Love where you live but feel like your home is less than perfect, and you don’t really want to renovate? It might be time to start thinking about knocking down your home and rebuilding it! Whether you’ve just bought an older home and want to rebuild it before you move in, or your family has outgrown their existing home and you need to completely redesign it to suit your needs, a knockdown rebuild will give you the opportunity to have your dream home in the location you already know and love.

Location, Location, Location

Knockdown Rebuild
If you love your neighbourhood and you really don’t love the idea of moving house, knocking down your home and rebuilding in the exact same location means you’ll be able to enjoy your location for many years. For families with kids, there’s no need to change schools and make new friends, and adults won’t need to reconsider work commute times and distances from all their favourite local haunts – you’ll all get to continue to enjoy the familiarity of your existing suburb.

Renovate Versus Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild
Knocking down your home is a daunting thought, and many people often wonder if a simple renovation will give them the house they want. However, renovating has its drawbacks and can be a expensive project to undertake. When renovating, having to work around existing structures and spaces can be costly and difficult, and often renovations can uncover underlying problems in other areas of the home, leading to more repairs that were not previously included in the initial renovation budget. The cost of the renovation can quickly escalate, leaving you with a sizeable dent in your finances as a result.

Completely New Floor Plan

Knockdown Rebuild
When rebuilding your home, you have the luxury of being able to choose a home design that suits every aspect of your family life. Instead of partially renovating an existing home and still not having a layout you entirely love, your builder will have numerous home designs to suit your block of land, so you can find a floor plan that truly works for you. These plans can also be modified so that they’re even more compatible with your family’s lifestyle, and you’ll end up with a home that doesn’t compromise on comfort, space, and layout.

A Newer, More Efficient Home

Knockdown Rebuild
Rebuilding your home means you’ll also be able to incorporate many new modern conveniences and energy efficient appliances into an otherwise dated home. Selecting appliances that have a high energy efficiency rating will help reduce your environmental footprint. Your new home will also most likely include a water tank to help reduce household water wastage, and you can opt to include solar panels as part of the new build, meaning your power usage and bills will be reduced over time, which is a huge plus for both your family finances and the environment.

While it can be incredibly daunting to think about completely knocking down your home, the long-term benefits can far outweigh any apprehension you may have. Being able to choose or modify an existing design to suit your family’s precise needs means you’ll be able to enjoy your newly rebuilt home for many years to come. To view our variety of home designs, or to find a builder local to you, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Completing a home renovation is similar in many ways to building one from scratch.

First, you have to start with a design idea. Next, you set up the framework for building out the concept. Lastly, you put the finishing touches on the home renovation project that turn the house into a home. But what if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to encompass your whole plan?

Because Hotondo Homes has nearly four decades of experience in the home building industry, Bupa Home Insurance​ tapped us for our insight into renovating on a budget in their recent article, ‘How to Stick to Your Renovation Budget‘. With over 80 builders all across Australia, we have unique insight into what works not just in a single market, but in a wide variety of areas. Here are a few bonus tips!

Focus on the key area:

The kitchen is and will probably always remain the heart of the home, so we recommend you focus a good portion of your budget here. If you don’t have the cash for a major overhaul, there are still a few inexpensive things you can do that will lift the entire feel of the kitchen. Try re-facing your cabinet doors and choose soft glide hinges for an added touch of luxury.

Changing the splashback can have a huge impact on the style of your kitchen, as can switching your bench tops. Although stone bench tops are still loved by many, laminate is a cheaper alternative that can look just as amazing.

home renovation


Dabble in DIY:

Do-it-yourself projects are growing in popularity as consumers become more and more budget-conscious and handy. This can be a great way to save money throughout the course of your renovation project, and it is not as difficult as you might think. Remaining focused on the kitchen area, you could simply swap out the doorknobs for a cheap, modern update, which can cost you as little as a few dollars each.

Call in the experts:

Changing door knobs is one thing, but while DIY projects can help you save money, it is still important to be aware of your limitations. Botching the job is going to end up costing you a lot more money in the long run, so entrust more difficult tasks to the hands of certified professionals.

Through the Hotondo Homes network, you can find many certified builders in your local area. The benefit of using local builders is that they are familiar with the area’s real estate market and typically have built relationships with a variety of local vendors and suppliers, enabling them to negotiate lower prices for materials to help you save. Visit our website at hotondo.com.au to find out more!

As land becomes increasingly scarce in certain suburbs, particularly in metro areas, more and more people are opting to knockdown and rebuild.

Building to suit current lifestyle needs is a major benefit of choosing to knockdown and rebuild. It can also eliminate the stress and costs involved in renovating or extending an existing home.

Similarly, if you love the area you live in but not your house and don’t want to move away from your family and friends, change your local supermarket or find new schools then a knockdown and rebuild is ideal.


Knockdown rebuild project by Hotondo Homes builder Peter Scott.

Knockdown rebuild project by Hotondo Homes builder Peter Scott.


Some of the benefits of choosing to knockdown and rebuild include:

–       Building to suit individual needs

–       Staying in the same location

–       No need to find a block of land

–       Energy efficiency

–       No stamp duty

–       Less maintenance

–       Home warranty

–       Increase in equity

–       No need to spend money on renovating or changing existing home to suit current needs

–       Appliances and fittings under warranty

–       Home built to latest regulations and building standards

–       New homes depreciate less than existing dwellings


Knockdown rebuild project by Hotondo Homes builder Andrew Hopper.

Knockdown rebuild project by Hotondo Homes builder Andrew Hopper.


Unlike home renovations, constructing a new home will ensure the home owners don’t have to compromise on the needs, comforts and quality that today’s building innovations can offer.

New homes are most likely smarter homes because they are built using the latest technologies in structural integrity and energy efficiency.

Similarly, a knockdown and rebuild project can often be cheaper than extending or renovating an existing home due to the builder having to work in and around existing structures.

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