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Whether you’re building a new home but not sure what to look for in a floor plan or you’re at the stage where you’re playing around with colours and moods, having a professional builder share their insights is of utmost importance. You want the reassurance that whatever you’re choosing is the right home for you, while also matching your budget and aesthetics.

What better way to be confident in your decisions than relying on professional builders to guide you through? That’s why we’ve collated the top building and design tips from our builders. Read on to see what some of our builders have shared with us.

Effective communication is the best way to ensure building your home is as stress-free as possible

It is so important to communicate your expectations clearly and before the build begins. This way, you’ll avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings throughout the construction process. Just as important is maintaining regular communication with your builder so you can be aware of what’s happening, and when. When you and your builder are both on the same page, the building process can be less stressful and more enjoyable.

Understand your contract and don’t be afraid to ask questions

Decided on your floor plan and budget? Your next step is to carefully read through your contract with your builder to fully understand all aspects of your agreement. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to raise them as soon as possible. Check the following:

  • Any cooling-off periods
  • Timeframes of expected construction due dates
  • If any warranties or insurances are included
  • Any payment schedules that are in place

Share what’s important to you

Our builders have all shared that they get satisfaction from seeing their client’s smiling faces at the end of your new home build. That’s why it’s so important to be on the same page with both your builder, and your colour consultant.

Speak to your colour consultant about what rooms or areas of the home that you want to ‘pop.’ They’ll be able to gauge what the best materials, fittings and finishings will work best in each room. Conversely, speak with your builder about your overall vision of the home, including any areas of the floor plan that you are flexible with and the areas that are your non-negotiables.

Avoid trends

Our colour consultants will always encourage you to make internal selection choices that are in line with your own style preferences. You might like to think about what you need in terms of function and appearance: is there an opportunity to liven up a space with a bold print or wallpaper while still keeping the area practical for day-to-day life? While you do want to add your own personal flavour to your home, you could always opt for neutral tones and then brighten rooms with wall art and photography, or some plush furnishings like pillows and to create a timeless look that won’t age once a particular décor trend passes.

Get to know your local builder at Hotondo Homes

Established in 1979, Hotondo Homes has been building homes for locals all over VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT and TAS. Our dedicated builders will deal with you directly, ensuring your home is built just the way you want it. Most importantly, you’ll have all the input you want throughout the entire construction process.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary townhouse to call your own, or an acreage new style home for a growing family, you can be sure that our builders will work closely with you to ensure our vision aligns with yours.

Experience the benefits of a Hotondo Homes build, and start a conversation with your local builder today.

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