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First impressions matter, so choosing the perfect façade for your new home is important. An appealing façade sets the tone for the entire feel of the home while also blending in to the surrounding landscape and the streetscape itself. If you need some help selecting a façade we’ve got some great tips to help you choose something you’ll love for years to come!

Things to Consider

Once you start looking at façade options for your new home, there are a few things to consider before you settle on a style. Location is a big influence – if your home is in a suburban part of a large city, a modern design might be best suited as it will most likely blend in with the other homes in the neighbourhood. Conversely, if you’re building a home in a regional or coastal area, selecting a façade that complements the natural environment and doesn’t clash with the landscape is ideal. You might also want to consider the maintenance involved with different types of facades. Some will require more frequent maintenance than others, so think about how often you want to spend time and money ensuring your façade looks as good as new over the life of the home. It’s also a good idea to think about the interior style of your home. A coastal interior won’t necessarily feel consistent with a sharp, modern exterior and vice versa, so think about adding similar tones, textures and features that you’re planning to have inside your home as well.

Modern and Stylish

A façade that’s truly modern in look and feel features sharp lines and corners, lots of square and rectangular shape to it, and smooth render with accents such as dark wood or cladding panels and brick or stonework in a different shade to the render to soften the sharp edges. The colour palette on modern facades often features cool neutrals like grey, charcoal, and white with accents of warm browns and beige tones to add depth and dimension.

Hamptons Style

One of the most popular façade designs, Hamptons style homes look relaxed and welcoming while still evoking a feel of timeless elegance. With key elements such as weatherboard cladding, large windows, and gentle roof lines that feature gables to add dimension, your home’s location will determine which Hamptons style you opt for. A beachside home will benefit from a façade that has light neutrals such as light grey and white to blend seamlessly with the coastal environment as well as the home’s interior. A suburban home can be a little bolder with its colour scheme – think dark charcoal as the main colour with white trim, or a true white with dark grey or black trim to make a statement.

Traditional Façades

If you want to opt for a traditional façade for your home, you don’t need to worry about it looking boring or dated! A traditional façade still features basic elements such as exposed brickwork, but modern updates such as a partially or fully rendered exterior, wooden screen panelling around rooflines and over the front door, plus the addition of exposed stone can quickly and easily lift a traditional façade from drab to fab! The key is to keep it simple with some subtle accents to bring a traditional façade into the twenty-first century with style.

Coastal Style

A façade that’s relaxed and oozes a laid-back feel is essential for coastal homes and texture is key. Coastal home facades need careful consideration so that they not only blend in well with the beach environment, but also have the longevity to last when braced against the elements. You can opt for a colour palette of soft whites, taupes and beige with accents of natural wood and neutral coloured texture, or feature darker wood and other deep natural tones to create a façade that truly echoes the look and feel of the landscape.

The façade of your home is the first thing your family and your guests see, so taking care to select a façade style that suits your home’s interior while still feeling unique and modern is an important part of the home building journey. You can find lots of façade and home inspiration when you visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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