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House Types Explained

House Types Explained

At Hotondo Homes, we often get asked what’s the difference between a duplex, a split level home, a double storey home or a townhouse. After all, does it really matter about terminology when a home is where the heart is? Whether you’re looking for an investment property or first home, it’s important to understand the different structures in order to help you find the right property for your needs. In this article, we’ll discuss the five main types of properties and their benefits.

What is a duplex?

A duplex is defined as two dwellings under one roof, with a shared wall to separate. However, they are considered a self-contained dwelling. This means owners can live in one unit and rent out the other one, rent out both units to separate entities, or occupy both units. In a duplex, the entire building is owned by a single person.

What are the benefits of buying a duplex?

As duplexes require less land than two freestanding homes, they are a popular investment choice. Think about it this way: two rental incomes can be obtained (albeit at a lower land cost than two detached houses). Additionally, when it comes to planning changes of any kind on the property, there is usually only one neighbour to consult.

Duplex option

What is a split level home?

A split level home involves multiple floors that are separated by a short flight of stairs. It is different from a regular two or three storey home, which includes longer flights of stairs to get from level to level.

What are the benefits of buying a split level home?

A split level home is excellent for privacy, especially those with bedrooms on different levels. It means you can have your own space but share the common rooms. At the same time, you’re given the square footage of a double storey home while keeping the kitchen, lounge and other essential rooms close together. And of course, all those little flights of stairs means you’ll be able to get your daily steps in. 

What is a single storey/double storey home?

A single storey home is a property that sits on its own, and is not attached to any other property. Its layout provides the option for open plan living areas, wider hallways and higher ceilings without the concern of a bulky staircase. Alternatively, a double storey home is an extra level built on top of the first one, accessible by a long flight of stairs. While double storey houses are (as expected) a little more expensive than a single storey, you do get more space.

What are the benefits of buying a double storey home?

Building a double storey home means you’ll have ample space for multiple bedrooms, living areas, alfresco spaces, studies and storage. By building up, you’re maximising the property’s footprint, rather than taking up space from the front or back yards. Lastly, you’ll have sweeping views of the land.

What are the benefits of buying a single storey home?

Cost and practicality are the two main benefits of buying a single storey home. Its layout will also encourage families to spend more time together, rather than on separate levels.

What is a townhouse?

A townhouse, which is quite similar to a villa, is a property that is attached to another property yet has its own entrance from the street. They are two stories and popular in big cities where living space and land is limited.

Although townhouses aren’t part of our current design range, we do recommend looking at our double storey homes if you’re searching for a home with more space.

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