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2018 is already off to a flying start for Hotondo Homes with the release of our exciting new Virtual Retreat experience! The mobile app, which can also be viewed on users’ desktops, is designed with first home buyers in mind.

With so many beautiful display homes showcasing high-end designs and clever features, first home buyers are finding these homes are out of reach for them. There’s no doubt visiting display homes is a smart exercise in research and planning- it definitely gives buyers a wealth of inspiration for their future home, but they ultimately walk away disappointed they’re unable to purchase a home similar to the ones they visit.

Recognising this clear gap for first home buyers, Hotondo Homes has launched Virtual Retreat specifically for these buyers, giving them a chance to view and virtually ‘walk-through’ the Forever Retreat range of homes before they’ve even been built. Forever Retreat is a range of homes that have been designed primarily for first home buyers and property investors looking to get their foot in the door of the real estate market.

Virtual Retreat

Launched to the public in early March, existing clients are already excited at the possibilities that come with using the feature – being able to experience Virtual Retreat on a desktop as well as downloading the app is an added bonus! The Virtual Retreat experience is the latest state of the art technology allowing users to walk through Hotondo Homes’ Retreat Range from anywhere, at any time of the day, meaning buyers don’t have to wait for the weekend to visit a display home they’ve seen online. With so many display homes to view and not enough time to see them all, the Virtual Retreat experience is a wonderful time saver for new buyers. Being able to use the feature from the comfort of home means there are no hectic schedules as they try to visit as many displays as they can, giving time-poor buyers their weekends back!

Virtual Retreat

The Virtual Retreat Experience

Allowing users to take a 3D tour of any home in the Forever Retreat range, the experience gives potential buyers a better understanding of a particular design’s layout and the flow of the floor plan, which is invaluable when you aren’t able to visit a display home in person. Virtual Retreat provides a great range of designs and beautiful façades to choose from, and helps buyers gain a real understanding of each design’s layout, so they can determine which home is the right choice for them. Navigation is a breeze, with the option to view a design’s floor plan from a bird’s eye view, then switching to ground level view as users virtually ‘walk through’ each room. There’s also the option to choose from a room menu, enabling users to go straight to the room they’re most interested in viewing. If you look closely, our furry friend Hunter can also be seen walking around the homes!

Virtual Retreat

Instead of visiting display home after display home and becoming disheartened at the unattainable homes outside their budget, buyers now have the convenience and ease of using the latest technology to virtually walk through a beautiful range of designs in their price range. By enabling them to refocus their energies on finding the right house for them in a fraction of the time, they can make a more informed decision and fast track their journey to becoming homeowners for the first time! To view or download the Virtual Retreat app, head over to the Hotondo Homes website.

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