I want to build a new home. Where do I start?

You start by arranging a no obligation appointment with your local Hotondo Homes builder. Your builder will be able to direct you with finance, house and land packages, land availability, home design, and price.

Should I consult with my builder before I buy a block of land?

Yes, it is recommended you discuss your intended land purchase with your builder as they can assist you in finding a suitable block. If you buy land that is in excess of 600sqm, the majority of our home designs will fit. If you are looking at an allotment smaller than this, you may want to check with your builder what home designs will suit the block, especially if you have a specific design already in mind. If you are independently purchasing a block of land you will need to check the available building envelope (the area within the allotment for construction) as this will vary across estates.

Can I make changes to the plan?

Yes, all Hotondo Homes floor plans are flexible, and can be modified to suit you and your family’s requirements. Your builder will work with you to ensure your changes are realistic and will not compromise the structural integrity of the home.

When do I start paying?

Once you’ve met with your local builder and selected your design, you will be required to pay an initial fee in order to conduct an on-site soil and contour survey. After you’ve completed your on-site appointment and received a fixed price quotation, it is time to sign the Home Building Contract. At this time you will be required to pay 5 or 10 percent (state varied) in order for the builder to commence construction pending the land has titled. Your builder will then be able to develop a payment schedule consisting of five progress payments; Deposit, Base, Frame, Lock-Up and Fix and Final.

Please note payment schedules may differ from builder to builder, it is always best to consult your local builder about their payment process.

With so many designs to choose from, how do I make the perfect choice for me?

You can visit your local Hotondo Homes builder who will be more than happy to discuss your needs and present you with your perfect designs.
There are also a range of tools available on the Hotondo Homes website that can help you find a design you not only love, but will also suit your family’s needs.

The Home Navigator is a short, fun quiz that will ask questions about your current family lifestyle and plans for the future. It will then present you with designs that will perfectly suit your requirements.

3DExplore offers a revolutionary experience that allows you to virtually ‘walk through’ any Hotondo Homes display home in Australia. The tour will give you a real feel for the design from the comfort of your own couch.

Virtual Retreat allows you to take a tour of our beautiful Forever Retreat home designs before they have even been built. Virtual Retreat will help you find your perfect first home with ease!

Can I provide my own supplies or perform my own work?

No, Hotondo Homes does not allow clients to perform any of their own work including plumbing, painting, electrical or fitting any products until the home has been handed over. Clients are also unable to provide any supplies to the builder; all fittings must be selected from the Hotondo Homes range, otherwise they can be added once the handover process has been completed by you.

Can I access my home throughout the building process?

Only if you make arrangements with your builder to meet them on site and this can be done safely. Due to occupational health and safety requirements, you will not be able to access the site of your new home throughout construction unsupervised.

Do you use reputable, well-known products and brands?

Hotondo Homes builders use nationally recognised companies as their preferred supplier partners. All products are installed correctly and are in-line with the relevant Australian standards and building codes.

What type of warranty will I receive with my home?

In most states your builder is required to take out a warranty insurance policy before commencing the construction of your new home. While your home is under construction, it is covered by a different policy that expires once you move in. The warranty cover varies from state to state – check with local authorities for the period relevant to your area.

What happens once my home is complete?

Once your home is complete you will be required to conduct a Practical Completion Inspection (PCI) with your builder. At this time you’re able to list any defects for the builder to resolve before the final inspection and handover. At the handover stage you will receive the keys to your new Hotondo Home and the warranty and maintenance period will begin. During maintenance you will receive a form which you are required to complete and return within 90 days. This allows you to report any general maintenance issues with your builder, which will be completed within a reasonable timeframe after the allocated maintenance period has expired.

If you have any other questions, you can find your local Hotondo Homes builder here or call 1800 677 156, and your local builder will be able to answer any questions that you may have.

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