Photographer: Annette O’Brien, Stylist: Ruth Welsby

With the year coming to a close, we’ve started looking ahead at trend forecasts for 2020, and we spoke to our friends at Haymes about which colour palettes are gaining popularity and giving homes a contemporary, yet effortlessly timeless look. Their new Calibrate Colour Library explores and embraces change in a positive way by helping to inform design approaches to enable us to create thoughtful spaces that emotionally connect us within the home.


Photographer: Annette O’Brien, Stylist: Ruth Welsby

This collection explores our powerful connection to nature, bringing it to the forefront of interior spaces by referencing colours of nature. Green is a colour that bridges and connects us to our surroundings, helping us find balance during our daily lives. With earthy tones of green that echo back to the ocean, vegetation, as well as fresh mint tones, and complementary pinks, neutral brown and taupe shades, Equilibrium places the different accents together in a way that feels calm, refreshing and effortless, showing how different colours can live together seamlessly.

Positive Light

Photographer: Annette O’Brien, Stylist: Ruth Welsby, Artist credits: Josh Fartch, Laura White, Miss Moresby, Eleanor Millard

Inspired by the ocean, exploring its grand beauty and depth, the Positive Light collection explores the idea of the power found in the force of nature, represented by vibrant and deep blue tones, as well as its fragility in lighter shades. Blue is a timeless classic in the home, with darker hues becoming increasingly popular as a feature colour inside the home in recent years. This collection highlights the calming effect blue has in the home with an emphasis on subtle vibrancy of bolder shades as a feature colour.

Home Grown

Photographer: Annette O’Brien, Stylist: Ruth Welsby

This collection offers a style that allows you to embrace comfort. Neutrals offer a shift to a beautiful soft range of browns with red undertones. These soothing colours provide an embracing comfort and harmony within the home. Including these soft, understated colours encourages us to look inwards and towards our homes as a place of sanctuary and refuge. Incorporating the ideas of the adage ‘the home is where the heart is,’ the Home Grown collection has an earthy feel that exudes warmth. Perfect for shared spaces, these neutrals will project a relaxed style and inspire a seamless flow between spaces.

Haymes’ Calibrate collection encourages us to stop and smell the roses, while also offering practical solutions in design that will revitalize our desire to incorporate design decisions that look and feel good for homeowners, while still connecting us to nature. Visit the Haymes website to view the range of beautiful featured colours in the Calibrate Colour Library. For more home interior design ideas and inspiration, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

With the end of 2018 nearing, we’ve started looking ahead at styles to keep an eye out for in the new year, and our friends at Laminex had some exciting news about key trends you can expect to see in 2019. Human connection is at the forefront of design, and there’s a strong focus on the lives of individuals and their daily surroundings. How these surrounds can be made to feel more welcoming and rejuvenating through the use of colour features heavily in every aspect of the home.

Statement Pieces


Hotondo Hallam Erskine living space

History and belonging will celebrate craftsmanship and people’s heritage, creating a sense of belonging and comfort that’s adapted to suit the modern day lifestyle. Natural fibres and materials will intensify with the increasing awareness of environmentally unfriendly products. Large organic pieces in furniture, soft rounded edges in walls and large tonal spaces will create statements inside the home.

Luxe Looks


Above: Laminex AbsoluteMatte Neo Cloud tabletop and edging, paired with Laminex AbsoluteMatte Stormcloud bar panels and under-table cladding.

Crisp, sharp edges are being replaced with the introduction of soft curves and cylindrical shapes in everything from furniture to home wares. Elements such as walls, tapware and hardware showcase this, creating more inviting and relaxing environments. Laminex’s metallics range creates a luxe effect and perfectly complements adjacent industry products. When they are mixed with veined decors from their Essastone palette and stunning decors like black and warm greys this create a beautifully luxe feel.

Colour Trends


Hotondo Warragul Lansdowne Entryway

The introduction of muted hues predominately in warmer tones such as powder blues, sage greens and soft oats will dominate colour palettes. Deep auburn reds, navy blue and chocolaty browns will also heavily feature. These colours are derived from nature and will tend to feature in unison to create a sense of drama and energy throughout interior spaces. Red based timbers are also making a comeback, but now are featuring more of a brown base to add warmth and a sense of realism. Softer structures and knots in timbers will emerge, giving decor a more lifelike and relatable look. Texture will also play a big role and this will be seen in our Timbergrains and the sense of realism is striking.

New Materials to Look Out For


Above: Essastone New Terrazzino

Harsh gloss finishes are being replaced with more subtle matte and brushed finishes creating a softer reflection and calmer energy. A stronger focus will appear on minerals and their unique characteristics, transforming man-made products to characteristically look and feel more natural. Laminex’s new metallics range will focus on the classic elements like bronze, brass, copper, rose gold, soft gold and stainless steel. The introduction of terrazzo this year features prominently in the Essastone range Terrazzino, which is a warm grey with contrasting glass particles. Large elongated veins will continue in benchtops, but we are starting to see the introduction of softer tighter veins and moving into warmer tones of browns, caramels, warm greys.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Above: Essastone White Concrete benchtop and Laminex New Raw Birchyply laminate cabinetry

In an increasingly busy world people are seeking refuge in environments that make them feel at one with nature, allowing them to switch off and unwind. Wellness is a high priority in both work and residential environments, and in 2019 the use of colour, subtle finishes, and sustainability that connects us to our environments supports these movements. For home inspiration and design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Trends content by Catherine Valente, Design Marketing Manager Laminex.