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Colours, colours and more colours. There are so many colours to choose from when decorating a home or just one room.

Colour shapes the space of a home, sets the tone and can even determine the perception of a room’s size.

As colour trends continue to evolve and transform, it’s important to consider what these trends are and how they will date over time. Most importantly, it’s imperative that the colours selected create a comfortable and secure feel within the home.

Today, more than ever before, people want to connect with the world around them. They also want to bring these experiences and places back into the home, creating an escape and sanctuary away from the hassles of everyday life.

The home now represents a creative and artistic hub where its owners can decorate it to suit themselves, their lives, their memories and their experiences. It’s very much a place where anything goes.

When choosing paint colours it’s important to consider currents trends, personal style, liveability, the space and size of the home, existing décor, the quality of light in the home and personal budget.

Haymes paint have forecasted five new trends for 2015, inspired from national and international colour trends. Their inspiration also comes from the available materials and colour palettes used to reflect a contemporary, yet soothing space.


Exotic Botanic takes us back to our roots, provoking a re-awakening of the senses. It explores the extreme beauty of nature. The hypnotic colour palette of this creates great depth and affluence, revitalising even the simplest of spaces.

Haymes Domo Showroom


Relaxed Replay offers a vibrant, bold and effervescent vibe. Influenced by Miami Beach, this retro colour theme looks at finding the joy in the simple things and exploring spontaneity. It presents a quirky and energetic take on the brighter side of life.

Haymes Colour Forecast. Styled by Ruth Welsby, Photography by Martina Gemmola.


Rhythmic Palms explores the notion of escapism and replenishment through a deep, rich palette that amplifies colour and pattern. Combining dark charcoals and lush greens, this theme presents a fresh and crisp take on the ambiguity of what lays beneath the treetops. It plays with oversized patterns and saturated colours to truly encapsulate the jungle feel.



New Skin is inspired by the familiarity and comfort that one gets from their favourite pair of jeans. This relaxed, cool theme explores denim related textures and colour tones. It also focuses on mineral pastels through to deep blues and greys. It provides an easy living and understated vibe.

Haymes Colour Forecast. Styled by Ruth Welsby, Photography by Martina Gemmola.


The Raw colour palette is one of neutral tones made up of a collection of soft hues that create a calming effect. This natural palette is very subdued, generating an ethereal atmosphere with warm brown and cream tones forming the perfect base for any interior styling.

Haymes Domo Showroom

For more information on colour selections and forecasts visit Haymes or contact your local Hotondo Homes builder here.

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