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Building your first home will not only require finding a home design that perfectly suits your needs, but you’ll need the right builder who can breathe life into those designs. With the right team headed by an experienced Hotondo Homes builder, you’ll be able to achieve your construction ambitions smoothly. 

Here are some key things to consider when looking for the right home builder to manage your next big build. 


A great way to gauge how effective a builder will be for your home build is to assess their professional builder page, which showcases their years of experience and their client testimonials. This is a simple task that you can do to get a sense of their overall reputation. Of course, you can also ask them directly about their workmanship, reliability, an estimate of how long it will take to complete the job, as well as anything else that you feel like you would like to know before you commit to the task.


As with any type of job in any field, communication is key. Our Hotondo Homes builders know how important it is to keep in regular contact with their clients. That’s why we pride ourselves on our high level of communication throughout your building progress. Know that you can always ask questions at any stage so you’re aware of everything that’s happening on site during the build.

You can even ask us about our site visit policies during the day so you’re able to view the progress. This will allow for transparency throughout your new home’s constructions.

First Home Buyers

Home style and preferences

If you have a particular type of home in mind, see if there is a finished design within the builder’s portfolio that meets your needs. When you first engage your Hotondo Homes builder, you can chat to them about the style of home you’d like. Ask them about their experience building particular styles, such as split-level homes, Hamptons style homes, or acreage homes, depending on which style of home you’d like to build. 

Our builders often allow you to modify certain parts of the design – something that you might not be able to get when it comes to hiring a larger, national organisation.


There’s many advantages of ‘going local’ with a builder. When you build with Hotondo Homes, you’re getting local knowledge, local tradies, and a builder with years of experience in your locale. Choosing a home builder that works within your community also means you’re actively boosting the economy in terms of employment opportunities and encouraging a sense of togetherness. You’ll also get a personal touch that can only come from years of working closely with the community.

Build with Hotondo Homes

When it comes to finding the perfect builder for your home, look no further. Hotondo Homes has what it takes to help you throughout the building project, ensuring that it’s a thoroughly pleasant one. With years of experience in the industry and a name that you can trust, Hotondo Homes’ construction industry leaders are ready, willing and able to help make your dream home a reality. 

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