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First impressions are everything, with many individuals concentrating on styling the inside of their homes they tend to forget that decorating the exterior is just as important. As this is the first aspect of your home that guests or onlookers see, it is essential that your exterior complements the style that shines throughout the inside your home.

By boosting your kerb appeal, not only does it provide substantial visual impact, but it also increases overall house value. Check out these tips on ways you can enhance your kerb appeal.

Hume 263 Facade

An eye-catching walkway

One of the many benefits to buying a house and land package is the ability to create an eye catching walkway to welcome your visitors. By mapping out the layout of your front pathway, you are able to visualise how it will look in your front yard and can better plan other aspects of your home, such as windows and doors.

A well-designed walkway adds personality to your home, including simple features such as outdoor furniture or a lit path, which can help to increase kerb appeal and create a more enhanced front yard.

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Lush flowers and plants

An essential feature for good kerb appeal is being intentional with your flowers and plants. By thinking about length, texture, colour and size, a visually appealing garden can be created. Ensuring the plants and flowers are reflective of your home design is important in achieving a cohesive look that is pleasing to the eye.

Adding matching pots or planting similar styles of shrubs can help boost kerb appeal and attain the sought after symmetrical look. Incorporating succulents or neutral stones can also make your garden look more contemporary and minimalist.

Hume 244 facade

Creative Landscaping

Elements of landscaping can elevate your kerb appeal. Horizontal fencing has become increasingly popular in modern homes, with wood and aluminium materials providing a range of visual and textural appeals.

Landscaping also involves getting creative and adding elements such as bold centrepieces, metallic planters or a grand feature wall. This adds depth within the garden and adds a contemporary touch to any home. Common choices of materials for landscaping include pairing together stone on wood, stone on stone or even black and green elements.

Outdoor Décor

Boosting your kerb appeal doesn’t have to be intimidating or extreme, and adding simple touches such as water features or intricate stonework can bring expression to your space. Décor such as garden statues and outdoor wall art are also great elements you can incorporate to help make your garden a destination to enjoy.

Consider enhancing your current mailbox by simply repainting it or adding a bold house number that accentuates the overall theme of your home. Making a splash in recent years, metallic house numbers made from either aluminium or chrome can also make for a great addition and perfect identifier for your home.

For more inspiration to help increase your kerb appeal, check out our display homes online.

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