Converting a garage into a bedroom is a great way to add additional space to your home, provide space for a teenager or elderly relative or create additional income by renting it to a tenant.

Converting a garage is typically cheaper than taking on a full-blown extension, but the downside is you will lose your indoor parking space (obviously).

There is much more to converting a garage to a bedroom than simply adding furniture. While it is considerably cheaper than an extension, renovators should prepare for significant upfront costs.

To that end, there are a few structural changes you will need to attempt first.

Proper insulation, flooring and waterproofing

Garages typically do not have the same insulation as the rest of your home would. When poor weather comes through, the tenant is likely to either freeze or fry depending on the season. Correctly insulating the room is your first step. You should also cover the cold concrete flooring with new carpet or floorboards. Nothing screams “this was a GARAGE” quite like tire treads and oil-stained concrete. Since garage floors are not elevated, you will also have to make sure water cannot enter the room. You may need to elevate the floor or have an expert check it out. Below is a garage that has been converted into an office:

converting a garage

Windows, lighting and power

Adding appropriate lighting will do wonders for the liveability of the room. If there are no windows, you will need to add some. Windows will increase the light and ventilation of the room, which will make it feel much more like a part of the home.
You will also need to arrange for an electrician to install power points for lighting, heating and cooling units if required.

Interior walls

If you are looking at three walls of brick, you may want to consider installing new walls. You may also consider building an insulated wall in front of the existing garage doors to complete the illusion the room is a part of the rest of the home. Just like a quick paint job can instantly lift a room, so too can adding standard plaster.


Once you have the structural elements ready, you can begin on the design. If you have a double garage you are generally going to have a fair amount of space to play with to add a bedroom suite, lounge suite or whatever your family requires. A garage typically does not come with built-in storage space, so allowing for free-standing wardrobes, drawers or shelving is wise. Don’t be afraid to move things around to look for the optimal and most efficient design.

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Whenever adding extensions or additional rooms to your home you will need to contact your local council to obtain the correct permits, so be sure to do this straight away. If done correctly, a garage renovation can be a great benefit to your family. Be sure to get professional help if you are not confident, and do not cut corners to ensure your new bedroom will be a safe and comfortable one.

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Completing a home renovation is similar in many ways to building one from scratch.

First, you have to start with a design idea. Next, you set up the framework for building out the concept. Lastly, you put the finishing touches on the home renovation project that turn the house into a home. But what if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to encompass your whole plan?

Because Hotondo Homes has nearly four decades of experience in the home building industry, Bupa Home Insurance​ tapped us for our insight into renovating on a budget in their recent article, ‘How to Stick to Your Renovation Budget‘. With over 80 builders all across Australia, we have unique insight into what works not just in a single market, but in a wide variety of areas. Here are a few bonus tips!

Focus on the key area:

The kitchen is and will probably always remain the heart of the home, so we recommend you focus a good portion of your budget here. If you don’t have the cash for a major overhaul, there are still a few inexpensive things you can do that will lift the entire feel of the kitchen. Try re-facing your cabinet doors and choose soft glide hinges for an added touch of luxury.

Changing the splashback can have a huge impact on the style of your kitchen, as can switching your bench tops. Although stone bench tops are still loved by many, laminate is a cheaper alternative that can look just as amazing.

home renovation


Dabble in DIY:

Do-it-yourself projects are growing in popularity as consumers become more and more budget-conscious and handy. This can be a great way to save money throughout the course of your renovation project, and it is not as difficult as you might think. Remaining focused on the kitchen area, you could simply swap out the doorknobs for a cheap, modern update, which can cost you as little as a few dollars each.

Call in the experts:

Changing door knobs is one thing, but while DIY projects can help you save money, it is still important to be aware of your limitations. Botching the job is going to end up costing you a lot more money in the long run, so entrust more difficult tasks to the hands of certified professionals.

Through the Hotondo Homes network, you can find many certified builders in your local area. The benefit of using local builders is that they are familiar with the area’s real estate market and typically have built relationships with a variety of local vendors and suppliers, enabling them to negotiate lower prices for materials to help you save. Visit our website at hotondo.com.au to find out more!

Choosing the right kitchen can be a daunting process.

Not only do you need to consider the size and functionality of the kitchen, but you also need to think about what fixtures, finishes and appliances will best suit.

As they say, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s often a place where the family comes together to eat, entertain and catch-up.

A well designed and presented kitchen can add immense value to your home and make your time cooking more efficient and more enjoyable.





First and foremost, get the design right. If you’re a passionate cook be sure that your kitchen design has ample bench space. Some of this space will most likely be lost due to appliances like your toaster, coffee machine and food processor. However, try to allow for extra space for things like food preparation, entertaining friends and family and the addition of any decorative elements you might like to show off, like flowers.

The distance between the sink, stove and refrigerator is often referred to as the kitchen triangle. It’s important that this space works cohesively. For example, inconvenient swinging doors, narrow aisles or cut-off access can result in a space that is unsystematic.


Designing a kitchen that has sufficient storage is vital. Therefore, ensure your kitchen has a lot of overhead cupboard space. This makes things easy to locate and retrieve.

Open shelving is a big trend at the moment. This option can significantly decrease the amount of storage however.




Appliances are the workhorses of your kitchen. Choosing the right ones for your kitchen can be confusing due to the vast array of products on the market. Consider investing in products that have a high energy rating. These products will be better for the environment and are likely to save you money when it comes to your household bills.

Also think about the positioning of your appliances when you’re designing your new kitchen. For example, placing your refrigerator next to a warm appliance will result in the refrigerator drawing more power in order to keep cool.

When choosing your appliances also think about your cooking habits. For example, if you’re a keen baker you might require a built in double wall oven that will give you more space. If you eat out most nights you might only require a small fridge.

Having a gas or electric stove is purely down to personal preference. Traditionally, gas has been the most popular choice but the introduction of induction technology is quickly changing this mindset.





When choosing your finishes be sure to keep to the style of home you have in mind, thus flowing this through the entire home.

Choose a benchtop that’s durable and easy to clean. Granite, reconstituted stone and marble are great options, however they can be quite costly.  For a cheaper option consider a quality laminate with various edge finishes. This can give the effect of stone. Aim for light neutral colours that are soft on the eye.

When choosing kitchen cabinetry choose something that won’t date quickly. Look for light coloured cabinetry to keep the space open and light, using other things like wall hangings, flowers and lighting to create texture and decorative accents.



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