The multI-level solution

At Hotondo Homes we welcome land of all shapes and sizes


We want your home to complement your lifestyle by taking advantage of your land to maximise its space, capabilities and views.

Our builders are highly skilled and experienced at working on challenging blocks and addressing site-specific demands.

Our appealing split level homes have been designed to utilise space, energy efficiency and sunlight, whilst accentuating views.

If you have a difficult sloping block, then we have a solution.

Optimising your space

Our builders see challenging blocks as an opportunity to creatively design a home that will best utilise the space. By using the slope to your advantage, you can create additional storage space, an additional living area or even a garage.


We work with the layout of your land to develop a home that will ensure you have spectacular views.


Sloping blocks offer some exclusive benefits over a standard at block of land. Our split level designs cater for all climates and can enhance your home’s energy efficiency performance, control and comfort. They allow for abundant natural light and airflow, natural ventilation and preservation of natural drainage.

Secure foundation

Our builders ensure the longevity of your home for years to come. They offer a number of durable foundation options to provide you with a strong, resilient structure suited to the nature of your land. These include split level concrete and stump options to accommodate varying degrees of sloping blocks.

Hotondo Homes has three versatile split level designs; the Killalea, the Kalara and the Hillgrove. Each home was specifically designed to accommodate sloping blocks and can be tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle. Our builders can also tailor other designs to suit sloping blocks. Take a look at our split level designs and start building your dream home today!

Split Level Designs