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Choosing Whites and Neutrals with Haymes Paint

We recently chatted to our preferred paint supplier, Haymes Paint, about how to best choose white and neutral paint colours for your new home. With a wealth of different shades available it can be a challenge to find a neutral or white tone that suits the majority of your spaces, and they had some wonderful tips to help you find the perfect shade using their popular natural series colour palettes.

Warm Tones
Often whites and neutrals can be easily explained by using a warm or cool undertone. Warm toned natural colours are best described as relaxed and easy to live with. They work well in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

Haymes Paint Minimalist 1 bedroom
Haymes’ colour ‘Minimalist 1’ is the perfect white and adds a sense of style to any space.

Haymes Paint Whitewash 1 bathroom
The perfect blank canvas for any style of home is Haymes’ colour ‘Whitewash 1’. This stunning colour creates a soft and beautiful white that is natural and organic.

Haymes Paint Pulp White 1 living room
Haymes’ colour ‘Pulp White 1’ is a quintessentially warm white with an obvious cream base. Through casual and relaxed vibes ‘Pulp White 1’ is the perfect colour for ocean lovers and those looking for soft nurturing warm tones in their home.

Cool Tones
Haymes Paint tell us that cooler neutrals can be harder to get right which is why they are not as common as warmer colours, however they suggest the right mix of tints used in cool toned hues can create a bright and airy colour solution.

Haymes Paint Greyology living room
A popular choice for our clients is Haymes’ colour ‘Greyology 1’ which is made to complement a contemporary home. A crisp and fresh look and feel can be created in your space with this cool white.

Haymes Paint Classic Grey Bedroom
If you are after a bright white that leaves your home feeling contemporary and edgy then Haymes’ colour ‘Classic Grey 2’ is your hue. It fits into many variations of home styles.

Haymes Paint Artists Grey Dining Room
Haymes’ colour ‘Artists Grey 1’ is a soft and muted grey based white, with the slightest hint of green leaves a space feeling refreshed and energised.

You can check out the rest of the colours in the Haymes Natural Series Colour Card to find the right white or neutral shade for your new home. For more information on any Haymes products, or tips on preparation and painting please visit haymespaint.com.au. For more interior décor inspiration visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

*Colours shown are as close to the actual paint colours as the digital process allows.

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