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Knockdown Rebuild

Happy where you live but your home is old and time-worn? Looking to breathe new life into your current house but concerned about the possible cost blow-out associated with renovations? Or perhaps you just need more room thanks to a growing family? Whatever your reason, a knockdown rebuild is the perfect solution for you.

You’re most likely familiar with all the benefits of a knockdown rebuild, as well as how to build a home you love – and you’re finally convinced that this is the right path for you. Congratulations: you’re joining many Australians who have decided to pursue a knockdown rebuild! But what you may not be familiar with is the knockdown rebuild process. Here, we shed some light on the timeline.

1. Site test assessment

This is the first step you need to take. Your builder will work with you and the local council to establish whether there are any heritage or vegetation restrictions affecting your land. These requirements may have changed after the house was built, so it’s important to be sure. You will also need to review your title documents.

2. Choose your home design

When you engage with a builder with Hotondo Homes, they will explain to you the whole process in detail. Your builder will help you understand and obtain any permits and approvals that are needed from the start of the building process, including during the demolition and construction period.

3. Deposit and initial paperwork

Once you’ve paid your deposit to your builder, you’ll need to provide a copy of your Land Title or Proof of Land Ownership. You will also need to show your land contract, including Section 32.

4. Property inspection

Your Hotondo Homes builder will conduct a property assessment where they will evaluate the eligibility of your block for a knockdown rebuild project. Their assessment will cover the depth and slope of the block as well as the orientation, easements and setbacks, drainage and power supply, etc.

5. Select your colours

Your Hotondo Homes builder will continue with a soil report, site survey and other council requirements. In the meantime, you will work with our design consultants and choose your colour choices for your new home from a range of samples from our preferred suppliers.

6. Sign your contract

Your Hotondo Homes builder will then prepare the contract for you to review and sign. It will include your tender, contract drawings, colour selections and site survey. When you have signed your contract, your builder will submit your building application.

6. Demolition

Now for the exciting part! Disconnect your power and gas before the demolition process begins. Once your old home has been demolished, your Hotondo Homes builder will survey the soil and site a final time to make additional changes and discuss any variances in costs.

7. Site start

Now, the construction of your new home can begin! As your new home is built, your builder and site supervisor will be in regular contact with you throughout the build. You’ll be able to have site visits to see each step’s progress and watch your new home come together, right up until your keys are handed over

Make an appointment with Hotondo Homes

Are you ready to knock down and rebuild your dream home? It’s all possible with Hotondo Homes. We offer a range of qualified and experienced knockdown rebuild specialists who are ready to work with you to create the property of your dreams and in the location you already know and love. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping Australians see the possibilities when it comes to building a home they will love to live in.

Contact us today to visit our display homes and start a conversation about the Hotondo Homes knockdown rebuild process.

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