Many individuals are unaware that investments within Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) extend beyond traditional stocks and bonds. While these securities can offer consistent returns, there are alternative strategies for expanding your investment portfolio.

Enter SMSF property investing, a unique approach where your retirement savings, also known as super, are utilised to acquire income-generating real estate. Hotondo Homes specialises in SMSF property investing, offering a straightforward plan to leverage SMSF funds for real estate development within your super.

Presently, SMSF investors face limitations on investing in properties with a two-part contract. Hotondo Homes addresses this restriction by engaging in a two-part contract with the builder, while the investor enters a one-part contract with them. This innovative solution allows for the acquisition of various brand-new house and land packages within the framework of superannuation!


Choose from a variety of home designs and house and land packages at your preferred location.

Establish an SMSF, entering into a single-part contract, and make the 35% deposit to secure the property. Our contract partner handles every aspect of the project, including land acquisition, construction oversight, and managing payments to the builder.

Upon completion of the build, the SMSF settles the remaining 65% balance. The finalised property is then transferred, completing the sale, and the SMSF becomes the proud owner of the new investment property.


At Hotondo Homes, you're in control. We offer expertise and experience to ensure a seamless process. With our assistance, you can acquire a brand-new home and land package!

Secure Your Retirement with Property!

If you seek a secure retirement income investment, consider real estate. In turbulent times, predicting market movements can be challenging. Amidst rapid changes, it's difficult to determine what will constitute a sound investment in the future. However, real estate remains a consistently reliable investment—a scarce asset with enduring value, irrespective of broader market fluctuations.

Nevertheless, real estate investing is more intricate than merely buying stocks or bonds for returns. It demands additional effort and experience, which may be overwhelming for some. At Hotondo Homes, we specialise in SMSF property investments, aiding average investors in building their retirement savings through real estate.

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