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Picture this: you’re designing your dream home and you think you’ve got it all figured out: the master bedroom will be placed on the ground floor next to the living room, the kids bedrooms will be upstairs along with a family room. It all sounds perfect – but what if it’s not? What if it makes much more sense to have the master bedroom upstairs and the size you had in mind for the living room won’t even fit a couch let alone your whole family?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. At Hotondo Homes, we know it can be difficult to imagine what your dream home will look like. That’s why we’ve created innovative software that will take the guesswork out of building your home. We’ve taken our versatile floor plans one step further to provide a true-to-life 3D walkthrough so you can get a real life feel for our home designs and find the perfect layout for your family.

How to use 3DExplore

Using 3DExplore couldn’t be easier: simply navigate to our 3DExplore virtual display homes, select the ‘Explore’ icon next to the home you’d like to see up close and the virtual 3D tour will begin. To navigate look for small translucent halos on the floor of the home which you can click on to take you to that section of the floor plan. You can also click and drag anywhere on the screen to look around as you would if you were in our display home in person.

There are also a collection of icons on the bottom left of the screen to enhance your tour.

View Dollhouse

This will take you to a higher level view of the home similar to the look of a dollhouse. This view will allow you to better understand how each room intersects with the others and how they all come together to form the structure of the entire house.

View Floor Plan

This view will show you the traditional floor plan layout of the home.

Floor Selector

You can use the floor selector tool to navigate between floors when using any of the 3 viewing modes: 3D, Dollhouse and Floor Plan.

Measurement Mode

Measurement mode is perhaps the most fun and interactive aspect of the 3DExplore experience. By selecting this tool you can measure anything in the home – even the furniture! Gone are the days of awkwardly leaning over furniture with a measuring tape to work out if your furniture will fit.

Why you should use 3DExplore

Opting to start with 3DExplore to narrow down the homes you want to see in person can be beneficial. It’s a great way to get input from your family about which features are important for your lifestyle. You’ll be able to explore the layout of your favourite designs to see if they work for you and get plenty of home decor ideas while you virtually walk through each home

3DExplore offers a way to not only view but truly experience the feel of your dream home from the comfort of your current home – or anywhere for that matter. It’s much easier to appreciate the architecturally designed features of a house in 3D than from a high level floor plan. You can also be inspired by paint colours, interior decor and even furniture choices. This software was designed with our clients looking to build their dream home in mind – so you can enjoy every step of your building journey.

Make a private appointment with Hotondo Homes today

Once you’ve had a look through our 3D display homes and you’ve made some decisions on which ones you’d like to see in person: we have private appointments available with our friendly sales consultants. Simply make an appointment by phone, email or through our contact us page. It is our goal to ensure you have the best service and the easiest methods to help you on your journey to your dream home.

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