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Knockdown Rebuild post

It’s the question that’s kept investors, renovators and homeowners guessing for years: is it better to sell, revamp or simply knock down the house and start over? 

While it seems daunting, it can be done – and it’s not as difficult as you think. We’ll have a look at some things to consider before you decide to wipe the slate clean.

Rebuilding vs renovating

Suburban older home
If you’re happy with the location of your home but want to improve the structure or appearance, then a rebuild is the way to go. In most cases, knocking down your home can be more cost-effective than renovating one area of the house or adding an extension. The dollar per square metre for a renovation or extension provides less value for money and when you’re so focused on perfecting one area of the home, costs can increase dramatically. It may also be quicker to rebuild your home than to renovate parts of it, depending on the design.

If the issue is the age of the house, you’ll almost always come out in front by rebuilding. Replacing old windows and flooring with new materials can set you back thousands of dollars; and if you’re choosing to repair old cracks or kinks, this cost can be even greater. A new build will allow you to select materials that may help with insulation and overall quality of the home, which can save you money in future on utilities and repairs. 

Take control of the project

Vacant block after demolition

An advantage of starting from scratch is that you’ll be working with a qualified new home builder to bring your dream home to life in a location you already know and love. There’s no need to work around existing structures or make sure that your addition complements the current design. Your home builder will work with you throughout each stage of the process and they’ll know every detail about your new home, without having to make adjustments to the work of the original builder. Hotondo Homes have experienced builders in your area that can help work with you to create your dream home.

Allow time for demolition and rebuild

New home at frame stage

While we’ll handle the demolition process from start to finish, there are a few things that should be in place before we can start. You’ll need to ensure utilities such as gas and electricity have been disconnected and your home builder will work with you to acquire necessary permits. Once your new home is in the works, factors such as the complexity of the design, extreme weather or issues on-site can affect build time.

Working with your builder

New home build
You’re rebuilding to create your dream home – but coming up with the perfect floorplan and finishes can take time. Our locals builders are experienced in finding and creating a home design that suits your existing land.

Before selecting a package, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and circumstances. Explore a range of designs and flexible floorplans and work with our team to create the perfect home for your family.

Building with Hotondo Homes

With over 40 years of experience building quality homes throughout Australia, we can help rebuild your home into something you and your family will cherish for decades to come. Give us a call on 1800 677 156 or visit www.hotondo.com.au to find out more.

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