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Goodbye electric blankets, Ugg boots and woollen socks: summer is officially here! And with that, there are more daylight hours and the temperatures are warming up. While it might be tempting to lather on sunscreen and relax in the sun all day, we’re going to be productive with our time and create a summer-style aesthetic in the home. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, we’ve got some style tips for you that will help you stay cool during the hotter months.

Let there be light

Pull up your curtains, open your windows and doors, and even spritz some of your favourite citrus home deodoriser around the home: it’s time to bring some light into  your space. It’s time to stow away all your heavy blankets, throws, and heavy furnishings, and bring in some light and bright accessories in soft colours or warm, neutral tones.

Coastal Feel

Summer is the perfect time to refresh your homes’ accessories with some coastal or Hamptons-style flair. Earthy, neutral tones work well for both these decor styles – think white and beige cushions and cotton throw blankets, update your floor rugs with warm earthy tones, and accent the whites and creams with soft pastel hues in the bedrooms. Grey can also work well if you want a little more subtle monochrome in your home with light grey outdoor furniture, a slate coloured pair of armchairs as accent pieces, or upholstered dining chairs in a light charcoal colour. Your home will feel instantly refreshed and just like a coastal retreat in no time.

All fired up

Thought your fireplace was only suitable for winter? Think again. While you won’t need to ignite it in the hot months, you can dress it up with a summer-style aesthetic. For example, you may wish to place greenery or blooming flowers in the hearth, or some stylish vases with votive LED candles in them to create a warm glow in the evenings without the heat of an open fire. You could also find a fireplace cover that will blend in with the fireplace front and give the effect of being walled-up. 

Travel shots

Do you have any digital photos of your favourite summer holiday destinations still on your phone or computer? Print and frame them to place on your walls in a gallery style. Not only will this be a talking point when guests come over but it’s a cheap decorating method that can instantly transform your space: it will have you planning your next warm weather trip with the photos serving as a little holiday inspiration.

Garden fresh

What is undeniably more summer than beautiful, fresh flowers? Whether hand-picked or bought from your local market, placing bright blooms in vases around areas of your home that get a lot of foot traffic is sure to put a pep in everyone’s step.

Take it outside

With the warmer weather approaching, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to keep the entertainment outdoors for longer. Bring out your rattan and wicker chairs and tables to create that blurred line between elegant and kitschy. It’s also worth investing in some festoon string lights and soft fairy lights to scatter throughout the garden to keep things festive well into the evenings as you and your guests linger outside, enjoying the warm evenings.

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