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How to create a bedroom you will love

Dream sweeter dreams in a beautifully decorated bedroom.

The kitchen, living area and bathroom of your home are always given plenty of attention. Couches are carefully chosen, towels are matched to your décor and appliances are coordinated to complement your bench tops. However, even though a bedroom can be the most personal part of your home, turning it into an amazing space is not always on the top of list.

If your bedroom could use a make-over, take on a few of these handy hints to help transform it into a place you will love!

Bedside Table Accents

Bedside tables should tie in nicely with the bed, which is the stand out feature in the room. Choose some nice, big accents to keep the space clear of clutter, like plants or large lamps. If you find you store a lot on the bedside table, select ones with drawers to hide the mess. These Beacon Lighting oak table lamps look amazing and add a beautiful warmth to the room. Creating bedroom

Bedspread and Pillows

Nothing is more inviting than some plump, decorative pillows on your bed. The trick is to use the right amount so it looks great, but doesn’t become a tedious chore to remove every night. We recommend anywhere between 4 – 7 pillows, depending on the sizing. Look for pillows with different patterns or textures to avoid looking too ‘clinical’. Don’t forget to choose a nice bedspread that reflects your personality and the style you are aiming for.

Creating bedroom

Rugs to warm up the room

If you have floorboards, then you know getting up on a winter’s day and stepping onto the freezing cold floor is not the way to start your morning. Purchase a rug, and it will instantly create a cosy and luxurious feel. If you want to update your room, a rug is an easy and inexpensive way of doing so!

Theme your space

Your kitchen, bathroom and living space all have themes, and so should your bedroom. Themed bedrooms can be associated with kid’s rooms, however it can give you direction when arranging your bedroom. Pick a colour or a style like ‘rustic’ and go with it. We love the minimalist look of this bedroom. The clean white sheets, creamy lamps and white shutters create the perfect white on white look that is not hard to achieve. Top it off with a white feature painting, and your bedroom will look a million dollars!

Creating bedroom

Things you love

The bedroom is your space, so fill it with things you love. Find a shelving unit and combine all of your knick-knacks, books or anything else you collect, and create a unique feature for your room. This minimalist Ikea shelving unit is perfect for showcasing a range of your favourite items without drawing attention away with a bulky frame. With no backing, it blends into the bedroom walls.

Creating bedroom

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