Deciding on the best lighting for your home is important in creating the right ambiance for each room. Whether its creating a warm-toned vibe within the lounge room, or having plenty of down-lights in the kitchen whilst you’re cooking for the family, lighting is integral to setting the tone. To give you some ideas we’ve compiled a number of tips for you when deciding on the best lighting…

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Entry to the Home

This is the first area you walk into after a long day’s work, so it sets the tone for the other rooms of the home. A great idea for this area is to have warm-toned lighting including pendant lights or down-lights. Down-lights are great if you have a tiled entrance and create a luxurious style to the entry, they’re also very energy efficient. On the other hand, if you like to accentuate painting or photos on the walls of your opening area accent lighting would suit best. This draws the eyes to the area that is lit. In order for this type of lighting to work best, its recommended that the accent lighting is three times as bright as the general lighting in the room.


Living Area

The living area lighting can depend on what the home owners spend their time doing most in the area. Perhaps you are a movie buff and use the living area for relaxing after a long day. Therefore, in this room you might have a drop-down light as the lighting isn’t too important when doing simple tasks like changing the channel!




The kitchen however is different to the living spaces in that it’s a central area of the home where people gather. That means it’s important to have decent task lighting in here while you cook. Down-lights or under-cabinet lights are a great option here. Another thing to consider is whether you have children that might spend time studying at the breakfast bar, meaning that it would be a great idea to have lighting over that area so that these tasks can be performed. Incorporating pendant lights help to create an aesthetic appeal to this kitchen when placed over island benches.


best lighting


What do you spend your time doing most in the bedroom? Sleeping, so heaps of lighting may not be important. You might simply read a book or look over documents on your tech devices while in your bedroom, therefore, the best lighting in the room would be lamps.

best lighting


Bathrooms are a place where you go get glammed up for work, or have a relaxing bubble bath after putting the kids to bed. Accent lighting would be perfect in this space over the mirrors as it creates a great amount of lighting for getting ready especially when applying makeup. Other than accent lighting, ambient lighting is great to create enough brightness while doing simple tasks and would also be great for the laundry.

In the end the lighting depends on your personal preference. However, you don’t want your house looking like a Christmas tree from the outside from bright lighting in every room! Whatever your choice it should be suited to the needs of your family and what you do in each room. This way you will create the best lighting. Just remember, you can always add more lighting to a room through standing lamps or table lamps, but it’s harder to lower the lighting. Unless you have light dimmers… then there’s no need to worry!

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Interior lighting is quite often a forgotten aspect of home design.

Many people focus on the colours, furniture and layout of their home, but neglect to consider how important lighting can affect the overall feel too.

A home that is not well-lit – whether through a lack of natural or artificial light – will appear cold and uninviting. Good lighting can help enhance your home’s features, and create a warm and functional environment for you and your family.

There are three types of artificial interior lighting you can use to create a beautiful home.


Ambient lighting is exactly as its name implies – it helps set the mood of the room. The use of dimmer switches, lantern and wall lights can all change the amount and the type of light a room receives, to help create a look and feel you desire. Less light may be appropriate if you are watching a film, while bright light that reflects off the walls is good for a smaller room to give the illusion of space. Light can have a significant impact on the focus of the room too. Recessed lighting directs light towards the floors rather than the walls, while a light in the centre of a room will provide ambient illumination of the entire area, perfect if your room is naturally dark. READ MORE: SIMPLE TIPS TO HELP BRIGHTEN DARK INTERIORS

interior lighting



Accent lighting will highlight particular features of your home. Also called directional lighting, it can bring focus to artwork, walls, entryway or even your kitchen island. Track lighting is a great example of this kind of light. With adjustable necks, these lights focus specifically on whatever element you choose. Accent lighting can also be used as a feature itself – a chandelier or unique lighting fixture can be a great element in your interior design.

interior lighting

interior lighting



Functional lighting will serve a specific purpose. For the most part, functional lights are located in work spaces where you complete your day-to-day tasks. Lights over the dining table, pool table or in the outdoor alfresco all serve to enhance the functionality of the space. Functional lighting will provide excellent illumination and focuses on a particular area, not necessarily the overall room.

