As the year draws to a close, we’re taking a look back at the interior design trends that featured heavily throughout the year, and what we can expect to see in décor next year. There were a couple of trends in 2018 that people really loved, and some new trends that we can’t wait to see incorporated into new homes in 2019!


Boho Chic

Interior Design
Known for blending a variety of elements from different cultures and styles, boho chic can be incorporated into your interior design theme by bringing in lots of different colours and textures. Think rattan furniture and wall hangings, lots of fringing and woven materials, a dash of real greenery here and there throughout your rooms, and touches of velvet! Boho chic has an overall relaxed vibe to it, making your home feel welcoming and comfortable as soon as people walk through the front door.

Hamptons Style/

Interior Design
This iconic style calls to mind soft white sand, stretches of coastline, and of course, beautifully calm, neutral colour palette inside the home. Using light, white tones with splashes of colour scattered through the house (think sage green, pale blue, and a touch of blush), and oversized furniture that invites to settle in was a favourite amongst many stylists this past year, with the trend set to continue in the future as well.


Luxe Atmosphere

Interior Design
People are loving luxe items including brushed golds, matte metals, ceramics, bone inlay, white marble and velvets, which are still featuring heavily in magazines and retail homeware stores, and this is set to carry through to new homes as people add elements that invoke chic sophistication. Metallic tapware, beautiful tiled backsplashes, and velvet accessories will all trend heavily in 2019

Statement Tiles

Interior Design
Two trends set to leave their mark are herringbone tile and bold, black and white tiling. Herringbone is perfect to use to create a feature wall or backsplash, as well as making a beautifully elegant floor in your common areas. By using subtle, neutral colours like white or grey, you’ll elevate your home’s style instantly when you incorporate this into your décor. Bold black and white tile are set to make a comeback for those who want to make a true statement in their kitchen or bathroom. Encaustic tiles, which are tiles with a pattern on the surface of the tile, will feature in 2019, as people embrace the trend and truly liven up their interiors.

Timber Panelling

Interior Design
Timber panelling of different widths, lengths and sizes that run horizontally and vertically on walls and ceilings, both externally and internally, are tipped to feature in homes next year. The move towards including natural materials leans in to this trend as people become inspired to build homes that blend seamlessly into their surrounding environment.

With so many beautiful homes to use as inspiration for interior design, there’s a wealth of design tips and tricks over on the Hotondo Homes website, so head over there to have a look today!

With the end of 2018 nearing, we’ve started looking ahead at styles to keep an eye out for in the new year, and our friends at Laminex had some exciting news about key trends you can expect to see in 2019. Human connection is at the forefront of design, and there’s a strong focus on the lives of individuals and their daily surroundings. How these surrounds can be made to feel more welcoming and rejuvenating through the use of colour features heavily in every aspect of the home.

Statement Pieces


Hotondo Hallam Erskine living space

History and belonging will celebrate craftsmanship and people’s heritage, creating a sense of belonging and comfort that’s adapted to suit the modern day lifestyle. Natural fibres and materials will intensify with the increasing awareness of environmentally unfriendly products. Large organic pieces in furniture, soft rounded edges in walls and large tonal spaces will create statements inside the home.

Luxe Looks


Above: Laminex AbsoluteMatte Neo Cloud tabletop and edging, paired with Laminex AbsoluteMatte Stormcloud bar panels and under-table cladding.

Crisp, sharp edges are being replaced with the introduction of soft curves and cylindrical shapes in everything from furniture to home wares. Elements such as walls, tapware and hardware showcase this, creating more inviting and relaxing environments. Laminex’s metallics range creates a luxe effect and perfectly complements adjacent industry products. When they are mixed with veined decors from their Essastone palette and stunning decors like black and warm greys this create a beautifully luxe feel.

Colour Trends


Hotondo Warragul Lansdowne Entryway

The introduction of muted hues predominately in warmer tones such as powder blues, sage greens and soft oats will dominate colour palettes. Deep auburn reds, navy blue and chocolaty browns will also heavily feature. These colours are derived from nature and will tend to feature in unison to create a sense of drama and energy throughout interior spaces. Red based timbers are also making a comeback, but now are featuring more of a brown base to add warmth and a sense of realism. Softer structures and knots in timbers will emerge, giving decor a more lifelike and relatable look. Texture will also play a big role and this will be seen in our Timbergrains and the sense of realism is striking.

