Carmen and her husband, Jared recently received the keys to their brand new Hotondo Home on the Central Coast in NSW and they couldn’t be happier with their stunning industrial/Scandi style home. We chatted to first time home builder Carmen about her experience building with Jon and Lyndsey Clarke on the Central Coast, and we also received some insight from Jon about how the build went.

Why Hotondo?

Central Coast
Carmen and Jared have a close friend who built with Hotondo Homes Central Coast last year, and couldn’t speak highly enough of the team! “She told us how easy the build process was, and how accommodating they were, which we liked,” said Carmen. She also said they really love that Central Coast use local trades throughout their builds, supporting the local economy. “They were also really accommodating when there were a couple of changes during the build. They listened to what we wanted and made the necessary adjustments, which was great!”

Client Vision

Central Coast
Carmen and Jared had a specific plan in mind, and when they sat down with Jon, he was able to walk them through the Hotondo design that best suited their requirements. “They ended up with a modified Lorne, with inspiration taken from the Hotham floor plan, and the Bellarine façade with a skillion roof was used,” Jon said. Carmen told us that although they had a particular floor plan they liked, sitting down with Jon to look at Hotondo floor plans helped guide the direction of their build. Carmen and Jared’s requirements included open-plan living downstairs on one level, stacker doors leading to an alfresco to create indoor/outdoor living, and all the bedrooms upstairs, creating one sleeping quarter for their young family.

When it came to choosing their colours, Carmen had a very specific vision for an industrial feel with elements of Scandi style, and visualising the colour palette with the team was really beneficial. “They really know their stuff, and were so knowledgeable across all the areas of the home. It’s another reason we loved building with Hotondo – you don’t need to lock in your colour selections until a bit later in the process, which allowed us to change a few things,” Carmen said. “A lot of other builders we knew of required all of that stuff to be locked in straight away, which doesn’t allow clients to change their mind later on.”

Navigating Challenges

Central Coast
Jon told us there was a lot of rain at the beginning of the build, so much so that they struggled to find a dry day to pour the slab. Carmen and her family were overseas at this time, during which there was about six weeks of steady rain. Upon their return home, however, Carmen told us the team had accomplished so much, more so than they had expected given the wet weather they’d been hearing about! Carmen’s interior design vision meant there were a few requests that weren’t standard as part of the build, so Jon had their carpenter build some custom vanities to create a cohesive theme throughout the home.

Working With The Team

Central Coast
“The guys were so easy to work with,” Carmen said. “They accommodated our vision as much as possible, and when something wasn’t going to work, they offered solutions that still suited our floor plan.” Jon told us that Carmen and Jared wanted Blackbutt as a feature throughout the home, and they were able to include it in the floors, custom vanity tops, and floating shelves in the butler’s pantry. Carmen originally wanted a concrete staircase, but ultimately it wasn’t cost effective, so she compromised with a pool out the back instead, saying “it’s somewhere we can create lots of memories, so I’m okay with it!” Jon was able to offer up the solution of a beautiful custom staircase balustrade feature screen, which makes a stunning statement in the home.

Congratulations Carmen and Jared! We know you’ll just love living in your new Hotondo Home as much as the Central Coast team loved building it, and we’re sure you’ll love creating memories that are better than you ever imagined! You can view more images from Carmen and Jared’s building journey over on their Instagram page. If you’re looking for a local builder for your new home, head to the Hotondo Homes website and search for a builder in your area today.

Love where you live but feel like your home is less than perfect, and you don’t really want to renovate? It might be time to start thinking about knocking down your home and rebuilding it! Whether you’ve just bought an older home and want to rebuild it before you move in, or your family has outgrown their existing home and you need to completely redesign it to suit your needs, a knockdown rebuild will give you the opportunity to have your dream home in the location you already know and love.

Location, Location, Location

Knockdown Rebuild
If you love your neighbourhood and you really don’t love the idea of moving house, knocking down your home and rebuilding in the exact same location means you’ll be able to enjoy your location for many years. For families with kids, there’s no need to change schools and make new friends, and adults won’t need to reconsider work commute times and distances from all their favourite local haunts – you’ll all get to continue to enjoy the familiarity of your existing suburb.

Renovate Versus Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild
Knocking down your home is a daunting thought, and many people often wonder if a simple renovation will give them the house they want. However, renovating has its drawbacks and can be a expensive project to undertake. When renovating, having to work around existing structures and spaces can be costly and difficult, and often renovations can uncover underlying problems in other areas of the home, leading to more repairs that were not previously included in the initial renovation budget. The cost of the renovation can quickly escalate, leaving you with a sizeable dent in your finances as a result.