Wherever possible, it is best your complement your interior lighting with natural light. Simple passive design elements such as facing your living areas north, the inclusion of eaves and good window coverings can all help improve lighting in your home. READ MORE: A PASSIVE HOME DESIGN FOR AMAZING ENERGY SAVINGS

interior lighting

interior lighting


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The living room – or ‘lounge room’ – needs to be a beautiful space in your home.

It is the place where you can entertain your guests. The place where you go to relax. The place where a family can spend time with one another, or enjoy a TV show or movie.

Our list of living room must-haves can help you create the perfect space for your family. Add your own touches to create a true sanctuary that reflects your personality!

Plant life

Adding a touch of green to your home is one of the most important living room must-haves. Plants look clean and crisp, and most importantly add ‘life’ to your room. Most plants will suit any décor or style, just be wary to choose one that can thrive in an indoor environment.

living room must-haves




A comfy rug

A soft, luxurious rug that feels good underfoot can add an instant warmth and comfort to your living room. If you have floorboards, it can soften the look and make your space appear less harsh. When it comes to choosing a colour, keep in mind the amount of traffic you expect it to handle.

living room must-haves


Plenty of lighting

Many people do not appreciate the difference a well-lit room can make. Try adding some floor lamps, or invest in some side-tables and have lights next to your lounge suite. Growing in popularity are exposed bulbs, which can also provide more light for your room.

living room must-haves


Something meaningful

Something personal is another very important item for our living room must-haves. To make it feel homely and welcoming, you will need something uniquely you. Family photos are a great example, or even a piece of homemade art. Gather a bunch of your little knickknacks and put them on display all together – the possibilities are endless!

living room must-haves


Plenty of storage

Do you have a lot of DVDs? How about consoles for your TV? Make sure you choose a piece of furniture that can hide away some of the mess, to keep your living room looking clean and neat.

living room must-haves


A coffee table

Although a relatively minor piece, a coffee table can bring your entire room together. Its central location to the couches makes it a focal point, and it can be used for extra storage when chosen wisely.

living room must-haves


Window coverings

Window coverings can help make your living room feel complete. With a wide range of choices, you can almost instantly change the entire look and feel of your room, with just a few curtains, shutters or blinds.

living room must-haves




Comfy pillows and a throw

Nothing says comfort like a beautiful throw and big, plump cushions. Your family and guests will thank you for the cosy and luxurious space you have created for them, with just a couple of pillows and a blanket.

living room must-haves

Mixing high-end items for your home with a few less expensive items can give you the perfect blend of products without hurting your hip pocket.
Last month we looked at where to save your money and where to spend it in your living room. This time around read our guide to save or splurge: kitchen.



Invest in energy-efficient appliances like your fridge or dishwasher. Bill costs will be lowered, and it will save you in the long-run. Stainless steel items are a popular choice and look fantastic too.


Save on your pots and pans. As the workhorse of most kitchens they will be used a lot, and even the most expensive of brands will wear out. Aim for mid-range cookery for a good balance between durability and cost.

You also don’t need to go out and purchase an 18-piece knife set. Invest in a couple of good, sharp chef’s knives and leave the rest alone. Trust us, you don’t need them.




Spend a bit on your cabinetry hardware for some added bling. Polished handles can instantly update the look of your cupboards at a fraction of the cost it would take to redo the whole cabinet!


Laminate cabinets can look just as good as their wooden counterparts. Save some money here without compromising the look of your kitchen.




Porcelain tiles are cheaper than ceramic and resist chipping and cracking. Consider purchasing porcelain that looks like natural stone, and look for larger tiles for a modern look.



Buy the best and most durable table you can afford. It will be subject to plenty of wear and tear!


Save on your chairs. Chairs can be switched out as they get older at a cheaper cost than your table, and it also offers the opportunity to change up the style of your kitchen area.




Take advantage of the natural light your windows provide and utilise sheer curtains to ensure plenty of it enters the room. Alternatively, if you are lacking windows, install more lighting. It will brighten your kitchen and help give it a modern feel.



Spend a bit of money on your benchtop as it can be the focal point of your kitchen. Investing in a stone benchtop may cost more than a laminate, but it is more durable, won’t scratch as easily and can withstand hot items unlike a laminate.


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