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At Hotondo Homes, our builders love what they do. And the quality of their work speaks for itself. Our builders are proud to have built beautiful homes for families to make memories for years to come. If you’re starting your home building journey, you probably have plenty of questions about what building a new home involves. It’s our mission to not only help you build the home of your dreams, but also share our knowledge and passion with you so you can gain a better understanding of the home building process. That way, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you’re working with the best in the industry.

In our article, we address common FAQs that our local, independent builders are regularly asked. 

Can I choose the floor plan?


Some clients have a floor plan in mind and know from the get-go what they want. Others aren’t so sure. In the case of the latter, our builders can suggest designs that will suit your block of land, your lifestyle needs, and your budget. As our builders have years of experience, they can also suggest designs that have a high energy efficiency, as well as floor plans that will maximise the land you’ve chosen and the environment around it.

How involved can I be in the home build process?


Our builders don’t cut communication ties after you’ve signed the contract: you decide how involved you want to be. Our builders will provide regular updates, as well as arranging for clients to visit the site of their new home to see the progress of each step of the build. At each stage of the build, clients will be able to do a walk through and work with their builder to confirm the placement of light fixtures, electrical outlets, and more.

How can I be sure the price of my home build will stay the same?


Our builders are committed to being transparent and honest throughout the entire home building process. That’s why we offer you a fixed-price contract. That means once it’s all signed, unless you make changes to your home design, fixtures and fittings, or finishes during the build progress you can be confident the price will remain the same as what was contractually agreed upon.

Do you have a display home I can walk through?


We’ve made it easy for you by taking the complexity out of imagining what your new home will look like by inviting you to visit our display homes. We have a range of 30 display homes across Australia. For a full list, visit our Display Homes page now.

Alternatively, you can use our state-of-the-art technology to “walk through” our display homes at the click of a button. From the comfort of your couch, you can take a virtual tour of our designs using the 3DExplore now!

Can I choose a different facade with my new home design?


Yes! At Hotondo Homes, we understand the importance of a facade: it’s more than just the “face” of your home; it’s the first thing your guests and passers-by will see when they come upon your house. That’s why it’s essential that you choose a facade that suits your home’s exterior, as well as the rest of the neighbourhood and natural environment. While you want it to reflect your own tastes, you also want it to seamlessly blend into the rest of the outdoor surroundings. Each of our home designs has a range of stylish facades to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

Find a local builder at Hotondo Homes


If you’re ready to build the home you’ve always dreamt of, then our builders are ready for you. Hotondo Homes has been building stunning new homes across Australia for over three decades. We’re proud to offer a range of qualified and experienced builders in your local area who are ready to work closely with you to build the property of your dreams. Head to our website to find your local builder today.

Making an appointment is easy: simply contact us today to learn about the Hotondo Homes building process. You can also find a builder that’s local to you by visiting our Hotondo Homes website.

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