A matching set

If you’re seeking to invest or just want to maximise the potential of your land, building a duplex is a great option.

Duplex designs consist of two separate dwellings that can cater to two different households shared by a common wall. Whether you rent both properties or live in one and rent the other, the choice is yours!


Duplexes offer an affordable way to strongly enter the property market and build up your property portfolio. They create the ability to generate two rental incomes whilst owning a single block of land.

Two for the price of one

Ultimately with a duplex you can get the most out of your land as a two for the price of one situation emerges. You can generate double the return than if you were building one home on the same sized block.


With a duplex home, you are provided with different opportunities and options to suit your current stage of life. You can live in one and rent out the other, occupy both or rent out both – the choice is completely up to you.

Special Requirements

If you have a family member that requires extra care or supervision, a grandparent or a young adult that’s not quite ready to leave the nest, then a duplex could be the answer. This enables you to be close to your loved ones whilst ensuring they can still maintain their independence.

Check out our duplex home designs to find your new dream home and talk to us today to make it a reality:

Duplex Designs