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Have you considered a dual occupancy home build? The team at Hotondo Homes are where to turn to for the complete answer when it comes to new dual occupancy home builds. With over 40 years of experience in building new homes and a broad range of versatile dual occupancy designs to draw on, we know that we’re the choice for you.

To take your first steps toward building out your dual occupancy, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team will be more than happy to get you started down the road toward building your home. Contact us today, and our friendly in-office team will be able to provide you with information about our competitively priced dual occupancy home designs.


Why Choose to Build for Dual Occupancy? 

Larger and more versatile than duplex designs, a dual occupancy allows you the freedom to choose exactly how you want your home built. They offer opportunities to maximise the space you have available to you on your property and give you the perfect balance of space and freedom in a home you can call your own.

A dual occupancy build can also be an effective way to offset the cost of your mortgage, such as offering opportunities to rent the second dwelling and develop a reliable source of passive income. Dual occupancy builds are also often undertaken with a plan to subdivide a block and sell the second dwelling down the line.

For a simple and cost-effective way of realising the dream of owning your own home, we offer a range of house and land package deals. Follow the link below to learn more!


New Home Building Specialists

At Hotondo Homes, our specialty is in building new homes from scratch for customers all across Australia. Dual occupancy homes are one part of that, but we also offer a complete range of alternative home build solutions to suit what our customers need.

For those on sloping or hillside blocks, we have a range of split-level designs to choose from. For those looking to build a new home where an old one already exists, we offer complete knock down rebuilds. For a complete overview of our new home designs, follow the link below.


Why You Should Work with Hotondo Homes

At Hotondo Homes, you’ll find a team of home builders and designers that can work with you to develop exactly the home you want. We’re here to have the conversation about your goals, and whether a dual occupancy build is the best way to get there.

If you’re looking to build your own home and make a savvy investment to later subdivide and sell, we’re here to help you achieve just that. Look to Hotondo Homes for the winning combination of expertise and experience you want in your dual occupancy home builders.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dual Occupancy?

Dual occupancy is where you gain permission from your local council to build two separate dwellings on the one lot of land. The two dwellings can be built under different contracts at different times, or they can be built all at once. Typically, home builders create dual occupancy arrangements to allow homeowners the chance to subdivide their block and sell in the future.

What is the difference between duplex home designs and dual occupancy?

Duplex home designs are actually a type of dual occupancy, but not the only kind. Duplex designs are those that share a roof and are built at the same time but are separated internally by a dividing wall. Another type of dual occupancy is a granny flat. These designs see two separate dwellings built on the same property. Find out more about the range of solutions we design and build at Hotondo Homes.

How much does it cost to build a dual occupancy home?

Building a duplex dual occupancy design will typically be slightly more expensive that building a single large home in its place, but not by much. Dual occupancy designs like granny flats will be far less expensive. Financially speaking, the value in building for dual occupancy is that it generates opportunities to rent out or sell the second dwelling. This means generating passive income that can be used to offset your mortgage.

How do I know if my land is suitable for dual occupancy?

In all states and territories in Australia, there are minimum lot requirements for building for dual occupancy. The reasoning behind this is that there needs to be sufficient space for the sub-division to leave two appropriately sized blocks. For a simple and effective way of ensuring you have the appropriate block for a dual occupancy home design, you can look to us with our house and land packages at Hotondo Homes.

Check out our dual occupancy home designs to find your new dream home and talk to us today to make it a reality:

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