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Feeling the winter freeze at the moment? There’s nothing cosier than a fireplace in your new home, a place the whole family can relax around to stay toasty and warm during the colder months, and we’ve got some tips on where to include them in your new home, the benefits of a fireplace, and how to style them!

Benefits of a Fireplace

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The biggest reason to allow for a fireplace in your new home’s design and budget is heat. When placed in an open-plan communal space or in a second, smaller living room you can have the fire going just in one area rather than turning on a larger heating system that’s using gas or electricity to heat rooms no one is in. Having a fireplace in an area your family uses frequently also encourages everyone to spend time together in one space, meaning you’ll get more family time as an added bonus!

Fireplace Trends

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While open fireplaces are beautifully rustic and add so much charm to a room, they also take more time to maintain, keep clean, and most importantly take longer to emit heat into a room. Gas log fires are increasing in popularity because of the immediacy with which you can heat a space. With the flick of a switch, your fireplace is turned on and warming up the room within minutes. It’s also less hazardous for small children and pets to be around because it’s completely enclosed, giving you peace of mind if you need to step away for a moment. Many people choose to include a fireplace in their formal living area to elevate the room, and depending on your home’s floor plan, you may be able to install a double-sided fireplace so that you can heat two living areas simultaneously. This is ideal for entertaining larger groups of family and friends, as well as serving as a unique design feature.

Styling Your Fireplace

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No matter which room your fireplace is located in, it’s a great idea to make it the focal point of the room. Designing a lounge, dining, or rumpus room so that couches, armchairs, and dining tables can be arranged around and in front of it will maximise the heat it emits. It also provides a beautiful setting for entertaining guests, and nights at home with the family. Designing your fireplace’s feature wall to include stone work, exposed brick, or wood panelling will also create an earthy, rustic vibe that will add to the Winter feel of the space, and create a unique interior décor feature that’s sure to impress family and friends! You may also like to include additional design features such as a floating shelf to serve as a mantle to add indoor plants, vases of flowers or books and knick knacks to add touches of your personality to the space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

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With alfresco living such a popular part of the Australian lifestyle, a fireplace in your new home’s outdoor entertaining area means you can use the space all year long! There’s also the added benefit of making it a standout design feature with rustic brickwork, on-trend cladding or beautiful stone around it to really wow your guests. Positioning it as a central feature in front of your outdoor dining table or couches ensures your time outside in mild weather is spent in a warm and welcoming space.

With so much time spent indoors and at home during winter, including a fireplace in your new home will instantly add style to your living spaces and make heating your home a little more energy efficient. Your family will love spending cosy afternoons and evenings together around the fireplace, and become an eye-catching focal point for anyone visiting your home. For more interior design ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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