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The New Year is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about leaving behind old traditions and trends. This is especially true when it comes to our interiors. We have it on good authority that 2022 will bring an avalanche of exciting trends that are sure to breathe new life into your home. Here, we share our top predictions for the upcoming year.

1. Go vintage

It’s time to focus on the environment and celebrating one-of-a-kind finds. Think decor and furniture that you would find at a bazaar or local market. Not only are you doing your bit in reducing your carbon footprint by repurposing and upcycling vintage items, but you can be sure none of your neighbours will own the same thing. Having a home filled with unique pieces is something that should be celebrated.

2. Be natural

2022 will bring a focus on natural materials, especially in shared space like the living room. Keep in mind that individuals are steering towards a more responsible approach to design, one that encapsulates longevity and timelessness. This can be reflected in the use of natural materials that echo the outdoors such as natural wood with earthy colours, and tiles that feature unique textures like marble and terrazzo.

3. Accents of black

A quick way to add some edge and depth to minimalist spaces in a home is with black accents and hardware. While light, neutral shades will be the colour of choice for main elements, such as paint and large furniture pieces like your sofa, a lamp can be the perfect accompaniment when in black. Even small and understated pieces like your cabinetry handles can add the right level of contrast to a space when switched out for a black option.

4. Natural Lighting

Given that we are spending more time in our homes, incorporating large windows and high ceilings into your new home design will enhance views to the outside as well as provide an abundance of natural light. When paired together, they are the ultimate stress relievers that will always bring harmony to a space.

5. Living room entertaining spaces 

Bar carts were a big trend during lockdowns as an alternative to entertaining at home but there’s been a resurgence which is predicted to explode in 2022. Whether one renovates their living room to create a bespoke bar built into an unused alcove or uses a stylish drinks trolley as a portable bar for different areas of your home, this is one trend that’s going to level up your living area or alfresco when entertaining friends and family.

6. Get a green thumb

Expect to see more living walls and hanging plants in the home. Indoor plants have a calming effect and also promote clean air – two things we can’t get enough of – so it is little wonder why we’re still obsessed with going green in our homes as we move into 2022. Not sure what type of indoor plants work best in enclosed spaces? Check out our suggestions. 

7. Textured Fabrics

Velvets, sherpas and boucles will all be having their moment in the New Year. Why? Because they’re as cosy as they are sumptuous when used on accent pieces like armchairs, throw blankets and couches. We will also see a return to statement accessories with tassels, fringes and trimmings in decor items like cushions and rugs as well as furniture to add a little texture throughout the home.

Ring in the New Year with Hotondo Homes

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