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Couple Clearing Garage For Yard Sale

Isn’t it incredible how, no matter how much space you have, it’s never quite enough?

If your home has a garage, this might sound familiar. It starts with a few boxes of sporting equipment that it just makes more sense to keep out there, because they’re dirty and you don’t use them very often. Shovels and rakes, your lawnmower, potting soil and fertiliser — those go out there too, naturally. But then you start to use it for that box that holds your winter coats in the summer, and the supplies from old hobbies that never quite took off. And the next thing you know, there’s nowhere to put your car.

You could keep those items in your house, but then how would you have perfectly organised cupboards? You could start making the hard decisions of what can be thrown out or given away. Or you could make better use of the space you have with these easy tips.

Put some shelves in

If you have a small space, wall-mounted shelves could be your best, most space-efficient option. Free-standing shelves are the choice for big garages where the space allows for cars to be parked alongside some shelving units.

Hang some hooks from the ceiling

Ladders, lawnmowers, or bulky sports equipment like skis— they don’t have to sit in unwieldy heaps on the floor or lean awkwardly against a wall. Screwing a hook into the rafter or ceiling and hanging bulky items from it is a much more elegant and space-saving solution.

Use a workbench

If you keep your handyman equipment out in the garage, buying or building a workbench is the best way to keep it contained and organised. You could also include other types of drawers or boxes that are sized for storing your nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. For maximum space efficiency, seek out one with a fold-up work station.

Learn to love storage bins

If your clutter problem is still minor, you may just need to reorganise your belongings into stackable plastic storage bins. Be sure to use clear bins and label thoroughly so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Try the tube

Still at a loss for what to do with shovels, rakes, cricket bats, and other unshelvables? Consider the concrete-forming tube. They’re inexpensive, available at any garden supply store, and the perfect size and shape for storage. Set a few up next to the wall on a layer of plywood or brick, then secure them to two studs in your wall with a length of plumbing strap.

Don’t forget wall brackets

For folding chairs, tennis rackets, or anything else that you use often but can’t find a place for, build a simple wall bracket and install it near the door. Brackets are a perfect beginner DIY project, since the most basic version is just two pieces of wood nailed together at an angle, so you can make some yourself and custom-install for your needs.

Clean as you go

While you’re organising, don’t forget to bring in the vacuum, and maybe a mop and bucket, and clean up any floor that you haven’t seen in a while. After seeing just how clean it can be, it may give you plenty of motivation to keep your space from getting this cluttered ever again.

The best way to get to love your house is to make the most efficient use of it. Make cleaning up your garage your next big project. For more home design and maintenance ideas, please visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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