New Materials to Look Out For


Above: Essastone New Terrazzino

Harsh gloss finishes are being replaced with more subtle matte and brushed finishes creating a softer reflection and calmer energy. A stronger focus will appear on minerals and their unique characteristics, transforming man-made products to characteristically look and feel more natural. Laminex’s new metallics range will focus on the classic elements like bronze, brass, copper, rose gold, soft gold and stainless steel. The introduction of terrazzo this year features prominently in the Essastone range Terrazzino, which is a warm grey with contrasting glass particles. Large elongated veins will continue in benchtops, but we are starting to see the introduction of softer tighter veins and moving into warmer tones of browns, caramels, warm greys.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


Above: Essastone White Concrete benchtop and Laminex New Raw Birchyply laminate cabinetry

In an increasingly busy world people are seeking refuge in environments that make them feel at one with nature, allowing them to switch off and unwind. Wellness is a high priority in both work and residential environments, and in 2019 the use of colour, subtle finishes, and sustainability that connects us to our environments supports these movements. For home inspiration and design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Trends content by Catherine Valente, Design Marketing Manager Laminex.

What is the best home design trend at the moment?

Are you after a new home, but not sure what to look for in a floor plan? Never fear, we asked nine of our builders right across the country what their best design trend is in a home, and here are their responses.

Caroline Allen – Inverloch, VIC

A butler’s pantry is still one of the most highly requested items, and now they are becoming really functional rooms fitted out with full sinks, a dishwasher, fridge and other facilities such as an additional oven or coffee machines. The traditional kitchen space then takes on a minimalist feel that is clear and uncluttered, where family and friends gather around.

design trend

Adam Sturt – Nowra, NSW

The most popular trend we are seeing at the moment is the open-plan living with higher ceilings. This design is great for families who want to spend time together but not necessarily crammed next to each other.

Amira Willingham – Ballarat, VIC

This depends on the clientele, but a walk-in-pantry is often the most popular item in the home. A large alfresco that has outdoor kitchen is also rising in popularity – people love indoor/outdoor living!

design trend

Gillian Coleman – Bathurst/Orange, NSW

Our customers are looking for luxury in their bathrooms with floor to ceiling tiles, feature niches and walk-in showers.

design trend

Russell Pearse – Ararat, VIC

Open-plan living definitely, but it is important to have other flexible spaces to suit changing family conditions. Having a versatile home is a smart move, you often don’t know what the future holds.

Glenda Heath – Port Lincoln, SA

Open-plan living, nearly every plan these days has open-plan living and most individuals looking to build want the large open spaces with higher ceilings. It creates the illusion of space, even if the home is on the smaller side.

design trend

Aaron Anstis – Ocean Grove, VIC

Block widths that allow a wider garage. Whether it is adding 500mm for some shelving or making a three-car garage for storage of a boat, it seems to be something that lots of people try to make work in their budgets.

Lyndsey Clarke – Central Coast, NSW 

Open plan living for sure. Many of our clients love a home where the bedrooms are separate and private, but the kitchen and living – linking to the alfresco – can become an entertainer’s dream!

Anthony Wolff – Mackay, QLD

The most popular trend we are seeing at the moment is a walk-in-pantry or butler’s pantry. The kitchen is the heart of the home and clients want to add a touch of luxury to it wherever possible!


Trends come and go in the housing industry, but there are always a few unnecessary design features that like to hang around.

We have listed the top 8 features you may want to reconsider for your home. While these items are great for those with a little extra cash, those working towards a budget (especially first home buyers) can consider excluding these design features to help save on space, money and perhaps even avoid buyer’s remorse!

design features

A full study

Unless you require a work office, dedicating an entire room to a study often becomes wasted space. With the clever introduction of a study nook, you can still have a dedicated area for your desktop computer or laptop without sacrificing an entire room. If your floor plan already features a full study, you will also have the added bonus of being able to turn it into another bedroom or living space instead!

 design features


Although considered a bit of a luxury, you may find your expansive walk-in-robe is not as expansive as you think! Often walk-in-robes require more floor space in your bedroom without actually offering any more storage. Potentially, a full wall of storage units may be a better option that will serve the same purpose, and you will have more space to utilise elsewhere in your home -you may have to sacrifice your inner-Carrie Bradshaw though!


An island bench (with sink)

Island benches in your kitchen look great and remain a popular design feature for the modern home, but can also become another of our unnecessary design features. Not only is there the potential to increase the amount of bench space you have by making it an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shape as opposed to an island, but the sink in the middle can further restrict the amount of cooking and dining space available! Consider the size of your kitchen before committing to an island.

 design features

Wall niches

If you are going to include a niche in your home, it needs to serve a functional purpose. Cutting into your walls to accommodate a piece of art can be restrictive when you want to change it in the future, and filling the niche perfectly will be difficult. Niches in your shower for shampoo and conditioner and other such practical applications are the exception!


design features

The double vanity

This is a contentious one, but installing a double vanity can be one of the big unnecessary design features. While they look fantastic, do you and your partner get ready at the exact same time every day? Is it an absolute MUST that you have separate sinks and mirrors? Consider your answer carefully before investing!


