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Laminex Trend Forecast

Our friends at Laminex have released their annual trend forecast for 2020 with a beautiful palette of colours and textures that promise to bring us closer to nature. Their Beneath The Surface forecast features four collections of colours and textures that celebrate the energising spirit of nature, bringing the look and feel of our planet’s vast oceans and the places where the land meets the sea into the home in a subtle and inviting way.


Laminex Trend Forecast

Photography by Lillie Thompson. Cabintery and nechtop in Laminex Spinifex, Island base in Laminex Carrara Marble. Tiento Tiles splashback, Linear Standard Handles

This colour palette evokes the warm serenity of a perfect beach, with warm neutrals, muted pastels, soft veins and subtle metallic accents that challenges traditional colour pairings. These colours have a beautifully faded quality to them, with the transient blues, greens and pinks we see in the sea and in the sky during sunrise and sunset. Anchored by warm enriching neutrals as well as low-sheen metallics that create subtle points of light, this collection is perfect for kitchens and common areas that require a warm, inviting feel. The Calm 1, 2, and 3 palettes creamy neutrals, fibrous fabrics and cracked and peeling surfaces for a handcrafted character, and warm neutrals paired with cooler tones for warm and cool expressions.

In The Shallows

Laminex Trend Forecast

Photography by Lillie Thompson. Cabinetry features Laminex Delana Oak and base cabinetry is Laminex Possum. Benchtops and splashback is Laminex Limed Concrete.

This collection focuses on our desire to reconnect with nature by giving expression to this feeling with a rich and raw palette of greens, browns and dark woodgrains inspired by the natural world. These colours are dominated by greens and browns. These colours represent a perfect balance of water and land, being the background colours of life on earth that bring an expression of neutrality, and are perfect for spaces like bathrooms and ensuites where water and natural light flow freely, connecting us to the spaces outside our homes. In The Shallows 1, 2, and 3 palettes feature the organic colours of water and land, urban atmospheres, and a beautifully calming feel.

Deep Below

Laminex Trend Forecast

Photography by Lillie Thompson. Laminex Smoked Birchply.

Celebrating the resilience and inner strength with confident combinations of deep blues, dark greys and shades of black, Deep Below takes a deeper dive beneath the surface to create a bold, confident tones and emphatic expressions of deep colour. Strong deep blues are supported by smoky tones, flashes of deep green and purple, dark woodgrains and even black. The darkness that connects these decors presents opportunities for an almost monotonal colour scheme. A master bedroom or separate living room would benefit from these rich, stylish tones, with navy and other shades being perfect for feature walls contrasts against metallic accessories throughout the room. The Deep Below 1, 2 and 3 palettes have a monochromal, contemporary character, with dark yet fresh tones that can be layered to create bold colour combinations.

See the Light

Laminex Trend Forecast

Photography by Lillie Thompson. Cabinetry features Laminex Just Rose and benchtop Laminex Crema Venato.

This collection includes fresher, cleaner tones and a confident, eclectic use of colour as it energises spaces and pairs nuanced bright colours with tinted neutrals. These combinations suggest a fresh take on colour blocking, but can also be used on their own to create a soft and tactile quality. Kitchens and children’s bedrooms would embrace this colour palette, creating bright, happy spaces that evoke a calm and welcoming feel. The See The Light 1, 2 and 3 palettes feature delicate colours and soft tones that can be colour blocked or applied on their own for a soft and tactile quality to work with both classic and contemporary interiors with a sophisticated yet fun feel. Gentle decors draw strength from their contrast against the deeper tones for a more organic feel.

Laminex’s Beneath The Surface collection celebrates the energising colours, textures, and shapes that encompass the spirit of the natural world through a range of emerging colour trends that connect us to and evoke feelings of nature through both subtle and bold uses of tonal colour palettes that will look elegant and inviting in your new home. For more design and interior inspiration tips and tricks, as well as 2020 trends to look out for, visit the Hotondo Homes website today.

Editorial content kindly provided the team at Laminex – with thanks to Catherine Valente, Mark Scruby, Natalie Turnbull and Lillie Thompson.

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