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Multigenerational living

With an ageing population, working parents and the ever-present Australian dream to own property, multigenerational homes are on the rise.

Multigenerational living occurs when two or more generations are living under a single roof. According to a paper delivered to the State of Australian Cities Conference 2013, over four million Australians lived in multigenerational homes. It accounts for a massive one in five Australians, with proportions higher in major cities.

There is a huge range of reasons families may choose to live in multigenerational homes, including:

  • Working parents: If both parents are working full-time, it may be convenient for grandparents to move in to look after any children.
  • Affordability: Adult children may be looking to save for a deposit, which can be easier if they still live at home with their parents. Some families may also choose to purchase a home together to ease the burden of a mortgage, or if they could not do it on their own.
  • An ageing population: Children whose elderly parents need care may choose to live with them for care arrangement and support.

When a home is large enough for multigenerational living, it can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. Grandparents can spend more time with the family, it is easier to save money and everyone can live in a safe and supported environment.


These days, many builders offer numerous designs that would be suitable for multigenerational living. When searching for a home, be sure to consider the size of the bedrooms, the location of bathrooms and whether you are going to require more than one living space.


The Aon (Courtyard or Garage)

The first, and perhaps most obvious choice, for a multigenerational home is to look at a duplex option. The Aon 265 (Courtyard) and the Aon 265 (Garage) offer the ability for two generations to easily live side by side, without invading each other’s space. With completely separate living areas, kitchens and bedrooms all within the one dwelling, duplexes are a great way to fully utilise a block of land and achieve a multigenerational home!

Multigenerational homes

Multigenerational homes


The Amora 384 (pictured) and the Como 449

The best part of the Amora and the Como is that these designs offer a walk-in-robe and ensuite in every bedroom, which helps give a family extra privacy as well as their own space. Both homes also feature three separate living spaces, meaning there is plenty of room for all residents to sit, relax or entertain.

Multigenerational homes

Multigenerational homes

The Amora

Multigenerational homes

The Como


The Highlander 329

For something a little bit different, a loft home like the Highlander 329 provides the perfect space for an extra family member. There is also the added bonus of having the sitting room directly below the loft, meaning there is the option to allocate the entire space to them.

Multigenerational homesMultigenerational homes



The Erskine 240

For families who would like the option to convert their home to suit multiple generations down the track, the Erskine 240 is a great option. The semi-private lounge area can easily be closed off, creating a new bedroom that has easy access to the bathroom, toilet and family space.
Erskine MoretonErskine240



The Hillgrove Range

The Hillgrove Range offers tri-level living, perfect for multigenerational homes. With bedrooms 2, 3 and 4 on the third level, complete with separate bathroom, storage and living space, it offers a great solution for families who need their space. (Hillgrove 250 pictured)

Multigenerational homesMultigenerational homes

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