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Moving house is often fraught with stress and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the weeks before, as well as on the day you actually move. In the lead up it can feel like a logistical nightmare, and it’s tempting just give up on the whole endeavour and stay put, but you didn’t spend time packing all those boxes up for nothing, right? There are a few ways you can ease the pressure of moving house by being organised, and calling on friends and family to help you out wherever possible.


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    – Ensure your water, gas, electricity, and phone/Wi-Fi are connected before you move. You’ll have hot water and power to get on with everyday life as soon as you walk through the door. This is a creature comfort you’ll be thankful for after a long day of lifting boxes and furniture in and out of dusty trucks!
    – Contact your service providers to see what assistance they can offer you before you take ownership of your new home. Ask them if they can do their work remotely to minimise the time you need to spend at the property waiting for them to connect your utilities.


    – Ensure your moving company is confirmed a few days before you move, and that they are booked in to start early in the day.
    – Have everything packed before the movers arrive! Nothing will make you feel more stressed out than frantically packing last minute things while movers start emptying your house.
    – Prioritise your moving boxes when they’re packed onto the moving truck by putting boxes with frequently used items on last so they’re the first ones brought inside your new home.
    – Ask family and friends to transport smaller boxes and valuables in their cars, saving the moving truck for the larger items, and minimising the risk of losing something valuable in transit.


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    – Disassemble any furniture a day or two before you move to save time. Having to pull out a drill to take apart a bed while movers stand over you waiting will delay everyone.
    – Keep the nuts and bolts for furniture in clearly labelled, separate zip lock bags. Carry them with you in a bag or box so they don’t get lost in the moving van. Keep your drill handy to make reassembling furniture quick and easy at the other end.

Kids and Pets

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    – If you have kids and pets, see if someone is free to babysit them at their house for part or most of the day. Not having kids and animals underfoot to feed and entertain will free you up to get on with the move. It also ensures they’re not in the way while heavy boxes and large furniture items are being shifted.
    – As soon as evening approaches arrange for a takeaway delivery so the kids and anyone else who’s helped you move aren’t getting too hangry. A well-timed food delivery will keep everyone happy!

Food and Drinks

moving house

    – Ask your friends if they can spare some fridge space. Cook a meal and ask them to store it for you, or give them some grocery staples to store for you. When you’re settled in your home, they can heat up the meal or drop off snacks so that the first or second night you’ll have food ready to eat after a long day!
    – Pack a small esky with a kettle, instant coffee, tea, and long-life milk, as well as some coffee cups and spoons so everyone can take a quick coffee break to replenish those flagging energy levels.
    – Buy a sleeve of plastic cups and a few big bottles of water. Hydration is important, especially if you’re moving on a hot Summer day!

Final Checks

    – Do a final walk through of your home before you vacate to check cupboards and drawers for any forgotten items. If possible get someone else to accompany you to double check each room so you don’t miss anything.
    – Make sure you leave all the keys to the house with the new owners or real estate agent, including keys to any outside locks

If you can manage it, take a few days off from work before and after you move house. Having time to organise last minute things during business hours before you move is invaluable, as is having time off to start unpacking and organise your home without having to worry about fitting it in around work. Allowing yourself those extra days on either side of the move will keep you feeling on top of things and level-headed amongst the chaos.

Have you moved recently? What are your tips and tricks for a smooth moving day? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Jones Smith says:

    Moving is a stressful task but with your moving tips help in making move easy and simple. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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