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Our list of home items you forget you need to buy after your home is built.

Unless you purchase an all-inclusive turnkey package home, chances are there are some items you will need to take care of after your house has been built. These items can often be forgotten about, so take the time to consider what has not been included to avoid any unexpected expenses down the track.

Below is a list we have compiled of home items you forget you may need to purchase or organise after handover:


Your letterbox will need be arranged as soon as possible. If you have moved into an estate, check the guidelines to ensure your purchase the right kind of letterbox for your neighbourhood. These days there are many options including timber, pillar or fence mounted for your letterbox. We love this timber pillar letterbox from Milkcan Outdoor Products.

New home items you forget you need

Clothes line

A clothes line will be required very soon after moving into your home. An indoor line in your laundry rather than a clothes horse is a great way to save space and make sure your washing can still be dried on rainy days.

Window coverings

Window coverings can be measured for before handover, so get in early to avoid the entire world peeping into your new home. These days there are a wide variety of window coverings to choose from including blinds, curtains and shutters. We especially like these white plantation shutters from Dollar Curtains & Blinds.

New home items you forget you need


Your bins will need to be arranged with your local council.


Front and backyard landscaping may not be included in your build so budgeting for this is important, especially if you are in an estate where there are deadlines. Keep in mind the amount of time you are willing to commit to gardening before selecting what plants to include in your yard. Pebbles and pavers can be a good alternative to lawns, we love these natural pebbles in black from Tuscan Path.

New home items you forget you need


Details for your utilities, phone service, mail, electoral roll, the tax office and any vehicles you own need to be updated. Neglecting to do so can result in fines. Also keep in mind the cost of home insurance should you wish to acquire it.


Temporary fencing is generally used during the construction of a home, so proper fencing may be an additional cost for you. Check your local council for the laws surrounding shared fencing, and get in contact with your neighbours.