.


Interior details

Try a harmonious colour palette

You can rejig a room to create a warm and cosy feel by using muted tones, shades of grey, green and taupe.  Soft hues of warm colours, such as yellow and orange can promote feelings of optimism, happiness and creativity.


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Try a sleek modern finish with compromising on comfort

Some modern interior design may look edgy, but fails the comfort test.  You need to be able to imagine yourself curled up on the couch with a good book, having dinner with the family in the meals and dining area, and hosting friends in the outdoor alfresco.  The secret to good design is striking a balance between comfort, cosiness and style.


Try adding vintage details

Think rustic, think provincial, think shabby chic.  They might take a bit of scavenging but finding some unique pieces to add to your home is a great way to bring a feeling of homelessness and warmth to your home.  Vintage linens, vases and lighting mixed with modern fittings can work well together.


Keep yourself warm

Rug up!

Failing a complete knockdown rebuild, there are some other ways to ensure you avoid the biting cold.  Use some common sense; don’t swan around in some shorts and a t-shirt.  Before you adjust the heater’s dial, break out the thermals, jumper, cardigan, jeans and boots.  It’s amazing what an extra couple of layers can do for you.