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Autumn is officially here and if you’re getting ready to choose the colour selections in your new home, or you just want to refresh things around the house, now is a great time to think about changing your interiors up to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere as the warm weather subsides and the crisp mornings and cool evenings take over. We’ve got some great tips on how to evoke a delightfully homey feel by fully embracing the change of season!

Glorious Green

The easiest way to invite the feeling of nature into the home is by including shades of green. Whether it’s a subtle sage green on the walls, a deep green velvet couch, or soft furnishings and rugs in green hues, the callback to your home’s surroundings will feel stronger than ever when you use green as a feature or accent colour. Injecting a soft infusion of green will also give your rooms depth, as it breaks up otherwise neutral colour palettes and lifts the atmosphere of the room.

Beautiful Blue

A colour that goes well with neutrals, blue always brings with it a feeling of calm no matter what shade you use. Soft pastels can be paired with white, grey and beige to create a gentle colour palette that encourages quite time indoors as autumn approaches, while brighter shades of cobalt, turquoise and peacock blue brighten up common areas by mimicking brilliant blue autumn skies to make spaces feel happy. Brighter tones also translate well across both the warmer and cooler months because they can be paired with sunny yellows in spring and crisp white in summer, echoing a chic minimalist Mediterranean vibe.

Elegant Grey

Perhaps the most on-trend neutral of the past few years, grey is a timeless classic that allows for coordinating with both colours and other neutral tones. In autumn you can take a bolder step and paint a room a deep, rich grey that verges on being charcoal while still retaining its lightness to create a moodier, elegant space for entertaining. Coupled with chic black furniture, white and off-white furniture and accessories, you’ll have a space that oozes grown up charm and effortless sophistication.

Rich Neutrals

Neutral tones can have so many different hues, and autumn is the perfect time to create a neutral colour palette with layers to add dimension and depth to your space. Cream, beige and taupe serve as base layers to build on by adding in richer tones of terracotta, natural tan and brown, and accents of wood to anchor the palette and cohesively pull it all together. These spaces will give your home a naturally cosy and welcoming feel in autumn, especially in living areas where a fireplace serves as the focal point, or in master suites where calm and relaxation is key.

The autumn months are often a welcome respite from the heat of summer, and bringing some rich colours into your home to create a warm, welcoming environment indoors for the whole family! For more interior décor ideas, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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