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Make Your House Feel Like A Home

So you’ve made the decision to build a house from Hotondo Homes? Congratulations! It’s a huge step in the direction of living the great Australian dream. Now comes the fun part, making it feel like your very own space. But how do you personalise your home and give it those special touches that are distinctly you? Hotondo Homes is here to help – from choosing a functional floor plan, benchtops and cabinets to picking the paint colours, there are so many choices to make.

Modify your Hotondo Home Design

At Hotondo Homes, you can choose from over 100 flexible floor plans – and there are so many options that will make your new home feel uniquely yours. You’ll be able to modify your floor plan to suit your family’s needs, now and in the future. We can guide you through the process and design a space that will facilitate a growing family to live comfortably when it comes time to move into a different phase of life. Whether there are children in your future or you want room to entertain visitors, Hotondo Homes will have a floor plan to suit your needs.

Kirkby 259 Kitchen
The greatest thing about building your home from the ground up is the choice you get to have about how to arrange each space in your home. If you need extra storage you can maximise on vertical space and have more cabinets installed to house all your belongings. You can work with your builder to modify the ceiling height in your open-plan area to include raked ceilings to add space for lots of natural light to flood in. Your builder will be able to explain what additional costs you may incur to make changes like this to your home design so that it’s exactly what you and your family want. There really are so many wonderful ideas for making your home truly you. 

Make your home truly you with all the finishing touches

Once you’ve chosen your home design, you’ll be able to complete your colour selections, choosing the colours and finishes that reflect your personal preferences for colour palettes, materials and styles. In our showrooms, you’ll work with our selection staff member and be shown a range of samples from our preferred suppliers to help pull together a cohesive look and feel for your new home, both inside and out.

Outside of the realm of what you can choose through Hotondo Homes are lots of finishing touches you can include once you have the keys to your new home, including soft furnishings like rugs, bed linen, cushions, curtains, and throw blankets which will all help your home feel cosy, while adding a flair of your personal style. Seek out unique pieces of vintage or modern furniture that suits your taste to incorporate as statement pieces of decor that will complement the overall aesthetic theme and your home will be a true representation of your style.

Marcoola living area

Some bold choices to show your personal style at home can include things like artwork or sculptures that make a statement or beautiful accent furniture that will be a centrepiece of the room. Shutters, blinds and curtains can make a room feel modern or softly textured depending on what you choose, and they are a really versatile and effective way to show personality from room to room.


Hotondo Homes can help

At Hotondo Homes we can help you find a home design to suit you and your family’s needs, and our expert colour selections staff will be able to assist you with choosing colours and finishes to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that you can personalise with plenty of beautiful decor and furnishings. Browse through our blog collection of interior inspiration to get ideas and advice on what colours best suit your space. 

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