Completely New Floor Plan

Knockdown Rebuild
When rebuilding your home, you have the luxury of being able to choose a home design that suits every aspect of your family life. Instead of partially renovating an existing home and still not having a layout you entirely love, your builder will have numerous home designs to suit your block of land, so you can find a floor plan that truly works for you. These plans can also be modified so that they’re even more compatible with your family’s lifestyle, and you’ll end up with a home that doesn’t compromise on comfort, space, and layout.

A Newer, More Efficient Home

Knockdown Rebuild
Rebuilding your home means you’ll also be able to incorporate many new modern conveniences and energy efficient appliances into an otherwise dated home. Selecting appliances that have a high energy efficiency rating will help reduce your environmental footprint. Your new home will also most likely include a water tank to help reduce household water wastage, and you can opt to include solar panels as part of the new build, meaning your power usage and bills will be reduced over time, which is a huge plus for both your family finances and the environment.

While it can be incredibly daunting to think about completely knocking down your home, the long-term benefits can far outweigh any apprehension you may have. Being able to choose or modify an existing design to suit your family’s precise needs means you’ll be able to enjoy your newly rebuilt home for many years to come. To view our variety of home designs, or to find a builder local to you, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Client Home: When it comes time to decide on a builder, new home buyers typically spend hours researching the best fit for them and their family.

However, for Peter and Maxine Story there was no discussion, question or debate on who would build their new dream home.

“Twenty years ago we built our first house with Hotondo Homes Horsham. While the builder was different back then, they left such a good impression there was no hesitation in building with them a second time,” Peter said.

“We chose them because they were a national builder with a good reputation and local knowledge. We wanted value.”

Peter and Maxine’s stunning home is a blend of two Hotondo Homes designs. Based on the beautiful three-bedroom Claremont 163 with a few extra touches, the couple were adamant they wanted to make the home their own.

client home2 Wirth St, Horsham.

“I have lived in a lot of homes previously, so I had a good idea of what I wanted,” Peter explains.

“Anthony (our sales person) had ideas too, and we worked together to bring them to life. Hotondo are very good at making adjustments to their floor plans, and were very accepting of the changes we wanted.”

The resulting home is the epitome of open-style living. Three spacious living areas are interconnected with the dining room and kitchen, creating an airy and open feel for the home. This was achieved by removing a wall from the front living room.

Other additions to the design included extending the second bedroom to include a walk-in-robe, a gas log fire, an extensive walk-in-pantry for the kitchen, extra storage space in the garage and even the inclusion of an entire storeroom to utilise all available space on the block.

“We chose them because they were a national builder with a good reputation and local knowledge. We wanted value.” – Peter Story

The home features gorgeous New South Wales spotted gum flooring combined with a light, natural colour scheme to ensure it retains a good resell value, and it is finished off with modern timber furniture.

“My favourite part of the home is the outdoor alfresco space,” Peter said.

“The second living area overlooks the alfresco, and with three stacker doors you can create an even larger entertainment space. We had awning blinds installed to prevent wind and dust getting in, meaning we have an all-year round outdoor living area.”

“The other great part of the home is the dining table – the way the home is designed you can sit at this beautiful table and see every single part of the home. It is amazing.”

client home

Peter and Maxine chose to build the largest home they could on the smallest block of land they could find, in an effort to reduce garden maintenance. As Peter put it, even those who live the busiest of lives could “live in this home comfortably”.

Although their children Sam, 29, and Caitlin, 26, have both moved out, Peter and Maxine still share their expansive home with West Highland White Terriers Angus and Barney. The couple now have more than enough room for family gatherings and the occasional party, with Peter’s dartboard still having a place of pride in their alfresco.


Client Story: A helping hand for first home buyers

Client Story: A dream home 12 years in the making

Leaving such an outstanding impression that a couple chose to build with the same builder 20 years after their first build is a testament to the dedication and commitment the team at Hotondo Homes Horsham have.

Peter and Maxine’s dream home is a masterpiece built through the teamwork and collaboration of themselves and Hotondo Homes. Their input into the design and the ability to watch their ideas and dreams come to life make it all the more sweeter for them to enjoy their beautiful new home.

For more information on Hotondo Homes range of designs, visit hotondo.com.au