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Part of the process of building your new home will be completing your colour selections which will give your home it’s colour palette. Once that’s complete it’s a great time to start thinking about the overall style of your home. With a range of different interior styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something that suits not only your chosen home design, but also your family as well.

Hamptons Style

new home
A classic Hamptons Style is full of light, white and neutral tones that will make your rooms feel bigger, brighter and airer. The kitchen might have traditional Shaker-style cabinetry coupled with subway tile, glass-fronted cupboards and touches of natural timber. Even if your rooms aren’t oversized in true Hamptons style, you can still give the illusion of space with large neutral pieces. Think oversized armchairs and couches in light tones made from thick cotton or linen fabrics, and natural timber side tables and buffets that have a well-loved look. You can add touches of soft colours to break up the white and ivory shades – a mix of blue tones, or subtle blush pink will add depth to the room once you add cushions, throw blankets and vases. This is a timeless look that will never go out of style, and is particularly suited to homes in country and coastal regions.

Modern Industrial

new home
This style of décor combines simplicity and authenticity, taking its inspiration from spaces like workshops and factories and repurposing it for the home. Featuring eclectic elements that showcase structural elements of the home like exposed ceiling beams and metal staircases, and statement pieces such as large pendant lights and iron balustrades, this style is a blend of practicality and creativity that works well in urban homes. Many people opt for a polished concrete floor to enhance that industrial feel and pair it with dark grey, black or brown paint colours. With an emphasis on rough, earthy surfaces that also include metal accents, and furniture that is a mix of form and function such as leather couches and glass tables, your home will have a sophisticated inner-city feel that you’ll love.

Coastal Style

new home
If you’re building a home near the beach or you just love that coastal vibe, this style is for you! Coastal style in the home focuses on bringing the beauty of the natural landscape into your home so that the switch from outdoors to indoors feels seamless. With lots of light wood throughout the house, from the flooring to the kitchen table your home will feel like an extension of the environment you live in. Include lots of light whites and ivories in your paint colours and tile choices, along with little accents of colour that emulate the different shades of the sea – pale blue, seafoam green, even a touch of sandy yellow. Your furniture can include neutral colours, with lots of white, such as layered white bedlinen, light beige couches, and taupe rugs that make each space feel like they’re part of the beautiful beach that’s just outside your door.

Modern Traditional

new home
The most timeless choice, a modern traditional décor follows current trends and evokes a family-friendly atmosphere that will suit your home for years to come. Using warm neutrals like beige and browns, or cool neutrals like grey and white as a base, you’ll be able to build each space when you use modern furniture that blends in with ease. Using furniture that coordinates with these tones and including pieces with a natural timber look will make your home cosy and welcoming to all who visit, and won’t limit you when the time comes to replace well-loved furniture as your family grows.

With so many interior styles to choose from, it can be challenging to find a décor that suits your new home, but as you work with your colour consultant and your builder, you’ll soon start to see themes emerge that you can build on. By incorporating a few statement features in your home and bringing in key pieces of furniture, you will be able to work towards blending all the elements together to create a look that reflects you and your family’s taste to create a beautifully styled home. For more interior inspiration visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

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