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With over 30 stunning display homes located across Australia, we’re proud of being able to showcase the quality craftsmanship of our builders while also helping you experience the beauty of our home designs in person. We’re still trading as normal, but we’ve made a few changes to the way we do things at Hotondo Homes. Below is a guide on what you can expect when you visit one of our beautiful display homes.

Get a feel of the layout

When you visit a display home for the first time, it can be extremely exciting and just a little bit overwhelming. It’s because it’s the first glimpse of what your home could look like, and walking through it can help you imagine your future lifestyle. As you walk through the house, it’s crucial to have a think about the floor plan: are the kitchen and lounge room close enough to provide a great entertainment area? Are the bedrooms in close proximity? All our designs can be modified to suit your needs so while you’re at the display chat to our sales consultant about what you need in a home design.

View other designs available

As you walk through our display homes, you may already have an understanding of the fittings, fixtures and finishes and that they can all be changed to suit your taste and budget. If you like the look and feel of certain elements, such as the facade of one home, ask if they can be incorporated into your preferred layout or if there is a similar style for your chosen home design. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Visiting our display homes also can help you gauge your nice-to-haves vs. your need-to-haves. That way, you can help find a design that ticks all your boxes while staying within budget.

Speak to a sales consultant

With their in-depth knowledge about all the different home designs, talking to the professionals gives you the opportunity to delve further into what you want. They can help dispel any myths and misconceptions you might have about building a new home, or can even shed light on some things you hadn’t considered before.

Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions – our sales consultants are there to answer any concerns you might have, and make you feel more at ease. You might even wish to come prepared with a checklist of questions that you have thought of before visiting our display homes.

Discuss colour selections and modifications

The beauty of building with Hotondo Homes is that you get to colour your home your own way. This means you can paint the exterior and interior of your home to suit your style. When you visit a display home, the sales consultant can explain the colour selections process that happens once you’ve decided to build with Hotondo Homes. Under the guidance of our colour consultants, you’ll be able to see the different swatches for the roofing tiles, bricks and mortar, render, and facades for the outside. As for the inside, you’ll be able to choose your colour and style of tiles, carpet choices, cabinetry, and even splashbacks.

Visit a Hotondo Homes display home today

You can find a display home local to you at our website – many are open daily, while others are open by appointment only. When you visit a display home, our sales consultants aim to answers all of your questions as thoroughly as they can, while explaining the building process in depth so you feel confident on your journey to your dream home.

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