A grand staircase

Grand staircases are a showstopper, but the amount of wasted space is substantial. You may also miss out on the added benefit of the storage room you normally get underneath.


A lack of backyard

With lot sizes becoming smaller and smaller, sometimes there is no choice but to give up precious backyard space to accommodate your home. This can be sad as having a decent backyard is something we are seeing less and less of. If possible, try and choose a home design that is going to maximise the amount of space you have in your yard. Ensuring the alfresco is at the back of the home can help give the illusion of more space, or eliminating it completely leaves you with more room and thus more options to create something spectacular!

 design features

Too many living spaces

A home with three living spaces sounds luxurious – but is it practical? If you don’t need that third TV room, consider utilising that space for another means or restructuring the home to reallocate the extra space elsewhere!

Do you think these are all unnecessary design features? Let us know in the comments!


Caroma have all the latest news in bathroom tap ware. 

The tiniest finishes in your home can have an enormous impact on the look and feel of it. From the shade of white you pick for your walls right down to the colour of your taps, every piece pulls together to help create a unique space to call your own.

We spoke to Caroma Industrial Designer Leonie Brickwood about how something as simple as a basin mixer can help create a bathroom you will love. Read ahead on how to personalise your bathroom space with faucet finishes.


Creating your own bathroom space can take time and money. With a variety of style and finish options available, changing your basin mixer is an easy and inexpensive way to update and personalise your bathroom space without refurnishing the entire room.

“Make a statement through colour and texture by choosing a matte black mixer or something with a pop of colour like the Dorf Industrie,” Leonie suggests.

Alternatively, opting for something sleek like chrome will work well in creating a minimalist style bathroom.

When selecting your finishes, be sure your other fixtures and accessories are purchased in a matching or complementary colour. Every piece needs to blend together cohesively to make it work!

Caroma tap ware



At the moment there is a lot of interest in alternative finishes for bathroom fixtures. With so many choices, the possibilities for your bathroom are endless.

“Matte black tap ware is still going strong, but we’re also seeing increased interest in finishes such as stainless steel, tumbled bronze, copper, gold and rose gold,” Leonie says.

“These colours and finishes complement natural timbers and stone so it’s easy to see why they are gaining popularity in the bathroom space.”

When it comes to tap ware design there is also a focus on refined design and attention to detail.

“With a move towards more refined design I would say heavier square styles have had their day,” Leonie says.

“Tap ware designers have more freedom and flexibility these days. It is no longer about designing a tap around bulky standard internal components.”

Just like the Dorf Myriad Cross Wall Basin below:

Caroma tap ware



The finish you choose for your tap ware is both a style and practical decision so it’s hard to name one that will suit everyone.

Polished brass gives off a vintage look, cooper offers a rich feel and white porcelain is classical. You also have the modern look of matt black and durable brushed nickel.

For a timeless look, Leonie recommends chrome.

“If your main priority is practicality and durability chrome or stainless steel is the way to go,” she says.

Remember, the overall theme of your bathroom is important too. The traditional white bathroom is clean, neat and glamorous, so make sure your fixtures reflect this. If you love the darker, modern look in a bathroom, try using lighter bathroom taps to break up the darkness.

For more information on bathroom fixtures that will match your home, visit the Caroma website here or Facebook page here.

With so many different products on offer due to the globalisation of the consumer marketplace, many people get confused when it comes to choosing the décor options and style for their new home.

The infinite array of products, finishes, colours, decorative elements and the varying prices available are the main reasons for this.

The sky is the limit when it comes to interior décor and it’s therefore vital to choose a style and theme that compliments and captures the personalities of the home owners.

There are a number of themes that many people will gravitate to when decorating and styling their home.

Modern industrial

Modern industrial décor combines simplicity and authenticity. Think heavy features with eclectic elements, large graphic patterns mixed with recycled wood and neutral finishes with splashes of bold colour. Modern industrial décor has character and charm to it. It also represents a modern take on old trends.

room 7

room 3


Whether you live by the beach or just dream about ocean breezes, coastal themed interior décor should reflect the beauty and luxury of living by the sea. It should have a relaxed ease about it and feel open and airy. Think white finishes with touches of light coloured wood and sea-themed accents.



White on white

White décor has been a popular trend for some time. It’s a harmonious and pleasant shade to use in the home because it represents luxury but also has a relaxed vibe about it. White décor provides a good base for the home to then implement splashes of colour with things like cushions and wall hangings.


room 5

Rustic & country elegance

Rustic and country style décor has a warmth and family feel to it. It screams comfort. Think patterned curtains, folk art with textured rugs and shades of brown and beige. This theme works well for families with children as it can be low maintenance.

room 2

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