Please see below a list of Frequently Asked Questions about joining the Hotondo Homes family. By all means, should you want to know more about what we can offer please do not hesitate to enquire today.

What is the initial investment?

In terms of initial investment, Hotondo Homes is one of Australia’s lowest entry options. Depending on the territory size, the approximate investment is broken into three areas:

  1. Exclusive Territories: Fee starts from as little as $33,000 which includes a proportion reinvested back into launch marketing, signage and training.
  2. Sales Office Set Up: Averages $25,000 to $40,000 (after national supplier support fees and discounts are applied).
  3. Working Capital: This is a vital business safety net required in the first 6-12 months when establishing any business. Typically, the start-up capital including the above costs is approximately 10-15% of contract value.

Hotondo Homes will work closely with you to work out a complete financial plan that will fully outline income, gross profit and costings (including investment set up).

What are ongoing fees?

Hotondo Homes has a low base monthly administration fee, which covers your annual conference attendance (excluding travel costs). The ongoing fees include a Royalty Fee for the use of Hotondo Homes floor plans and a Marketing Levy which is paid per build.

How long will it take to set up?

Set up times depend on your commitment and existing business structure. Hotondo Homes provides an extensive induction and training program along with guidance for key staffing roles and office set up. Typically, the set up can take from three months onwards.

Can I only build Hotondo Homes Designs?

The number one reason builders initially enquire with Hotondo Homes is to break the never-ending quoting process that occupies countless unpaid hours, leading to few actual jobs and reduced profits. Our standard and standard modified range of 90+ Hotondo Homes designs system is the key to breaking this cycle.

Use of our standard designs is not mandatory.

Is training provided?

Yes, training is a fundamental part of the Hotondo Homes success story. We conduct over 170 days per year of continuous face-to-face training with new and existing franchise members. Training can be held in our purpose-built training facility, regional meetings in your area, or even at our annual conference.

Training covers four pillars of a successful building company starting from sales to marketing, building and finance. The aim of all our training is to help develop your skills further and provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed as a volume builder. This requires input from field experts and not just online manuals.

In all these forums our members get the added bonus of networking with other members and learning together and from each other, which is often seen as one of the greatest benefits of all!

What experience is required to join?

Unlike many other franchises that require no specific experience or regulation compliance, as a Hotondo Homes building franchise owner, you will be required to have a registered residential Builder Licence to operate and building experience is essential.

Our 25 years of experience shows us that most builders who choose to join Hotondo Homes know how to build great houses, but are not sure how to make the shift from custom or private builder to volume builder – this is where Hotondo Homes comes in. Like an iceberg, independent builders come to us knowing what is visible above the water, but seek our skills and expertise to see what lies beneath, of which the independent builder simply is unaware.

Hotondo Homes can help build upon your experience by providing guidance and systems in FIVE key areas:

  1. Standard plans versus custom plans
  2. Marketing and lead generation
  3. Sales and lead conversion
  4. Building efficiencies
  5. Financial management

What opportunities are available?

We have a number of territories available in most states, however, Hotondo Homes only create exclusive territories based on sufficient building potential, determined in line with the comparable market share of other Hotondo Homes builders, that will deliver long term profitability. You can take a look at our current opportunities here.

How is Hotondo Homes different to other franchise systems?

Buying a franchise can be the most important and rewarding decision you will ever make! Here are three reasons why our system is proven to work:

  • We are equally the oldest and largest building franchise in the country, having built over 25,000 homes over 25 years.
  • Majority of our franchisees have been successful long-term and profitable.
  • You may be in business for yourself, but with our team of 30 plus Support Office staff you’re not by yourself!
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