What is your must-have feature for a modern home?

We asked the question to nine of our builders from right across the country, and here are their responses!

must-have feature

Aaron Anstis – Ocean Grove, VIC

A must-have feature of a modern home is a well-considered kitchen and pantry. We spend so much time in and around our kitchens and to consider the locations of sinks, dishwashers, ovens, drawers is critically important. A well-considered kitchen means that you will be able to enjoy the space in an efficient manner, while still maintaining its cosmetic appeal.

must-have feature

Adam Sturt – Nowra, NSW

Large windows throughout the home and an open-plan layout – it is all about creating the illusion of more space! All bathrooms should have modern floor-to-ceiling tiles, of course!

must-have feature

Anthony Wolff – Mackay, QLD

A large alfresco area. It offers the perfect place to unwind every evening and it is a great place for entertaining on the weekends!

Lyndsey Clarke – Central Coast, NSW

Hidden storage. It’s simple, but so necessary. Linen closets are great, but an under stairs storage area or an extra storage room, even just extra cabinets in the pantry or laundry is a must-have in the modern home. To have a brand new home is one thing, but a brand new home with no clutter and where every item has a spot to live is perfect!

Caroline Allen – Inverloch, VIC

Living in the south of Victoria – a drying room! They are relatively easy to incorporate into a space either off the laundry or under a stairwell. During the winter months when you have your home heating on, you can utilise this space to dry your clothes as well!

Glenda Heath – Port Lincoln, SA

Separate toilet to the bathroom is something we need to bring back! I would also definitely say an alfresco area or balcony, depending on your views. Indoor/outdoor living is still very much alive!

must-have feature

Russell Pearse – Ararat, VIC

Double glazing to your windows and other energy efficiency measures can save you a tonne in utility bills. While it may cost more upfront, the long-run benefits are by far worth it.

must-have feature
Amira Willingham – Ballarat, VIC

The must-have feature in the modern home is by far a walk-in-pantry. This allows for a vast amount of storage for not just food, but rarely-used appliances that take up precious room in cupboards such as mixers, breadmakers slow cookers etc. It also allows you to hide the mess!

must-have feature

Gillian Coleman – Bathurst/Orange, NSW

Outdoor living is very important, as is plenty of storage like walk-in-pantries, large walk-in-robes and linen cupboards. You can never have too much storage space!

What is your must-have feature? Let us know in the comments!

Keeping indoor plants in your home offers a wide range of benefits.

Not only are they great for decorating, but there are also several health benefits to be gained from keeping plant life around the house. With more and more people opting to include some greenery in their lives, here are some of the specific benefits indoor plants can add to your home:

So which plants are good indoors?

Aloe Vera

As with most succulents, aloe vera plants are easy to raise, require minimal maintenance and can be grown in small pots on your windowsill.

Aloe vera has the added benefit of working as a gel for cuts, burns and other skin conditions. Keep your aloe vera succulent in a sunny place and enjoy!

Indoor plants


Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

If you don’t possess a green thumb, a spider plant may be the one for you. Resilient, with rich foliage and tiny white flowers, spider plants enjoy a cool-to-average home temperature, moderate watering and indirect sunlight.

Spider plants look particularly nice in hanging baskets, and are a great starting point for those wanting to have indoor plants. Generally only complete and utter neglect will kill a spider plant.

Indoor plants


Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea sefritzii)

For a lush, tropical look in your home, consider a bamboo palm. Unlike other types of bamboo, bamboo palm does not require much sunlight, and can be watered when the soil feels dry. This plant will grow between 5-7 feet tall.

Indoor plants


Peace Lily

If you are after something that will flower, a peace lily is a great option. Relatively small, the peace lily will flower during most of the summer.

Keep this plant in a shady spot and make sure the soil remains moist. Beautiful, white and delicate, this flower looks great as a table centerpiece or as a feature in your hallway.

Indoor plants


What plants do you think work well indoors? Let us know in the comments!

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